Note that the report is said to be about "another Arab country seemingly on the brink of overthrowing another dictator's regime."

Assad is said to be accused of "a brutal crackdown that has taken at least four thousand lives." There is no mention that the Syrian situation is the outcome of CIA/Mossad training and funding of terrorist forces (including al Qaeda) that have invaded Syria.

Barbara (WaWa) asserts there is "a disconnect between what we hear about this country, the reports we have seen, and what he [Assad] says--and it's hard to put the two things together." No, Barbara, it's only hard if, as is the case with you, you begin by assuming that the CIA/Mossad agent reports are true and Assad's statements are false.

A video is shown said to be "Syrian protesters" when in fact the protesters are paid US/Mossad/al Qaeda terrorists brought in from Turkey, Lebanon, and other Middle Eastern countries.

Barbara begins the interview with Assad by asserting "Much of the world regards you as a dictator and a tyrant, what do you say to that?" THIS IS TOTALLY ILLEGITIMATE INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM! You do not begin an interview with a duly-elected foreign leader by asking him to answer unsubstantiated allegations.

Barbara's voice-over of the next video asserts that "active fellow Arab nations Tunisia and Egypt have thrown out their dictators." FALSE! CIA/Mossad/al Qaeda trained and funded terrorists have attacked Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya to bring about "regime change" as a part of the capitalist cabal's imperialist strategy.

Barbara then asserts (video voice-over) that "Syria's Arab-spring began with a handfull of teenagers writing anti-Assad graffiti on their schools. Those children were taken away. Some reportedly were tortured. And people took to the streets raging against the regime. And then came the crackdown."

Assad quite correctly points out that Walters is asking him to reply to unsubstantiated rumor.

Barbara stupidly says she's seen pictures that "reporters" brought back. Assad asks: "How did you verify those pictures?" Barbara has no answer, because she and ABC never bothered to verify their claims against Assad.

Barbara then asks the totally illegitimate question of Assad: "Do you feel guilty." Assad quite understandably finds this a laughable question, but answers it nonetheless.

The so-called interview ends by the male announcer asserting that the U.S. State Department says of Assad that "it's either, disconnect, disregard, or he's crazy." Barbara says that she votes for "disconnect," proving that this propaganda piece is merely a personal, non-objective character-assassination piece planned and presented by ABC, a major mainstream "news" channel.