As I approached my office I wondered for the Nth time if the sign over my office exterior was part of the reason my business wasn't going so well. Okay, my income was actually in the crapper.

    I'd become a fan of gold coins--a goldbug--in 2011, when gold hit $1,900 per ounce. I'd happened to buy a small number of coins at a much lower price several years earlier, and I saw the value of my coins skyrocket! Several of my friends became aware of this phenomenon and they sought my advice. So was born the Golden Donkey Coin Brokerage.

    First, I figured if I was actually going to become a coin expert--a broker--I'd have to have a Classy Logo (left)--and learn something about the price of gold and silver coins and why the price fluctuated so wildly. I had a hell of a time finding good sources of information, but I finally (accidentally) happened onto two Websites from which I learned a lot of the basics: SGT Report and Zero Hedge.

   I discovered that for years the Federal Reserve had been monetizing one trillion dollars of bonds annually, putting pressure on the US dollar, so its value declined in relationship to gold. When gold hit $1,900 per ounce in 2011, the Fed and the people in charge of the economy and the government, realized that a $2,000 per ounce gold price might have a psychological impact that would damage the dollar's exchange rate with other currencies, resulting in a run on the dollar.

    The people really in control (PRIC) had, for many years, been manipulating the price of gold by the Fed leasing gold to bullion dealers to create an artificial market supply to absorb demand that otherwise would have caused the gold price to rise. But the PRICs realized--when gold reached $1,900 per ounce--that its leasing tactic wasn't working. So the Fed began using bullion banks as its agents to sell naked gold shorts in the New York Comex futures market.

    I want to stop here for a second to say that I had a tough time trying to figure out what I was reading. For example, I had to figure out that the New York Comex is a paper gold futures market operating from 8:20 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. New York time. To make it easier for me, I made a list of the definitions of these terms.

    What I discovered, to my utter amazement, was that the PRICs were criminally "fixing" the price of gold through naked short selling. After I'd somewhat digested all this information, I began to try to figure out what I could do about it.

    I happened upon a story of a hacker group that had brought down a vile dating-service company that was blackmailing its customers--"like a drug dealer abusing addicts." The hacker group--calling itself The Afflict Team, had been interviewed (via email) by an online technology Website named CIRCUITBOARD. I began to read up on hacking and learned that there are White Hat--positive, progressive--hackers and Black Hat--negative destructive--hackers. The Afflict Team was a white hat hacker group.

   I thought if I could persuade a White Hat hacker group to take down the Federal Reserve' gold price-fixing scam, that would be fantastic! But how to contact the Afflict Team? CIRCUITBOARD had their email address--that was the way they had conducted their interview with the hacker group. Maybe I could get their email address from CIRCUITBOARD.

    It suddenly hit me, what a stupendously dangerous project I was undertaking. The PRICs--the political and economic rulers manipulating the entire world political and economic system for a handful of trillionaires--was the same group that had assassinated John F. Kennedy, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and John Lennon--to name but a few of their victims. What was I doing, going up against this kind of ruthless killer--and could I expect any other person or group to assist with this dangerous project?
  • Comex: a paper gold futures market based in New York City

  • Futures contract: a contract to buy specific quantities of a commodity or financial instrument at a specified price with delivery set at a specified time in the future.

  • Gold futures contract: representing a 100-ounce gold bar

  • Globex: a computerized trading system used for derivatives, currency and futures contracts. It operates continuously except on weekends. Anyone anywhere in the world with access to a computer-based futures trading platform can access the Globex system.

  • Although several large global banks are trading members of the Comex, JP Morgan, HSBC and Bank Nova Scotia conduct the majority of the trading volume.

  • Naked short selling: contracts are sold without any underlying physical gold to deliver if the buyer on the other side decides to ask for delivery.

  • Globex gold price fixing: The Globex market is punctuated by periods of "quiet" time in which trade volume is exceptionally low. During these periods, the Fed has its agent banks bombard the market with huge quantities of gold futures contracts over a very short period of time for the purpose of driving the price of gold lower. There are very few buyers trading during these time periods to absorb the selling. This drives the price lower than if the selling operation occurred when the market is more active.

  • LBMA (London Bullion Marketing Association) market: A physical gold trading market (larger in trade than Comex or Globex) comprised of several large banks who are LMBA market makers known as "bullion banks" (Barclays, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JPMorganChase, Merrill Lynch/Bank of America, Mitsui, Societe Generale, Bank of Nova Scotia and UBS).

  • Rehypothecation: A bank or brokerage firm "borrows" client assets being held in custody. Bank/brokerage firm clients customarily sign an agreement when they open an account in which the assets in the account can be pledged for loans, like margin loans. In rehypothecation, the banks use pledged client assets for their own purposes--obtaining bullion for sale or delivery--rather than the client's purposes.

  • The Asian markets--specifically and especially the Chinese--are demanding actual physical delivery of the bullion they buy. This has created a sense of urgency among the Fed, Treasury and the bullion banks to utilize any means possible to flush out as many weak holders of gold as possible with orchestrated price declines in order to acquire physical gold that can be delivered to Asian buyers. Default on delivery of purchased gold would terminate the Federal Reserve's ability to manipulate the gold price. The entire world would realize that the demand for gold greatly exceeds the supply, and the price of gold would explode upwards. The exchange value of the US dollar would collapse, bringing to an end US financial dominance over the world economy.

  •     I contacted the CIRCUITBOARD Website, asking them for the email address of The Afflict Team--indicating only that I was working on a project that seemed to comply with their stated objectives: "We will go after any companies that make 100s of millions profiting off the pain of others' secrets or lies. This would include corrupt politicians. If we do go after a criminal individual or company, it will be total."

        Fortunately, CIRCUITBOARD sent me the email address of The Afflict Team and I quickly sent off an email to the group, indicating in outline that I would like their assistance in bringing down the criminal fixing of the price of gold. I provided them a summary of the Federal Reserve's naked short selling scam and suggested that it might be easiest to attack via the Globex platform.

        Again, to my amazement, I received a reply from The Afflict Team:
    "We have been indirectly aware of the group you call the PRICs and have been contemplating means of attack. Your scheme seems to have merit. We would be willing to do most of the hacking work, but we would want you to be the Front Man. This would require your learning about hacking and actually doing some of the hacking work. We would suggest you take the online course offered by the National Committee of Ethical Consultants, which provides training covering the diverse arena of ethical hacking. If this meets with your approval, after completing the course, contact us again. By that time we'll have completed our reconaissance for the project and we can then proceed."

        When I started this project I had enough grasp of the HTML coding language to put up my own Website and sufficient smarts to be able to "borrow" select JavaScript code for specific effects--but nothing more! I had never burrowed deep into the innards of my computer or anyone else's. After completing the NCEC course, I knew my way around the beginning skills of ethical hacking.

        I contacted The Afflict Team again and they informed me that they were already at work on hacking the Globex market platform. They assigned me one task in the project (that shall remain nameless) and they then informed me that they had completed their work. I wasn't sure what to look for as a result of what had been done.

        Within a few days, the world mainstream and alternate press was abuzz with news that something had happened to stop the Federal Reserve's attack on the price of gold.

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