In March, 1918, Betty and Stewart Edward White had their first experience with the spirit world. At a party with friends, the Ouija board, being used as a parlor game, spelled the name "Betty" over and over again. When Betty took over the pointer, it spelled out a number of messages, including the advice to try "automatic writing." For over a year Betty and Stewart experimented with "automatic writing," receiving a number of messages which proved evidential. Betty was slowly led into another method in which she entered a higher state of consciousness, speaking in her own voice or the voice of another entity. The entities communicating through Betty declined to be identified, wishing to remain anonymous, and thus were named "the Invisibles" by the the Whites.

    In the higher state of perception, Betty's ordinary consciousness was set aside. "The Invisibles" led her into another, higher world, teaching her to create a new identity. Stewart recorded the messages and experiences which Betty reported in her higher state of consciousness. "The Invisibles" indicated that they were not only teaching Betty to enter a higher world of spiritual consciousness but were interested in teaching all humans how to enter this world.

    Two other similar psychic researchers were active at the same time, Ruth and Darby Finley. They published a book in 1920, written anonymously, they claimed, by The Unseen Guest (the title they gave their book). The book had a profound influence on the Whites and they became close lifetime friends with the Finleys. The Finley book provided a solid grounding for the belief in individual survival after death.

    Betty and Stewart White continued the sessions with "the Invisibles" from 1919 to 1936. Having waited for seventeen years, they finally decided to publish their first book outlining their adventures in learning about and entering the higher spiritual world. The book was titled The Betty Book.

    Betty White died in 1939 but continued to "communicate" through Ruth Finley. Betty was one of the most remarkable spiritual teachers the world has known. She not only participated in her own education in higher consciousness, assisting Stewart to gain discernment in the process, but also created a body of teachings for all those interested in developing this same capability of higher awareness. Her teachings are unique in that we actually "hear" Betty's reports as she is learning, teaching us by what she is experiencing. Her teachings are not about mere concepts but about actual, experiential events which lead to the development of higher faculties dormant through generations of neglect.