Spiritual Healing Process

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Spiritual Healing Conceptions and Truths In Reference to a Specific Process

  1. The study of this specific process of Spiritual Healing constitutes a study of First Cause, Spirit, Higher Mind or Self, Primordial Unity, or God.

  2. This Primordial Unity is the Force and Intelligence from which everything and everyone is created.

  3. We desire to know more about this Primordial Unity and to learn how to achieve unity with this Force so that we can participate in this Being's activities.

  4. We gain understanding of an entity (being person, event, object) by participating in or with that entity.

  5. Our intelligence and capability is the Primordial Unity functioning through us at the level of understanding of this Force we have been able to achieve.

  6. The life we live is the Universal Life expressing and manifesting through us.

  7. The Primordial Unity engages in self-revelation by working through humans and all creation.

    1. The Primordial Unity becomes a Power to us only when we recognize this Being as Power.

    2. Belief, understanding, and knowledge, as necessary ingredients in manifestation of the Primordial Unity, are skills which we must learn how to master.

    3. This Primordial Unity is in, through, around and for us. This Reality is Goodness, Beauty, Wisdom, and Truth.

    4. Each of us is drawing from, receiving from Primordial Unity precisely as much as we can understand, believe, know, and realize.

    5. Our beliefs, understanding, and knowledge set the limit to our demonstration of the Laws of the Primordial Unity.

    6. We bring our carefully-conceived truths, ideals, desires, and archetypes into manifestation not only by thinking and asserting them, but by Knowing, Understanding, and Believing them.

    7. We make our incipient Ideas and Ideals real by affirming them conceptually and pronouncing them verbally. Our human conceptual affirmations and verbal pronouncements are transmitted to the Transcendent level.

    8. Our affirmations and pronouncements merge with the Universal Mind, activating the Higher Law of Divine Creativity: the Primordial Unity brings about that which is best for all creatures.

          In reference to the specific approach to spiritual healing above, it's necessary to ask ourselves some preliminary questions--and consider the implications of our answers to these questions.

    1. Do you believe that the process of spiritual healing outlined above can bring about health in your body and mind?

      Yes             No

    2. Do you believe that you can learn to understand and carry out such a specific process of spiritual healing?

      Yes            No

    Spiritual Healing Meditations: Affirmations and Pronouncements

    1. I know that You, the Primordial Unity, are Goodness, Beauty, Wisdom, and Truth.

    2. I believe that You desire to manifest through me as I am able to know, believe in, and understand Your Power and Will.

    3. I desire to be one with You and participate in Your activities.

    4. I understand that You desire the best for me at all times--which includes health, wisdom, and adequate means--and I receive that Divine Best for me at this time.

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