CONSCIOUSNESS: The one and all-inclusive reality, in evolution. Man's self-awareness is the highest expression of this reality

ORTHOS: (Greek, ortbos: true.) The operation of consciousness, through co-existent essences, in its unobstructed aspect

ORTHIC: Adjective. Pertaining to orthos

UNIVERSE: The total of all manifestations of consciousness

OBSTRUCTED UNIVERSE: That aspect of the whole universe which man knows through his senses, including their mechanical extensions

UNOBSTRUCTED UNIVERSE: That aspect of the entire universe ordinarily considered to be beyond the limitation of man's sense perceptions and their extensions

TRILOGIA: The threefold aspect of orthos, consisting of receptivity, conductivity, and frequency

ESSENCE: (Latin, esse: to be.) The co-existent and coefficient actuality of orthos, manifesting itself in the obstructed universe as Time, Space and Motion

RECEPTIVITY: The Essence of Time

CONDUCTIVITY: The Essence of Space

FREQUENCY: The Essence of Motion

TIME. The obstructed manifestation of the orthic essence, receptivity

SPACE: The obstructed manifestation of the orthic essence, conductivity

MOTION: The obstructed manifestation of the orthic essence, frequency

ARRESTMENT: An incidence of frequency, conductivity and receptivity, resulting in manifestation in the obstructed universe

DEGREE: Consciousness, being in evolution, is in degrees. Each degree represents a specific manifestation

QUALITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS: That aspect of consciousness resulting in species manifestation, as electricity, gold, tree, antelope, man, etc. In the unobstructed universe Quality is in evolution, and therefore in degrees. In the obstructed universe it is of fixed potentiality in its given degree

QUANTITY OF CONSCIOUSNESS: That aspect of consciousness, in the obstructed universe, capable of, and subject to development by the individual, in evolution and therefore in degrees

MATTER: In the obstructed universe matter is that arrestment of frequency which manifests itself in a threedimensional extension; in the unobstructed universe it is the form attribute of any aspect of the trilogia

MATERIAL FORCES: Those arrestments of frequency expressing themselves through matter

AWARENESS-MECHANISM: That equipment of selfaware consciousness whereby the individual perceives that which is objective to him

PARALLEL LAW: The term connotes the interextension of principles operating in both the obstructed and unobstructed universes

BETA BODY: The form attribute of that frequency which is an individual consciousness, an I-Am. It is integral, atomic and noncellular

ALPHA BODY: The form attribute of a combination of frequencies, constituting the physical housing in the obstructed universe of an individual consciousness. Such as the human body.

PLURALISTIC MONISM: Connotes, one reality express ing itself in individualization, alike in kind but different in manifestation

JUXTAPOSITION: The manner in which frequency (motion) variably collides with receptivity (time) and conductivity (space) to result in an arrestment, producing manifestation

INTRAPOSITION: As juxtaposition is the manner of atrestment resulting in manifestation, so intraposition is the status of relationship that obtains as long as that arrestment holds

CO-EXISTENT: That which is united in Being with something else for the production of an effect