Record this exercise on a casette tape or CD so you can listen to the words when meditating. It's best if you record this on a repeating casette tape or an audio loop on a CD, so it can repeat as you listen to it.

Help yourself to become as comfortable as possible. Begin to focus with your conscious mind on your breathing, concentrating on your inhaling and exhaling. Breathe in such a way that you can hear your inhalation and exhalation. Each time you inhale, say within yourself, "relax." Each time you exhale, say within yourself: "sleep." Listen to your breathing and listen to yourself speaking the word "relax" internally with every inhalation and "sleep" with each exhilation. Let your breathing relax you more and more, as you inhale and exhale, relax more and more. Let your conscious mind focus on breathing and relaxing and saying to yourself "relax" each time you inhale and "sleep" each time you exhale.

As soon as you become aware of a feeling of drowsiness or sleep, go ahead and enhance it. You're attaining a complete, deep sleep. Feel the effects of sleep as much as possible. Think or do whatever helps you to go to sleep with your conscious mind. Imagine what is to happen as you go to sleep as vividly as you can. Feel the effect of sleep happening. Recall the feelings associated with sleep experiences in your past and re-experience them now in your conscious mind. Use whatever images, feelings, and ideas help you to let your conscious mind go deeper and deeper into sleep. Do whatever it takes to help yourself go to into a deep deep sleep.

Allow your conscious mind to be overcome by sleep and dreams. As your conscious mind is going deeper down into sleep, you are beginning to experience dreams. Allow the dreams to become your center of being, your center of awareness. Be aware of your being in your dreams. Feel the reality of your being in the dreams and being outside your body. Get the feeling of being outside your body and in another center of being in any way you can. Help your conscious mind to go to sleep, enter into dreams, and become aware of being in the dream state outside your body.

From this point on, remain in the center of being apart from your body, in your subliminal self, away from your conscious mind. Listen only with your subliminal mind to what I am saying, ignoring any other sound, feeling, or thought. Only your subliminal mind experiences and understands your going deeply into this higher trance state. You are within your subliminal mind, in a state of awareness separate from your body. Your subliminal mind responds automatically, cooperatively with whatever suggestions I am making. You are in a state of awareness apart from your body. Your conscious mind is sleeping, so it does not interfere with your subliminal mind which is automatically, cooperatively following the suggestions I'm making.

You are in a state of being apart from your body, outside your conscious mind. I am speaking only to your subliminal mind which can hear me. I am speaking only to your subliminal mind, and it is listening to me. You are relaxing more and more and going deeper and deeper to sleep, into a dream state, into a state of being apart from your body, away from your conscious mind. Just be comfortable while I am talking only to your subliminal mind; I do not care that your conscious mind is not listening to me.

As your sublilminal, subconscious mind is taking control, you are in a state of awareness separate from your body. You are able to enter a state of being where there are higher intelligences such as Hermes, Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Jesus, Paul, Rumi, Francis of Assissi, and Betty White. You can see them clearly and distinctly and can learn from them. Listen carefully to what they are saying to you. Focus on two questions which you ask them:

  • What do I need to learn?

  • What do I need to do?

Listen carefully to what they are saying to you. Respond to what they say, asking additional questions and expressing your gratitude for their assisting you to learn about this higher realm. Continue this conversation wherever it leads and do whatever is necessary.