f Diagnosis 4
Diagnosis 4

1. You have allowed yourself to remain controlled by ego-insanity Your primary, all-consuming concern is in doing exactly as your personal feelings dictate. This makes you an ordinary, boring person, who has little ability to study or develop in a genuine manner.

2. You are dishonest: You disclose only what serves your own ego interests and keep back important information.

3. You are suicidal, allowing a person with whom you had a relationship to almost destroy you; allowing your dishonesty and unreliableness to destroy your chance of becoming a genuine person.

4. You are an addict: you continued to have an addictive relationship with your previous boyfriend, until you were instructed to dissociate from that relationship. For an extended period, you obsessed about him, felt bereft without his company, and yearned to return to the relationship. You dishonestly re-established close contact with this person, not informing me of it until the issue arose in a dialectical interchange session. You are addicted to ease and feeling that you are perfectly fine just the way you are.

5. You are irrational and incapable of sustained commitment: you reason your way to a certain point and then allow your feelings to overpower your understanding.

6. You are unreliable: you make a commitment one minute and then abrogate the commitment the next.

7. I thought that when you visited the first time we would be able to work on creating the Community. Instead, you spent most of the time obsessing about your previous boyfriend, his demonic behavior toward you (which turned out to be somewhat untrue), and expressing your negative feelings about the Community.

8. Before your first visit, it seemed possible that I might be able to continue working with you while you continued to live in another state. During that visit, it became clear that your environment in this other state is deadly. After your first visit, it became apparent to me that I would only be able to continue working with you if you made a definite, stable commitment to the Community and began making immediate plans to relocate to Vista.

9. I agreed to your visiting a second time on the clear understanding that you had definitely made a commitment to relocating to Vista. When you arrived for your second visit, your deceit became apparent immediately. You were contemplating relocating to North Carolina, where you had been offered a job. During that visit you imposed your indecisiveness and self-obsession with doubts, fears, and suspicions on all you contacted, including a friend of mine in Phoenix.

10. Since you have chosen, mostly through following the line of least resistance, to remain in the other state, I have no real hope for your survival or development, especially now that you have re-established your addictive relationship with your boyfriend.

11. I have continued to invest my time and energy with you, though you have largely chosen not to work to understand the necessity of appreciating the Work and the Teaching and not to make a final commitment to the Commonwealth Community Enterprise and to relocating to Vista immediately.