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New American Civil War

Triumph of Civilization

      Thinking people around the world acknowledge that the American political-economic system has been taken over by a capitalist cabal and debased into a Fascist Police State. 1

     Fortunately, a growing body of people worldwide recognize this junta's crimes against humanity and are carrying out non-violent operations of dissent that constitute a peaceful world resistance movement 2 to stop this tyranny. As with any resistance movement, we are fighting against an invader in an occupied country; the capitalist cabal constitutes an alien anti-American force that has taken over all elements of control in the United States and throughout the world.

     The evidence that America has devolved into a fascist police state stares us in the face--only the brain-dead refuse to acknowledge it or deny it. For all thinking persons, the difficulty is not in beholding what's happening in America, but in keeping in mind all the atrocities that the demonic cabal has perpetrated on the nations of the world and the world's peoples. The catalogue of their outrages against humanity expands daily. The "bill of indictment" against the demonic cabal is so long that it's a challenge to remember all the charges and record the daily atrocities.

"Most of us went to bed on November second, thinking we were all still Americans, only to discover when the sun came up on November third, that 48 percent of us were now 'people without a country.' Becoming stateless, overnight, is not something that anyone should take lightly. Cheney Bush wants us to 'come together,' to heal the rifts within the nation - but they have never taken their own advice. It was in their formative phase under Newt Gingrich when they first issued a Contract on America - it was then that this plan was clearly laid. From that day to this, they have never wavered in their pursuit of the takeover of this nation, at the expense of anyone who was opposed. Do not heed the pre-selected one's advice: fight this takeover of your country as you would if they were wearing foreign uniforms, because they are the enemy of all that most people have come to expect."

Jim Kirwan, "Resistance is Not Futile," 11/4/2004

The New Nazi Regime in America

     America in the twenty-first century is in the same predicament as was France during World War II. In 1940, French traitors collaborated with the Nazis to form what was called the Vichy government, which claimed to be the official French government.

      However, there was a Free French Movement led by General Charles de Gaulle. He had been one of a number of members of the French cabinet who argued against a negotiated surrender to Nazi Germany. The President of the Council, Paul Reynaud sent de Gaulle as an emissary to the United Kingdom, where he was when the French government collapsed.

           Today, the capitalist cabal represents the Nazis after 1933, the cabal puppet-president represents the Vichy traitors, and we the people of America and the world represent the Free French Forces and all the other Resistance Movements which fought against the Nazis and their Italian and Japanese allies in the 1930s and 1940s.

     This essay constitutes the same kind of announcement as de Gaulle made on June 18, 1940 when he broadcast to the French people and the world that Vichy was a treasonous junta, not a legitimate government, and urged French citizens to continue to resist the Nazi occupation. We urge all citizens of all nations to resist the foreign capitalist "occupation" of our nations.

     In a similar vein, people around the world should be encouraged to continue struggling against the cabal fascist imperialists. Whatever puppet-president the capitalist cabal puts into power has already sold out to a "foreign" power (capitalist cabal) as did Petain in setting up the treasonous Vichy government in World War II. And, as then, there is a worldwide resistance movement struggling to overcome the fascist powers that have taken over many nations in their insane drive for world dominance. We have our Reynauds and de Gaulles and nameless fighters for freedom in our struggle against the imperialistic reactionaries who currently head the Nazi-Cabal forces.

     Nazi Germany was created by the capitalist cabal that currently rules the United States and much of the world. In exactly the same way that the Nazis seized the reins of power in Germany in 1933, so the new America Nazi-Cabal regime has now conquered our nation:

     The cabal that controls America and much of the world has moved as rapidly as possible to bring about the same conditions of dictatorship and fascism in the U.S. as it did in Nazi Germany in the 1930s. The first major thrust toward total fascism began when the cabal annihilated hundreds of thousands of Japanese with nuclear bombs in 1945, then orchestrated the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963. The process continued during the Bush I takeover of the Reagan presidency through the attempted assassination of Reagan by the Bush family friend, John Hinkley.

      During Bush Senior's presidency he pulled off the Iran-Contra drugs-for-weapons crime, the savings-and-loan heist, the illegal use of U.S. military force to protect Bush's criminal collaboration with Manuel Noriega, his man in Panama, and many other crimes of state.

     Beginning in 2000, the cabal forced their chosen puppet into the U.S. presidency through a coup d'etat and have now put in place a mechanism to steal all elections in America by selecting both Democrat and Republican candidates. As they did in Germany, they have now destroyed the bedrock of democracy, the right of citizens to vote for their leaders.

     Until recently, the primary thrust of opposition to the American police state has been in the form of informative articles and essays on the growing tyranny and protest marches and demonstrations. While informative essays exposing the cabal atrocities will continue to be necessary and effective, the world situation has devolved to the point that progressives throughout the world must begin engaging in active, non-violent resistance operations, beyond fruitless "demonstrations."

The New American Emigrés

     American dissenters against the current nazification of America are emigrés 3 without a country--and will soon need to find asylum somewhere in the world, since the Nazi-Cabal has already begun to set up its concentration camps. Unlike the World War II emigrés who found sanctuary in Britain and America, the only viable recourse for today's American emigrés is to begin creating "cooperative communities" in the U.S. and other nations.

     We've lost our country as it's been captured by a fascist gang that's rapidly destroying the entire nation and large parts of the world. The reactionary leaders of the imperialists, lacking even the most basic sanity or morality, make it impossible to remain "in" America as loyal supporters of the current government. While continuing to struggle against the Nazi-Cabal in the physical dimension, some of us also act in a supersensible domain to overcome these "foreign" invaders--foreign to all American values and traditions. We've become emigrés within our own country, and we constitute the American Resistance in a life-or death civil war.

     Below, we'll examine the ideas of the German emigré Sebastian Haffner in his 1939 book Defying Hitler. Examining his ideas enables us to discover the similarity--sometimes the identity--of conditions in 1930s Germany and twenty-first century America and learn from the historical parallels just what we must now do. We'll also examine the historical parallels between Nazi Germany and current America through selected images.

     The sign on the American prison camp at Guantanamo Bay reads "Honor Bound to Defend Freedom." All thinking people recognize this as utter hypocrisy, since the "unlawful combatants" still languish inside, without access to basic human rights or legal recourse.

     When two illegal detainees at Guantanamo committed suicide in June, 2006, cabal junta officials suggested that this was merely a public relations ploy.

     "In the following days [1914] I learned an incredible amount in an incredibly short time. I, a seven-year-old boy, who a short while ago hardly knew what war meant, let alone 'ultimatum,' 'mobilization,' and 'cavalry reserve,' soon knew, as if I had always known, the 'hows' and 'wheres' and 'wherefores' of the war, and I even knew the 'why.' I knew the war was due to France's lust for revenge, England's commercial envy, and 'Russia's barbarism. I could speak these words quite glibly."

     "It may not seem worthwhile to describe the obviously inadequate reactions of a child to the Great War at such great length. That would certainly be true if mine were an isolated case, but it was not. This, more or less, was the way the entire generation of Germans experienced the war in childhood or adolescence; and one should note that this is precisely the generation that is today preparing its repetition.

     "The force and influence of these experiences are not diminished by the fact that they were lived through by children or young boys. On the contrary, in its reactions the mass psyche greatly resembles the child psyche. One cannot overstate the childishness of the ideas that feed and stir the masses. Real ideas must as a rule be simplified to the level of a child's understanding if they are to arouse the masses to historic actions. A childish illusion, fixed in the minds of all children born in a certain decade and hammered home for four years, can easily reappear as a deadly serious political ideology twenty years later.

     "From 1914 to 1918 a generation of German schoolboys daily experienced war as a great, thrilling, enthralling game between nations, which provided far more excitement and emotional satisfaction than anything peace could offer; and that has now become the underlying vision of Nazism. This is where it draws its allure from: its simplicity, its appeal to the imagination, and its zest for action; but also its intolerance and its cruelty toward internal opponents. Anyone who does not join in the game is regarded not as an adversary but as a spoilsport. Ultimately that is also the source of Nazism's belligerent attitude toward neighboring states. Other countries are not regarded as neighbors, but must be opponents, whether they like it or not. Otherwise the match would have to be called off!

     "Many things later bolstered Nazism and modified its character, but its roots lie here: in the experience of war--not by German soldiers at the front, but by German schoolboys at home. Indeed, the front-line generation has produced relatively few genuine Nazis and is better known for its 'critics and carpers.' That is easy to understand. Men who have experienced the reality of war tend to view it differently. Granted, there are exceptions: the eternal warriors, who found their vocation in war, with all its terrors, and continue to do so; and the eternal failures, who welcome its horrors and its destruction as a revenge on a life that has proved too much for them. Göring perhaps belongs to the former type; Hitler certainly to the latter. The truly Nazi generation was formed by those born in the decade from 1900 to 1910, who experienced war as a great game and were untouched by its realities."

"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one."

Edmund Burke

Sniffing Out the Fascistic Stench--Past and Present

     "What saved me was . . . my nose. I have a fairly well developed figurative sense of smell, or to put it differently, a sense of the worth (or worthlessness!) of human, moral, political views and attitudes. Most Germans unfortunately lack this sense almost completely. The cleverest of them are capable of discussing themselves stupid with their abstractions and deductions, when just using their noses would tell them that something stinks. I had already acquired the habit of using my nose to test the few opinions I held firmly.

     "As for the Nazis, my nose left me with no doubts. It was just tiresome to talk about which of their alleged goals and intentions were still acceptable or even 'historically justified' when all of it stank. How it stank! That the Nazis were enemies, my enemies and the enemies of all I held dear, was crystal clear to me from the outset. What was not at all clear to me was what terrible enemies they would turn out to be. I was inclined not to take them very seriously-a common attitude among their inexperienced opponents, which helped them a lot, and still helps them.

     "There are few things as comic as the calm, superior indifference with which I and those like me watched the beginnings of the Nazi revolution in Germany, as if from a box at the theater. It was, after all, a movement with the declared intention of doing away with us. Perhaps the only comparably comic thing is the way that now, years later, Europe is permitting itself exactly the same indifferent attitude, as though it were a superior, amused onlooker, while the Nazis are already setting it alight at all four corners."

     Now, sixty-five years later, too many Americans are tranquilized with their "calm, superior indifference" as they watch the new Nazi-Cabal destroy the United States and other theaters of operation near you.


     "After all that, I do not see that one can blame the majority of Germans who, in 1933, believed that the Reichstag fire was the work of the Communists. What one can blame them for, and what shows their terrible collective weakness of character clearly for the first time during the Nazi period, is that this settled the matter. With sheepish submissiveness the German people accepted that, as a result of the fire, each one of them lost what little personal freedom and dignity was guaranteed by the constitution; as though it followed as a necessary consequence. If the Communists had burned down the Reichstag, it was perfectly in order that the government took 'decisive measures!'"

     "You must sacrifice your personal freedom for security from terrorism," the cabal junta tells their sheeple--and they eagerly thrust out their wrists for the shackles. "Take my boy and kill him in your senseless Afghanistan or Iraq or Libyan or Syrian or ---- war, Mr. Fearless Leader," the brain-dead parents of the latest war victim declaim. The world resistance movement--quite the contrary--represents a standing up to the Nazi-Cabal that planned and carried out 9/11 and perpetrated the senseless Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libyan slaughter.

                          "Of course, it was not the intention to keep the atrocities secret. In that case they would not have served their purpose, which was to induce general fear, alarm, and submission. On the contrary, the purpose was to intensify the terror by cloaking it in secrecy and making even talking about it dangerous. An open declaration of what was happening in SA cellars and concentration camps--in a public speech or in the press--might still have led to desperate resistance, even in Germany. The secret whispered rumors, 'Be careful, my friend! Do you know what happened to X?' were much more effective in breaking people's backbones."                                        


                       "True, something further was necessary to achieve all this. That was the cowardly treachery of all party and organizational leaders, to whom the 56 percent of the population who had voted against the Nazis on March 5 had entrusted themselves. . . Nevertheless, it is finally only this betrayal that explains the almost inexplicable fact that a great nation, which cannot have consisted entirely of cowards, fell into ignominy without a fight."         


How Contemporary America Differs from Nazi Germany 1933

      There is one vast distinction between the era when the U.S., Britain, and the Allies were fighting Nazi Germany and the present era when American and world progressives are struggling against the murderous capitalist cabal. During that earlier era (from about 1933 to 1945), the World Resistance Movement against fascism was supported by a world societal ethos of moral integrity. Most workers and leaders, for instance, believed in and embodied classical moral principles such as:

  • Respect for honesty and decency

  • A desire for justice

  • A disrespect of corruption

  • Respect for competence

  • Compassion and fellow-feeling
The world societal ethos of moral integrity has been destroyed by capitalist brainwashing of the nations of the world. Cabal thugs have replaced integrity with dog-eat-dog political-economic-social anarchy. This is how bad it has become:

"Al Qaeda terrorists, men who literally killed US troops in both Iraq and Afghanistan are now in Libya and are the benefactors of billions of dollars in Western aid, diplomatic recognition, training, weapons, the lending of intelligence assets, the full unwavering support of the West's 'media,' NATO-member air support, and even graced with Western special forces fighting side-by-side with them on the ground." Source

      It was this moral ethos in the 1940s and 1950s which made it possible for America and Britain to become havens for war victims. The powerful global desire for justice resulted in the Nuremberg Trials. A reconstituted Germany recognized that courageous dissidents had been the true Germans during the Nazi nightmare; persons such as the White Rose group, Colonel Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg, General Ludwig Beck, and the 77,000 German citizens who were killed for one or another form of resistance by Special Courts, courts martial, and the civil justice system.

     The text on the German Resistance Memorial in Berlin reads:

"You Did Not Bear The Shame, You Resisted, Sacrificing Your Life For Freedom, Justice and Honor."

"There is one striking difference between now and the 1930s. In the 1930s, a section of the ruling class in the United States, under conditions of social upheaval, was compelled to advance an agenda of social reforms. The government oversaw significant federal works programs as well as the introduction of Social Security.

"Nothing of the sort is being offered today. Instead, under the leadership of the Obama administration, the economic crisis is being used as an opportunity to reverse all these previous gains. The Democrats and Republicans confine their 'debate' to how many trillions of dollars to slash from federal spending on Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps and Social Security. The watchword from all the big business politicians is that there is 'no money' to meet the social needs created by the economic crisis and mass unemployment."


    We must stop wasting our time and effort on fruitless "demonstrations" and "agendas" and create viable solutions to the present capitalist-militarist annihilation of people and societal structures.

         We must now engage in discrete resistance operations against the capitalist cabal, as were carried out by the White Rose group of students in Nazi Germany.

French Resistance members during World War II

      The utter futility of "demonstrations" and the complete disregard of public opinion by cabal leaders was clearly illustrated during the June, 2006 visit of US President George W. Bush to Vienna for the annual summit of US and European Union (EU) leaders.

     "The transformation of the middle of Vienna into an armed fortress for two days was largely aimed at walling off the most despised politician in the world from the anger of millions of European citizens. Just a few days before Bush landed in Vienna, the British Financial Times newspaper released an opinion poll which revealed that 36 percent of all Europeans regard the foreign policy of the United States as the greatest threat to world peace. In the poll, Iran trailed some distance behind the US in second place. . .

     "At one point an Austrian journalist . . . noted that a recent opinion poll showed Austrian mistrust of US policy to be even greater than that of the European public as a whole. Just 14 percent of Austrian citizens supported current US policy, while 64 percent thought the US played a retrogressive role in world politics. The journalist went on to remark that even in the homeland of Bush's staunchest ally, Britain's Tony Blair, a majority of the public was opposed to US policy. "Why have you failed?" he bluntly asked Bush.

     "Accustomed to the pliant US media, Bush was plainly taken aback by the pointed question. He retorted that, unlike other countries, "We are a transparent democracy." He then elaborated on his conception of "transparent democracy" as one in which political leaders pay no heed to popular sentiment. "I do not govern by opinion polls," he said. "I just do what I think is right... I am going to act according to my beliefs. I am the president of the United States."

     "It was left to Schüssel [Chancellor of Austria from February 2000 to January 2007], who made a point of his knowledge of the classics and ancient Greek, to come to the defence of the semi-literate and agitated US president. In his closing remarks to the press conference, Schüssel declared, 'It is grotesque to say that the US is a threat.' Avoiding any mention of current American policies, he lectured the press on the supposed munificence of America toward Europe in the period following World War II." 4

     As the iron hand of oppression grips America and the world ever tighter, World Resistance Movement leaders must emerge:

  • Someone who has the "smoking gun" evidence of Bush junta complicity in 9/11 must step forward. The 9/11 atrocity was so carefully planned and orchestrated, that dozens of people must have first-hand evidence of what transpired. One or more of these people must dare to blow the whistle on these murderers.

  • Progressive leaders worldwide who recognize that "the people"--the citizens--of a nation are not instigating global economic annihilation and imperialist bloodshed--that it is the capitalist cabal that is responsible for these crimes against humanity.

  • We must have a new "Pentagon Paper" hero like Daniel Ellsberg come forward with "smoking gun" evidence of the illegality of the imperialist "regime-change" wars against Ukraine, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, (and Iran).

  • We should be inspired to acts of courageous resistance by the heroes of the World War II Resistance Movements

  • Wherever you are and whoever you are, you can make a significant contribution to the World Resistance Movement by helping to build cooperative commonwealth communities


1 If you do not acknowledge that the criminal cabal, through its present Obama junta, has turned America into a police state, then from the perspective of this essay you are incapable of understanding current reality and would be unable to benefit from reading this essay.

2 A resistance movement is a non-military group or collection of individual groups, dedicated to fighting an invader in an occupied country through either the use of physical force or nonviolence. The term "resistance" has political overtones, as people have used it (and historically, other terms like it) to enlist support in opposition to foreign occupation. In this essay, I am speaking of the world resistance movement as a non-violent operation.

3 Emigré is a French term that literally refers to a person who has "migrated out," but often carries a connotation of politico-social self-exile. Whereas emigrants have likely chosen to leave one country and become immigrants in a different nation, emigrés see exile as an expedient forced on them by political circumstances.

4 Stefan Steinberg, Europe's leaders close ranks with Bush, World Socialist Web Site, 22 June 2006


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