Microsoft: Capitalist Contempt for Customers

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    With the release of Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10, consumers worldwide are suffering new onslaughts from capitalist zombie corporation Microsoft. Most of the professional reviews of Windows 8 have been negative in the extreme--even to the point of predicting that Microsoft has inflicted a mortal blow on itself.

    What Microsoft has attempted to do with Windows 8 is to make a personal computer perform exactly like a cell phone or a tablet--if you have an expensive touch screen monitor (and the patience to spend hours of trial-and-error fumbling with the horribly-written apps). Microsoft reportedly hoped to push Apple's worldwide iPad market share below 50 percent by the middle of 2013 with Windows 8-based tablets.

    Some of us were aware of Microsoft's original looting of the creators of Disc Operating System (DOS) to produce their first minimalist operating system (MSDOS). We've witnessed, over subsequent decades, Microsoft's total contempt for customers manifested by each new operating system or new version--each supposed "improvement"--actually proving to be a devolutionary declination. Forget about forward compatibility--which any competent corporation would consider standard practice--Microsoft has gone out of its way to "de-support" and abandon each product with the release of its supposed improved versions.

    Most reviews of Windows 8 are on the order of MIT professor Philip Greenspun's (see right).

    Forum chatter about Windows 8 has been negative, on the order of this example.

    This is a hideous example of Microsoft's utter disregard for anyone's personal property.

    "Backward compatible" or "backward support" are laughable phrases to Microsoft.

    This kind of outrage at Microsoft's malevolent operations is fairly typical.

    Windows 8 is very difficult to operate even for so-called experts

    The tablet-like interface interferes with operations the ordinary user wants

    I was originally motivated (on 12/6/2012) to write this essay when my Internet Explorer 10 browser (used with Windows 8) would not "read" the HTML coding for <span> (a standard HTML coding protocol ), resulting in all our Website documents displaying the incorrect text sizes--so that our Website pages looked horrible and at times were hardly readable. Evidently, enough users complained about this super-defect in IE10, so that on 12/8, 2012 Microsoft downloaded a "fix" for this problem with updates to IE10. Even though the immediate problem (of text mis-displaying) has been solved (though you have to use the Compatibility View), this was one of thousands of examples of Microsoft simply creating--or omitting--whatever operating system and browser "features" it sees fit, the user be damned.

    Windows 8 creates an interface that is so difficult to use that all sorts of work-arounds are now being offered by vendors. Be wary, however, some of these work-arounds contain their own unwanted tag-alongs: unwanted software that loads automatically.

    Bill Gates and Microsoft have been part of the capitalist cabal from the start of the corporation. Beginning as early as 1999, all Microsoft Windows software contained "back-doors" with which NSA has been able to gather all of your computing data, including your use of the Internet!