As Gore Vidal has shown, "in actual fact, close to 90 percent of the disbursements of the federal government go for what is laughingly known as 'defense.'

    "This is how: In 1986, the gross revenue of the government was $794 billion. Of that amount, $294 billion were Social Security contributions, which should be subtracted from the money available to the national security state. That leaves $500 billion. Subsequent budgets show different figures but similar proportions.

"Of the $500 billion, $286 billion went to defense; $12 billion for foreign arms to client states; $8 billion to $9 billion to energy, which means, largely, nuclear weapons; $27 billion for veterans' benefits, the sad and constant reminder of the ongoing empire's recklnesness; and, finally, $142 billion for interest on loans that were spent, over the past forty years, to keep the national security state at war, hot or cold.

"So, of 1986's $500 billion in revenue, $475 billion was spent on National Security business. Of that amount, we will never know how much was 'kicked back' through political action committees and so-called soft money to subsidize candidates and elections. Other federal spending, incidentally, came to $177 billion in 1986 (guarding presidential candidates, cleaning the White House), which was about the size of the deficit, since only $358 billion was collected in taxes."

90% of workers' taxes go to military spending!