Foundation Stones

Consciousness is the one and only reality.
  • "There is but one reality. It is all-inclusive, but in degrees. Its highest expression on earth is consciousness, the self-aware I-Am of man. Consciousness, in degrees, is the one and only reality."
  • Consciousness is always alike in kind though its degrees are many.
  • "Man is born into this quantitative world out of the man-degree of quality, not the tree-degree, nor the dog-degree, nor the electrical-energy degree, nor any of the other manifold degrees, but out of his own human-degree."
  • "Nevertheless, though the individual man is born man, his capacity as an individual varies greatly from that of his fellows."
  • Humans can win for their individual consciousness a degree of quantitative development proportionate to their quality.
  • "He can fill his capacity, - or come as near filling it, or as far from filling it - as his free will chooses. In any event, he does so by doing his job, undergoing experience, and assimilating that experience."
There is only one universe.
  • During physical existence we experience this one universe as obstructed.
  • After physical existence we experience this one universe as unobstructed.
  • To understand that there is only one universe, "take a black and white photograph - it registers a reality. Take a color photograph - and it registers exactly the same reality, but - a reality beyond that depicted by the black and white." "The color picture is only an extension - a more detailed and accurate registration - of the identical scene originally photographed in black and white."
  • "Assuming that we here normally live in the black and white universe, it is now entirely possible (Betty's word and emphasis) for us to imagine a 'color' universe in which she might live. So there you have apparently two universes; one black and white, one in color, but nevertheless the same."

Humankind's thoughts and activities are a real and vital part of the scheme of things, having their effect on the Whole as well as on itself.

Earth is the borning place for the purpose of individualization.

  • "The obstructed universe is for the purpose of birth, of the individualization of consciousness. All matter is born in your universe. Nothing is lost. Individuality is not lost; though in its lower forms matter can be burned, turned into gas, or what have you. Yet it is all kept."
  • "It is the highest form, the soul, that goes on undivided."

"You must not forget that we enjoy your earth garden. There is truth in the statement that God walked in the garden in the cool of the evening. We love your earth and its beauties and grandeurs. It is very pleasing to us, and we see more of it than you, and so we love it that much more. It is a wonderful place, even in its obstructed aspects; and unobstructed, it is heaven to us who developed our quantity there."

"There is much I do not myself know. (Betty)

"I shall go on into a further degree of consciousness, but I must graduate to it. Our resistances are for development, as are your obstructions. We grow by overcoming, just as you do. You have to overcome definite obstructions, physically, materially. And also you have to overcome mass psychology." (Anne)

"As for me, when I shall go on into my next life, I do not know. They tell me it will be something comparable, but not quite as I know it here. I know there are future manifestations of consciousness, but I do not know their characteristics. I know I shall go on. I have had the experience of transition. You have not. When they say to me that I am going to experience further transitions, but that I am only going to experience something familiar to my being, I believe what I am told. There is an ultimate or supreme degree of consciousness." (Betty)