Conceptions for Meditation and Contemplation

1. All created things are constantly in contact with spiritual forces of some kind. Otherwise they would not exist at all.

2. When we take conscious charge of our own development, a change must come about in the relationship between ourselves and spiritual forces.

3. We can enter into conscious cooperation with spiritual forces.

4. We can only cooperate with spiritual forces if we contact them.

5. The world of spiritual energy consists of a substance making up one flexible vitality.

6. This spiritual substance is composed of essences (what Plato called Forms) such as Goodness, Justice, Beauty, and Wisdom.

7. The world of spiritual energy is discerned entirely with the "heart" of the spiritual body: manifested through a feeling within the terrestrial body of warm existence, like quiet but very active energy forces--like the sun growing things.

8. Contact consists in taking in enthusiastically what is bountifully supplied.

9. It is a condition, not an end.

10. We hold ourselves at a higher pitch, a matter of pleasurable practice, like blending with the sun instead of merely being aware of the sun.

11. When we blend with the source of our being we constitute a cell within a harmonious body, illuminated beyond our comprehension.

12. We experience the feeling of security and glowing content, a state of rarefied happiness, like the certain feeling of being loved.

13. It is like being aware of a breath-taking and gorgeous Doing and eagerly seeking a minute part in it, allowing the vast Doing itself to flow through and mold us to its purposes.

13. We are, however, not passive at all, but eagerly active--as a child is active in its mental and physical growth.

14. We open to the universal vital quality of life. We feel it everywhere, in the woods and the waters, the endless manifestations of vitality pulsing and vibrating in contrast to the inanimate things we handle so constantly.

15. We see what life is, we grasp it, compare it in every way we know how.

16. We learn to conceive of life power, what it is in essence and not merely in its varied forms.

17. We associate ourselves with it consciously to rest in it and depend upon it.

18. We increase our power of appropriation to see how strong and free we can become through partaking of it, how rhythmically we can partake of its cyclic movement.

19. We discern when we are in the force when we feel ourselves in a "sunspot of power." We try to remain in the sunspot. We know when we stray out of the sunspot because we lose the "feeling." We learn to sense when we're in the "sunspot of power" and learn to remain in it for longer periods of time.

20. It is NOT a reaching for anything--it's the opposite: a secure embryonic stirring, a happy stretching of our own particular universe, basking in growth sensations, until we establish ourselves in permanent strength from the center of the heart of life, acquiring very gradually and sustainedly the consciousness of the similar process going on in every living thing.

21. This consciousness gives inward significance and the possession of inward companionship with the spiritual nature of our and all other particularized manifestations of universal life.

22. We practice heart expansion and spiritual flame feeding. We let the flame lick up life as it instinctively will, remembering that it spreads its radiations as we recognize and feed it properly.

23. We learn to feel the ardor of our soul which maintains the higher intelligence without depletion in its own degree.

24. It is a gift of growth silently available through us to others of our degree.

25. We ease our body into pleasant memories, lulling it to comfort. We think of the wind in the pines, or feel the sun's warmth: perfect physical peace and enjoyment.

26. Life surrounding us is non-existent. We retire all our strength and consciousness into a spiritual fastness. It is as if a trap door were closed; we are within ourself, content.

27. Slowly, in that content, there forms an interest, a desire to expand. We do not define it, we feel it.

28. We feel there is a secret exit, a new domain awaiting exploration, highly desirable and exciting. It lies in a different direction from that by which we entered.

29. In this new domain we can dissolve all separateness, uniting with All. Realities can flow into us and we can flow out to them with the same comfort with which we relaxed the body. Within this comfort is now desire and latent strength, release into a well-being which we cannot define in words. An essence of life.

39. We learn to maintain these sensations through the feeling of cooperation with a Higher Force pervading all things and creating its own realities relative to its purposes.

40. We develop a heart-lifting acknowledgement of the warm, loving, positive creative force of the universe beyond our knowledge.

41. We give time to purify and clothe fittingly our spirit to contemplate the unknown Causal Force operating through each living thing.

42. Our living confidence is our part. The more established and ardent our conviction, the greater our power.

43. We return periodically to our awareness of our eternal purposes. We select certain of our ordinary activities to vitalize to the point where they help us unite with other lives in greater inclusion of the spiritual consciousness which we are striving to make for us an everyday affair.

44. When we get the feel of it, the pleasure of its warm expansiveness is sufficient pursuit in itself.

45. We practice the tuning of ourselves, our leap of levitation of heart to our Source. We are then imbedded in something so much more potent than ourselves, so incomprehensibly secure, that all we can do is to sense the comfort, lend ourselves rapturously to it.

46. While we are completely comfortable, composed and warmed and reassured of our divinity--while power is upon us--we ask to know what we should DO with this energy, to know what actions we should perform as part of this great symphony of harmonious force.

1 Meditation points adapted from Betty and Stewart Edward White's Across the Unknown