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"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

Edmund Burke

     Americans still enjoy some basic constitutional rights. However, ruthless corporate, financial, and political looters are rapidly undermining our civil liberties and pushing the middle and lower economic classes into death, privation, poverty, and homelessness. As we become aware of their attacks on American values and institutions, there is no need for anxiety, hatred, or hopelessness. This is simply the situation--no matter how unfortunate--and we need to face it and get on with the business of bringing about fundamental change in our society. On the other hand we should not simply sit about idly theorizing or smiling at the devastation of human beings in our society and around the world. Something must be done!

Wake up! the cabal is Waging War Against Our Constitutional Liberties!     Our current situation is similar to that which American patriots faced in the 1770s: a country ruled by "foreign" and "domestic" plutocratic powers and a divided citizenry uncertain of their vital interests.

      Unlike the first Americans who fought militarily to win their freedom against British oppression, it would be idiotic to use violence in our present struggle to create a New America where the well-being of all its citizens is the common goal. The demonic cabal controls armed violence (military, intelligence agencies, police) in the United States. And, as we've seen in such foreign incursions as Panama, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, and Ukraine, and domestic incursions such as Ruby Ridge and Waco, it does not hesitate to use violence against anyone it brands as an enemy.

"To fight tyranny and oppression by using tyrannical and oppressive means, to combat a single-minded and ruthless fanaticism by becoming equally fanatical and ruthless, will not further the cause of justice or bring about a meaningful democracy. It can only prolong the cycle of violence."

Tariq Ali, The Clash of Fundamentalisms, Prologue

     So if we cannot--and should not--use violence to recreate America, what viable means do we have at our disposal in our struggle toward equality of opportunity and justice? We must work to develop a united taskforce composed of American activists who understand the general principles and particulars of the operations of the power elite. This informed activist group would respond to crises as they unfold.

      This activist citizen taskforce would need to develop a broad-based, activist agenda to combat the ongoing depredations of the criminal cabal. Beyond just responding to specific horrors as they occur, we must have a general program, a plan for taking back control of this country and then reconstructing it. This program would have to be developed by the persons who join in this united effort, not beforehand by a coterie of theorists or self-appointed leaders. Paulo Freire is correct, revolutionary agendas must be the creation of all the people involved based on their understanding of the crises that face us.

     In this essay I am:

  • Raising a call to action, in the face of a rapidly-forming police state in our midst

  • Arguing for joint action: that if we don't unite we will lose all our Constitutional liberties

  • Outlining how a joint taskforce can be started and organized

  • Recommending the development of a long-term program which speaks to all major crisis points

      Today there are myriad individuals and groups who are fighting on multiple fronts: anti-war initiatives, health care and environmental issues, boycotts, corporate crime, and government corruption, to name just a few. Many individuals and groups addressing these issues are doing an outstanding job. Where would we be now without the past and current courageous efforts of genuine progressives?

     But we lack a united front. We haven't developed a true solidarity based on shared principles, priorities, and strategies. Joann Wypijewski's article "A Stirring in the Land" (The Nation, 9/8/97) made it clear very early on that activist efforts are splintered and that merely replicating local activist campaigns will not begin to solve the larger social problems.

"Even if [local campaigns were] replicated 500 times they would not begin to attack the core problems of homelessness or joblessness or insecurity or the vast disparity between wealth and poverty, though they would create the illusion that something is being done, that the system delivers; it, too, 'works.'"
    Many counterfeit progressives retain the delusion that the Democratic Party is a genuine force for positive change, instead of the totally reactionary force it has degenerated into.

     "The welter of middle-class protest groups and 'left' organizations single-mindedly works to block the emergence of an independent political movement of the working class. They hover around the political corpse of American liberalism known as the Democratic Party, seeking at all costs to keep the working class trapped within its orbit."

Barry Grey, "The revolutionary implications of the decline of American capitalism,"
14 October 2008,

     We work in our isolated groups: a liberal journal writing about the destruction of civil rights through the new "security" legislation, an e-magazine exposing the war on Afghanistan as a new oil imperialism, numerous alternative Web sites voicing opposition to the escalating police state attacks on civil liberties.

      We assume we're doing something to improve the world through our disunited efforts, but the crisis worsens as thousands more workers world-wide are thrown out of work or are forced into jobs incapable of sustaining a bare subsistence, as the very fiber of our society is changed into a totalitarian fascist state. As many progressive voices now have the courage to say: we are literally at war!

     The capitalist junta has managed to balkanize America, dividing citizens into competing groups based on ethnicity, gender, age, and special interests. Now it's clear that the criminal cabal intends to make this atomization of our country permanent.

     Michael Clough, a senior fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, tells us to say goodbye to the idea of America as one nation. In an article in the Los Angeles Times (7/7/97) he indicates that politico-cultural diversity has set the stage "for a series of economic and cultural civil wars pitting regions of the country against each other." "Immigration and economic globalization have transformed the United States into a microcosm of the world. The exceptional uniformity that characterized American society in the early post-World War II period has been supplanted by extreme diversity. The most integrated national market in the history of the world is splintering into an array of niches." Evidently Clough sees the United States exclusively as a "market," not a nation of people.

      The view of America as a unified nation, says Clough, is old-fashioned. "The idea that the United States is and will remain one nation with a common culture and a clear set of 'national' interests is deeply ingrained in the American political psyche. It is a vision based largely on a myopic view of U.S. history." "America," says Clough, "is destined to become a country of distinct, relatively independent regions, each with its own politico-cultural economies, metropolitan centers, governing elites and global interests. It's possible to imagine 20 or more core regions stretching across the country."

     The old idea of a nation united by common interests, according to Clough, is not only old-fashioned, it's positively dangerous. "Given the strength of the centrifugal forces at work, it is a naive and dangerous ambition to cling to the idea of one nation, one culture."

     Clough is a spokesman for the capitalist thugs, making explicit their goal of splitting American citizens into separate ethnic, gender, and religious communities. We must fight against this tactic of divide-and-conquer, while avoiding a jingoistic super-nationalism, as is so popular at present. We must be aware of whose interests are served by this splintering of our nation into competing factions. The monolithic plutocracy cannot be overcome if we remain divided. Unless we develop a unified front we will continue to see our liberties whittled--and hacked--away.

     "The world's power structures have always 'divided to conquer' and have always 'kept divided to keep conquered.' As a consequence the power structure has so divided humanity--not only into special function categories but into religious and language and color categories--that individual humans are now helplessly inarticulate in the face of the present crisis. They consider their political representation to be completely corrupted, therefore, they feel almost utterly helpless."

R. Buckminster Fuller. (1981). Critical Path. NY: St. Martin's Press

     Even within the indispensable progressive, anti-war Internet community, there remains an excessive and debilitating competitiveness: each "news" digest Web site and each liberal writer competing to be the one to get the breaking story out first. Each activist group competes for attention to be given to its particular initiative. What this demonstrates is that most progressives are still mindlessly operating on the capitalist principle of cut-throat competition.

      Beyond all this ruinous, divisive action, we must create a broad-based, all-encompassing organization with which to fight the cabal junta. Divided, we do not have sufficient power to make the kind of impact we must if we're going to defeat the criminal cabal controlling all economic, military, and political forces.

     The basic ideology of this murderous gang of thugs is monetarist egomania. Money is seen to be the ultimate value against which all humans are measured. Individuals must compete in a dog-eat-dog fashion to prove their personal superiority, to the point of becoming obsessed with their own self-interest no matter its effect on others.

      This idea of an activist citizen-based organization will be understood by and appeal to only those persons of a critical consciousness who have a broader interest in trying to improve their world. We must create an organization to fight for the rights of all Americans, recognizing that we're involved in more than a comfortable political debate--that we're struggling for our very lives.

      Unfortunately, it doesn't seem possible to use any of the existing activist organizations, such as Nader's Public Citizen organization, Common Cause, Move-On.Org, or Campaign for America's Future, as the focal point for an integrated initiative. Thus the necessity of creating a Unified Activist Citizens' Taskforce (UACT) as the spearhead for taking back our country.

     This newly-formed organization will need to collaborate with a number of currently active groups. The taskforce should serve as a focal point for broad-based support from many individuals and groups so it can develop the combined power to speak from a position of strength on critical issues.

      Participation in this citizen taskforce should not be limited to any special interest group or political party. The organization,, which carried out commendable initiatives in exposing the Bush administration's onslaughts against constitutional liberties, unfortunately requires that a person be a member of the Democratic party and "support the principles and candidates of the Democratic Party." We need a coalition taskforce that can embrace persons from any legitimate organization.

     For individuals who want to involve themselves in a number of initiatives, such as informing people about public issues and sending emails and letters, this essay lists below a number of activist organizations that are sponsoring specific initiatives. In the long run, UACT participants will need to act in many more ways: boycotts, refusal to cross picket lines, campaigns against specific public officials who merit special opprobrium, and perhaps even a general strike, among many others.

     The organization should address the interests of as many groups as possible: gender rights, ethnic rights, consumer rights, civil rights, reproductive rights, environmental protection, anti-war efforts, among many others. In this way it can represent the consensus of a broad-based coalition. No one person should be seen as the spokesperson for the organization, though there would necessarily be those who are most active in the organization's development and operations and provide needed leadership.

     The organization would have to develop the kind of political savvy necessary to avoid being preempted, smeared, or radicalized into a violent extremism. While avoiding stridency and militancy, such a group would inevitably draw attention to itself. The taskforce members would need to learn how to operate intelligently and effectively in this bizarre and dangerous world of plutocratic despotism.

The Current Priority Initiatives

      The most pressing need for Americans is to join together in a joint citizen taskforce through which to take back our country. Once we form this unified alliance, our first order of business should be to build cooperative commonwealth communities.

      The diabolical cabal has taken control of both parties, turning our nation into a dictatorial one-party system. The result of controlling both parties is that the cabal has turned American citizens into slaves, as Thomas Paine made clear.

"The right of voting for representatives is the primary right by which other rights are protected. To take away this right is to reduce a man to slavery, for slavery consists in being subject to the will of another, and he that has not a vote in the election of representatives is in this case."

      When Paine spoke these words in 1795 and when discerning people in twenty-first century America refer to our being in a state of slavery in a civil war against domestic totalitarian powers, this is much more than a mere figure of speech. We are decidedly fighting for our liberties--and our very lives.

     Our specific tactics in transforming America must be as well-conceived as our overall strategies. We'll have to make a concerted effort to understand what's occurring in the world at the present time and adapt our actions to pivotal contingencies. Over the long run we'll need to reconstitute our election system into one which allows for a diversity of parties and is free from the fraud which now plagues our nation. The evidence is clear that the Republicans, under the command of Karl Rove, stole the 2000, 2002, 2004 elections. They rigged the 2006 mid-term election as well, but did such a lousy job that the Democrats won both houses of Congress.

     The day after the 2006 mid-term election, Al Franken (a self-proclaimed progressive) told his Air America audience that the outcome proved that the Republicans never steal elections--never have and never will. As you might guess, Al has become a senator from Minnesota.

     Al isn't the only self-styled progressive who hasn't the guts to face the fact that the Republicans have stolen elections beginning in 2000. The Nation magazine and such supposedly liberal Internet blogs as Daily Kos refused to even consider that this could have happened. Fortunately, we have intrepid investigative reporters such as Greg Palast and commentators like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. who present clear and persuasive evidence of vote fraud to the American public.

      As long as there are tactical reasons for ensuring voting integrity in America--electing the few progressive candidates available--we must put energy into making certain elections are fair.

     Some people suggest that we either begin voting for third party candidates across the board or not vote at all--to show our contempt for the entire criminal voting enterprise. In those instances where there's no significant difference between the Democratic and Republican candidates, it may be the best strategy to vote for a third party nominee. We'll have to study the democratic candidates very carefully to see if there are any positive elements which would make voting for them the best course. It will be necessary to study each candidate on his or her own merits and not assume that the label of "liberal democrat" is a genuine one, as in the case of the turncoat freshman Congressman Christopher Carney of Pennsylvania.

     Every American citizen should be engaged in at least these initiatives to take back our country:
  • Backing local, state, and national progressive candidates

  • Participating in boycotting

  • Joining the Unified Activist Citizen Taskforce by providing your full name, address, and a brief statement about your background in what specific ways you want to participate to this email address:

  • Stop being a collaborator with fascism.

  • Most important, building cooperative commonwealth communities.