The Criminal Cabal's Plan to Destroy American Democracy

Norman Livergood

     It's now indisputable that the demonic cabal plans to destroy ALL institutions of democracy in the United States.

      Only totally brain-dead spiritual zombies can any longer defend what the criminal cabal is doing through its Bush II puppet junta and the fellow-traveling Democrats.


Democrates Cravenly Cave In to Republicans


     American citizens must realize that the Democratic Party leaders have now completely caved in to the Republican Party.

     The so-called "save the fillibuster compromise" was nothing more than an abject capitulation by the Democrats to the Republican threats. The neanderthal, right-wing, reactionary judges Bush demanded will now be confirmed.

     We are in Germany, 1933. The so-called moderate German leaders have deluded themselves into believing that they can "control" Hitler by capitulating to him. Hitler--with the connivance of Goering, his henchman--has seized all power through the "Enabling Act," destroying the Reichstag (House and Senate). Hitler has suspended elections and appointed himself Dictator.

      The reign of terror has begun!

     Some people are now asking why the Bush junta would destroy the US Senate's filibuster power, when it could be that the Republicans may some day be the minority party.

Answer: The cabal puts whatever party it wants in power. Even if the "delusion of democracy" were continued for the benefit of what the junta considers "the ignorant masses," whichever party is in power now carries out the dictates of the criminal cabal.
     As happened in Germany in 1933, American Democratic Party leaders are deluding themselves--and the American public--into believing that they won a great victory by caving in to the Republicans. We no longer have a Congress (House and Senate) as a legitimate arm of government; the Republican majority now does anything it chooses, without any hindrance from the Democrats. Now there are NO counterveiling powers to constrain the cabal's criminal intentions--except the few purely figurative fig-leaves of democracy which they feel it necessary to keep in place to fool American citizens.


     The one positive result of the cabal's destruction of the US Senate through the "nuclear option" threat and the craven capitulation by the Democrats, may be that some Americans will wake up to the evil intentions of the cabal and its Republican and Democratic puppets.

     Here are ways we can struggle against this destructive force.