Nothing for Man Except
What He Has Earned

The superior experience and knowledge will be made available to a man or woman in exact accordance with his worth, capacity and earning of it. Hence, if a donkey sees a melon he will eat its rind; ants will eat whatever they can get hold of; man will consume without knowing that he has consumed.

Our objective is to achieve, by the understanding of the Origin, the Knowledge which comes through experience.

This is done, as with a journey, only with those who already know the Way.

The justice of this state is the greatest justice of all; because, while this knowledge cannot be withheld from him who deserves it, it cannot be given to him who does not deserve it.

It is the only substance with a discriminating faculty of its own, inherent justice.

Yusuf Hamadani (1048-1140 CE), Perennialist Sufi Teacher