A fictional account of Personality Simulation:

The Fifth Horseman by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre

"As soon as they had sat down, Lisa Dyson passed out copies of an eighteen-page document. It was enclosed in an embossed white folder bearing the pale-blue seal of the CIA, a "Top Secret" stamp and the words "Personality and Political Behavior Study: Muammar-al-Qaddafi."

"The study was part of a secret program run by the CIA since the late fifties, an effort to employ the techniques of psychiatry to study the personality and character development of a selected group of world leaders in intimate detail, to try to predict with some degree of certainty how they would respond in a crisis. Castro, Charles de Gaulle, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Mao Tse-tung, the Shah, Nasser, all had been put under the dissecting glare of the CIA's analysts. Indeed, some of the perceptions turned up in the profiles of Castro and Khrushchev had been of vital help to John F. Kennedy in dealing with both men during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

"Each involved prodigious expense and effort. Everything about a "target" was examined: what had influenced his life, what its major traumas were, how he had responded to them, whether he had developed certain characteristic defense mechanisms. Agents were sent all over the world to determine one precise fact, to explore just one facet of a man's character. Old military-school-mates were hunted down and probed to find out if a man masturbated, drank, was finicky about his food, went to church, how he responded to stress. Did he like boys? Or women? Or both? Had he had a mother fixation? Trace him where you could through his oral, anal, genital stages. Find out if he had a large or small penis. If he had sadistic tendencies. Once a CIA agent had been smuggled into Cuba for the sole purpose of talking to a whore with whom Castro had often gone to bed when he was a student.

"The man [Qaddafi] is another Hitler. He's violated every single precept of international behavior there is. He's killed, murdered and terrorized every corner of the globe to get his way. He destroyed Lebanon with he money, which he poured into Beirut right through our good American banks, by the way. He was behind Khomeini. He's out to kill every friend we have in the Middle East from Sadat to the Saudis and then destroy us by shutting off our oil. And we've sat on our asses for five years and let him get away with it like we were a bunch of Chamberlains cringing before another Hitler."