We Must Rid Ourselves of Evil Pretend-Leaders and Install Philosopher-Guardians

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   In today's world, the most debased types of people (see title image above) have seized power and are pretending to be leaders. In fact, they are nothing but looters and destroyers of workers worldwide. Instead of being the mental and financial genuises they pretend to be, they are some of the most depraved and murderous creatures on earth. 1

    In most eras of human history, the rule of a society has been taken over by the worst types of people, those with no ability to order their own lives or the functions of their nation. One of the major catastrophes of our modern era is that American and world citizens have lost awareness that:
  • Their fake leaders are totally depraved, only pretending to be able to lead the nation justly, using their positions of power to amass billions and murder workers. 

  • There are certain kinds of persons--philosophers: seekers of wisdom and guardians of society--who, through training and character, possess the necessary capabilities to lead a society beneficially and effectively.
    During his lifetime, Plato identified--and indicted--the counterfeit leaders of his Athenian city-state and those of other city-states and nations. He fought against the barbaric Persian Empire--the most powerful tyranny in the world of his time-- throughout his life. We learn from Plato how these debased pretend-leaders are to be identified and how genuine leaders--philosopher-guardians--must take leadership of a nation for it to serve the interests of all its citizens.
"We will never have rest from evil until philosopher-guardians are installed as rulers by the people, 2   or the rulers of this world pursue the spirit and power of philosophy seriously and effectively so that political greatness and philosophic wisdom meet in one person. Those persons of a debased nature must be compelled to stand aside from ruling. In my opinion, only then will our nation implement a just constitution such as we are outlining."

Plato, Commonwealth V, 473 3

    Plato ascertained that two of the most insidious evils that counterfeit leaders perpetrate are:
  1. Polupragmosune (πολυπραγμοσυνη): the criminal seizing of power by those who delusively presume they possess wisdom in all things. In modern terms, this has been clearly illustrated in the case of the demonic capitalist cabal, which suffers under the insane presumption that it has the understanding of how America--and the world--ought to conduct itself and therefore possesses the mandate to seize control of American society and the world. What polupragmosune means in practice is that the unskilled, unenlightened, and depraved seize the rule of a society to its debasement and final destruction.

        There is nothing more absurd than a Barack Obama, a George W. Bush, a Henry Kissinger, a Zbibniew Brzezinski, or a Paul Wolfowitz--puppets of the demonic cabal--pontificating on how the world ought to be run. The supposedly superior groups of foreign policy advisors--Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg group--are farcical in their presumption of knowledge and understanding. The "economic experts" within the cabal--Greenspan, Volcker, Summers, Bernanke, Geithner etc.--have now been exposed as idiots who have no genuine understanding of the "market" and have encouraged rampant corruption to destroy the American and world economy.

  2. Pleonexia (πλεονεξια): the criminal seizure of what rightfully belongs to others; greed for power
"The appetite for power is the clearest example of that fundamental vice that, in Plato's language, is described as 'pleonexia'--as the 'hunger for more and more.' This craving for more and more exceeds all measure and destroys all measure--and since measure, right proportion, 'geometrical equality' had been declared by Plato to be the standard of the health of private and public life, it follows that the will to power, if it prevails over all other impulses, necessarily leads to corruption and destruction. 'Justice' and the 'will to power' are the opposite poles of Plato's ethical and political philosophy. Justice is the cardinal virtue that includes all the other great and noble qualities of the soul; the greed for power entails all fundamental defects. Power can never be an end in itself; for that only can be called a good that leads to a definitive satisfaction, to a concord and harmony. No other thinker had such a clear insight into what the Power State really is and means, and no other writer has given such a clear, impressive, and penetrating description of its true nature and character as Plato did in his Gorgias."
Ernst Cassirer, The Myth of the State
    To explain the catastrophic plight of a nation as deceivers and frauds seize controlling power over it, Plato used a teaching story in the sixth chapter of the Commonwealth. On a ship at sea, a group of mutinous sailors, with the help of a scheming villain, take control of the vessel from the captain. The villain is put in charge of the ship and acclaimed by the ignorant sailors as a "great leader." Neither the villain nor the mutinous sailors possess the highly specialized skills of seamanship, assuming that the capabilities of a sea captain are negligible or non-existent. As can be imagined, the ship runs onto the shoals and is destroyed.

"The despicable John Kerry knows that he is lying. Here is the American Secretary of State, and Obama, the puppet president, knowingly lying to the world. There is not a shred of integrity in the US government. No respect for truth, justice, morality or human life. Here are two people so evil that they want to repeat in Syria what the Bush war criminals did in Iraq."

Paul Craig Roberts, "The US Government Stands Revealed to the World as a Collection of War Criminals and Liars," Infowars.com, September 6, 2013

    The current capitalist cabal is made up of ignorant tricksters and degenerates who have criminally seized power and are quickly bringing the U.S.--and the world--to ruin through their militarist imperialism and financial villainy.

      A revealing example of the insane hubris practiced by modern capitalist billionaires is Lloyd Blankfein, Goldmann Sachs CEO. Blankfein rants that workers shouldn't expect any retirement, while he makes millions in annual salary. Blankfein's arrogance was exposed by Bernie Sanders

      American pretend-leaders are criminals who are never punished.

    We can contrast genuine leaders to pretend-leaders.

    To rid ourselves of the kinds of culprits who've seized power and to install legitimate, expert leaders in America and worldwide will require:

1. Workers throughout the world:
  • Developing class consciousness: realizing, for example, that capitalists are murdering workers worldwide

  • Awakening to the debased nature of their present pretend-leaders

  • Gaining progressive awareness

    • Increasing understanding: peeling away our personal illusions, at whatever level we happen to be

    • Critical thinking: forming one's personal beliefs by basing them on evidence

    • Self-awareness: developing an autonomous self that is able to think and act on its own initiative

    • Critical consciousness: going beyond merely personal development to a genuine concern for human welfare in general; learning to perceive social, political, and economic injustice and learning to take action against the oppressive elements of reality

    • Enlightened discernment: casting light on social challenges and philosophical themes and developing social infrastructures which allow for greater freedom and creativity

    • Progressive activities: working in whatever ways possible to expose tyranny and develop concepts and structures allowing people to join in forming a commonwealth community in which the good of all is the goal

  1. America producing men and women who are genuine philosophers--seekers of wisdom--Hermes, Rumi, Francis of Assisi, Diotima, Boethius, Hypatia, Martin Luther King, Betty White, Stewart Edward White, Shakespeare, Socrates, Plato, Jesus, Lincoln, Franklin D. Rooseveltand who have the capability to lead the nation justly and effectively as guardians
    In every era of humankind's history there have appeared persons of outstanding quality who could have served as philosopher-guardians of their societies. That they did not become leaders of their nations has been due to the machinations of capitalist looters whose presumptious ignorance and unrestrained obsession with amassing wealth through imperialist wars has brought each successive culture to ruin.

    Even within the last two centuries there have appeared men and women of extraordinary quality, some who have managed to become leaders of our nation. That those who have seized control of America are vile beyond measure is revealed by the fact that they assassinate outstanding leaders who oppose them.

John F. Kennedy: 1963

Martin Luther King, Jr.: 1968

Robert F. Kennedy: 1968

John Lennon: 1980

    The first prerequisite to creating a just commonwealth society is developing intelligence within its citizens. The capitalist cabal began in the early decades of the twentieth century to destroy public education in America. So, the task of creating an inelligent citizenry is a challenging one. Part of the rationale for our Website 4 is to help American and world citizens develop awareness of themselves and their world. As Edward Bellamy 5 understood, creating a just political-economic system requires intelligence on the part of the people within a society.

Not . . . until popular government had been made possible by the diffusion of intelligence was the world ripe for the realization of such a form of society. Until that time the idea, like the soul waiting for a fit incarnation, must remain without social embodiment. Selfish rulers thought of the masses only as instruments for their own aggrandizement, and if they had interested themselves in a more exact organization of industry it would only have been with a view of making that organization the means of a more complete tyranny. Not till the masses themselves became competent to rule was a serious agitation possible or desirable for an economic organization on a co-operative basis."

Edward Bellamy, Equality

    One of the elements of the "difussion of intelligence" within a society is the realization, on the part of the workers, that the amassing of huge fortunes does not mean that those persons are intelligent or outstanding. In fact, the opposite is true most of the time: wealthy persons are remarkably ignorant and degenerate.

"Virtue is not produced from riches. True wealth derives from virtue, as likewise do all human goods, both privately and publicly"
Plato, Apologia

    Contemporary reprobates possess billions in personal fortune--enough that their progeny will never have to work a day in their lives for at least five generations. Yet these malefactors spend their unearned money on programs to take away all social safety nets from workers whom they impoverish and murder.

   "Writing in 2005, this author . . . predicted that the rise of Corporate Psychopaths was a recipe for corporate and societal disaster. This disaster has now happened and is still happening.  Lloyd Blankfein, CEO and Chairman of Goldman SachsAcross the western world, the symptoms of the financial crisis are now being treated. However, this treatment of the symptoms will have little effect because the root cause is not being addressed. The very same Corporate Psychopaths, who . . . caused the crisis by their self-seeking greed and avarice, are now advising governments on how to get out of the crisis. That this involves paying themselves vast bonuses in the midst of financial hardship for many millions of others is symptomatic of the problem. Further, if (this theory is correct) then we are now far from the end of the crisis. Indeed, it is only the end of the beginning. Perhaps more than ever before, the world needs corporate leaders with a conscience . . . Measures exist to identify Corporate Psychopaths. Perhaps it is time to use them."

Clive Bodd, "The Corporate Psychopaths Theory of the Global Financial Crisis," Source

    If we're going to install philosopher-guardians as leaders of our nations, we'll first have to re-create the entire discipline of philosophy, since modern academic "philosophy" has been deliberately debased and disfigured to the point of almost total uselessness. Fortunately, the continuing, pervasive influence of Platonic philosophy is a powerful force for reason and just government. The agents of tyranny have felt it necessary to try to destroy Platonic thought in any way possible. The absurdity and wrong-headedness of Plato's self-appointed critics is masterfully described by Francis L. Jackson in his essay, "The Post-Philosophical Attack on Plato."

     The incompetence and incoherence of these critics of Plato is plain for anyone to see. Academic philosophy has become completely infested with such learned imbeciles. I recommend Francis L. Jackson's essay referenced above, which intelligently refutes the Plato-critics' specious arguments and exposes them as pretentious frauds.

   The only complete process for producing overall citizen intelligence and genuine philosopher-guardians is to create cooperative commonwealth communities. Until that process can be established, we will have to look within this capitalist-dominated world to discover the few persons who develop themselves into competent, progressive leaders.

   Even in these benighted times, we find persons of integrity and competence who possess some of the qualities and capabilities of Plato's conception of philosopher-guardians. The persons featured below all possess the unmistakable marks of progressive awareness; they see, for example, that current political-economic leaders are destroying America in general and the working class in particular. They also have the courage to speak out against the outrages and war crimes perpetrated by the current purveyors of fascism, militarism, and imperialism. These persons would not necessarily volunteer for the position of philosopher-guardian, it the post were offered, but they possess the qualities and capabilities that would make it possible for them to serve the nation and the world.

Bernie Sanders:    1      2     3

Robert Kennedy, Jr.    1    2

Ralph Nader:        1      2

Webster Tarpley:   1      2

Paul Craig Roberts:   1    2   3

Michel Chossudovsky: 1    2

   David Ray Griffin

    Coleen Rowley

John Pilger:     1      2      3

Sibel Edmonds:    1      2

Seymour Hersh:   1      2

   Each of the persons listed above possess many elements of progressive awareness, though in certain areas of thought they retain some less than progressive ideas. As we seek out persons of a general progressive nature--similar to philosopher-guardians--it's encouraging that there are quite a large number of persons devoted to building a society of justice for all. The list above could be multiplied many times over.

"The torch of civilization is carried . . . by a small minority of restless and enterprising men. The members of this minority work in countless ways, and there is an immense variation in the nature and value of their several activities. . . What they always aim at, whether by design or only instinctively, is the improvement of human life on this earth. One of them may do no more than devise a new and better rat trap, or a new way to make beans, or a new phrase, but some other, on some near tomorrow, may synthesize edible proteins or square the circle. Out of this class come not only all the men who enrich civilization, but also all those who safeguard it. They are the guardians of what it has gained in the past as well as the begetters of all it gains today and will gain hereafter. Left to the great herd it would deteriorate inevitably, as it has deteriorated in the past whenever the supply of impatient and original men has fallen off. This is the true secret of the rise and fall of cultures. They rise so long as they produce a sufficiency of superior individuals, and they begin to fall the moment the average man approximates their best."

H. L. Mencken, Minority Report, 1956

   The only time in history that a group similar to Plato's philosopher-guardians was in control of the destiny of a nation was during the American revolutionary period. Not only were many of the leaders of the struggle for independence intelligent, principled men, but a large number of ordinary citizens were as well. Many of these outstanding persons were direct products of the Enlightenment in general and Plato's thought in particular.

   Many colonial citizens were intelligent enough to understand that freedom meant freedom from the oppression of the American aristocracy as well as freedom from British rule. One of their favorite slogans was: "Common people must be free from all 'Foreign or Domestic Oligarchy.'" They thought in terms of liberation from all oppression, not just "independence from Britain."

   During colonial times, the "common people" were sometimes in control of their local and state governments.    Many of the "common people" were not taking orders, they were speaking and acting for themselves; they were making it clear that their vision of a new society was not that of the wealthy merchant class. There were a number of philosopher-guardian type of persons among the American aristocracy--Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, George Mason, Luther Martin, John Francis Mercer, and Elbridge Gerry.

   However, a small group of wealthy people in America has always ruled the nation for its own benefit, not for the welfare of the people. The huge land holdings of the British loyalists, for example, was one of the obscenities against which poor soldiers fought in the American "War for Independence." But after the war Lord Fairfax, a friend of George Washington, was allowed to retain his five million acres encompassing twenty-one counties in Virginia.

"Those upper classes, to rule, needed to make concessions to the middle class, without damage to their own wealth or power, at the expense of slaves, Indians, and poor whites. This bought loyalty. And to bind that loyalty with something more powerful than material advantage, the ruling group found, in the 1760s and 1770s a wonderfully useful device. That device was the language of liberty and equality, which could unite just enough whites to fight a Revolution against England, without ending either slavery or inequality."

Howard Zinn, A People's History of the United States, 1995

    The first American revolution resulted only in a change in rulers: from the British elite to an American plutocracy. Sixty-nine percent of the signers of the Declaration of Independence had held colonial office under England.

   Those best able to direct the course of a society, Plato maintained quite correctly, are those who are trained in the search for wisdom (philosophy) and live their lives as guardians of the people. But instead of recognizing this insight as the guide for a nation-state, throughout history small gangs of ignorant, self-deluded pretenders have seized political-economic-social control, ignoring those who truly know how to order a society.

   Plato recognized that a nation would have to be composed of extraordinarily intelligent people to put philosopher-guardians in charge of their public institutions. Nonetheless, Plato contended that only if persons seeking true wisdom--philosophers--were the guardians of society would all people prosper.

"Against the threats
"Of malice or of sorcery, or that power
"Which erring men call chance, this I hold firm,
"Virtue may be assailed, but never hurt,
"Surprised by unjust force, but not enthralled"

John Milton, Comus


1 I display the selected image in the title graphic to help people realize that persons they ordinarily view as wealthy, successful, and powerful, are, in truth, evil and murderous.

2 Philosophers-Guardians must be installed as leaders by the people because the selection process (e.g. election in a fake democracy) will have been taken over by the counterfeit leaders. In the twenty-first century, the election system has been taken over by the capitalist cabal, which selects candidates for both parties.

3 All translations of Plato's writings from the original Greek are those of the author.

4 http://www.hermes-press.com

5 Edward Bellamy (1850-1898), author of the outstanding progressive novel, Looking Backward

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