Richard Wolf is an academic who purveys a limited amount of correct (along with some false) information about the current political and economic systems under capitalism. After years of being marginalized by the capitalist cabal, they finally figured out that Wolff is a mere scholastic who constitutes no threat to their systematic murder of workers worldwide. He is ideal for their purpose because he admits to being a student of Karl Marx, yet everything that comes out of his mouth is a veiled, counterfeit remediation of capitalism. He has connections to Harvard and Yale, yet now is retired and teaching at the "safe, pseudo-socialist" New School in New York City.

    One of the subterfuges he tries to sell the public is that the Mondragon collection of "collectives" in Spain is a legitimate alternative to capitalism composed of totally worker-run operations that completely do away with class differences. All of this is, of course, false, as you can see if you examine the book The Mondragon Myth.

Under the "Democracy At Work" title (to the right), the name of Wolff's scam extrolling the virtues of fake worker's self-directed enterprises, you can view a video in which he claims that the financial institutions did nothing wrong to bring about the collapse of the American economy in 2007, merely that they found a flaw in "the system" and used it to their advantage!