Members of European Resistance Groups in World War II

The relatively small acts of these ordinary people made a tremendous difference.

NameRole   Date of birthDate of deathCityCountryProfessionEnd
1 Abegg, Elisabeth Member of Resistance18821957GermanyHistory teacherFired in 1933 due to her anti nazi sentiments.
Source was involved in a group of Quakers activists who provided shelter and escape routes for Jews. She also taught children of Jewish refugees and provided them with food, false identity papers and money to bribe Germans.
2 Andre, Joseph Member of Resistance19081973BelgiumMonc.Righteous Among the Nations.
Source to save 100s of Jewish children and worked closely with the Commitee of Jewish Defense, an illegal salvage operation. He traveled around and used houses, churches and concents as hidingplace for the children. He had to go into hiding untill the liberation of Namen in 1944 after which he deliverd the at Jewish organizations.
3 Anger, PerMember of Resistance19132002SwedenSecretary of the Swedish Legation in Budapest, HungaryAnger died in Stockholm, Sweden, on August 26, 2002. Righteous Among the Nations
Per Anger kept the Swedish Embassy open in Hungary and worked closely with Raoul Wallenberg. He personally intervened on behalf of Jews who were being deported to the Nazi death camps. On other occasions, Anger rescued Jews from Nazi death marches leaving Budapest. Consul Anger is credited with saving thousands of Jews from the spring of 1944 until the end of the war in May 1945. Anger died in Stockholm, Sweden, on August 26, 2002.
4 Anishkewicz, WandaMember of ResistancePolandRighteous Among the People.
Source November 22th 1942 the Ghetto of Dunilowicze was destroyed. All 888 Jewish inhabitants were chased into a chet and murdered. Jeremiah Slawin and his family had made preperations to escape this upcoming slaughter. They escaped to the nearby forest and found shelter at the Anishkewicz family who were able to hide them untill the spring of 1943.
5 Bardone, Lea en OswaldoMember of ResistanceFranceRestaurant keeper.Righteous Among the Nations.
Source and her husband, who was a unionleader became involved in the resistance because an acquantance asked for their help. The restaurant the had became a front for the resistance. Oswalda was arrested whilst delivering illegal papers.
6 Barth, KarlMember of Resistance SwitzerlandTheologianRighteous Among the Nations.
Source Swiss Calvinistic theologian, who openly disapproved of the nazi policies. He was banned from Germany in 1935 and became an important spokesman for the Jews. He denounced the old Christian feeling of superiority over the Jews.
7 Bauer, GittaMember of Resistance1919GermanyRighteous Among the People.
Source saved a half Jewish girl by hiding her for nine months in her own house.
8 Beck, LudwigMember of Resistance18801944GermanyGeneral.Shot after a suicide attempt.
Source fiercly opposed the aggression of Adolf Hitler towards the European countries and resigned during the Sudetenincident. He tried to concinve other members of the General Staff that the German policiy was useless. He became one of the leading persons in the assassination attempt on Hitler.
9 Belkova, KiraMember of ResistanceRussiaRighteous Among the Nations.
Source hid her Jewish friend and her sister who escaped a transport for an extermination camp. She helped tp find a save adress for the two sisters
10 Belline, GermaineMember of ResistanceBelgiumShopkeeper.Righteous Among the Nations.
Source Belline and Liliane Gaffney, mother and daughter, hid over 30 Jews in La Louviere, Belgium. Their response was independent of efforts of the Belgian underground, the CDJ. They provided legal papers and ration cards for the individuals they sheltered. A sense of justice and of community inspired them.
11 Beltrami, IvanMember of Resistance1920FranceStudent.Righteous Among the Nations.
Source member of the French Resistance he hid Jews in Marseilles in 1942. He had strong anti nazi sentiments and used his position as medical student to hide Jews in the hospital. As commander of a Resistance group he killed several collaborators and Gestapo officers.
12 Benoit, MarieMember of Resistance1895FranceMonk.Righteous Among the People.
Source monk who worked in Nothern Italy and used the area as a escape route. He organized the rescue of 30,000 Jews from Nice. He was able to get all kinds of papers from Rome so he could save large numbers of people .
13 Bochove, BertMember of ResistanceNetherlandsShop keeper.Righteous Among the Nations.
Source house was transformed into a sanctuary for Jewish people. He had to rebuild the interior of his house over and over again to hide more and more people.
14 Bonhoeffer, DietrichMember of Resistance19061945GermanyTheologian.Killed in Flossenburg.
Source a member of the 'Bekenende Kirche' in 1934. In 1935 he became the head of the seminary of this church, in Finkenwalde (Pommern). In 1940 he became an active member of the resistance against Hitler, but was arrested on April 5th 1943 by the Gestapo.
15 Brandsma, TitusMember of Resistance23 Feb 188112 Jul 1942BolswardNetherlandsRoman Catholic priest.Awarded the Resistance Memorial Cross.
Source the spiritual advisor he instructed the roman catholic newspapers in the Netherlands to refuse any form of propaganda of the national socialist movement (NSB). He was arrested on January 19th 1942 and after his stay in the prisons of Scheveningen (Netherlands) and Kleef (Germany) he was transported to Amersfoort prison camp (Netherlands) to be transported to Dachau where he was killed.
16 Chernovol, VladimirMember of ResistanceUkraineTeacher.Righteous Among the Nations.
Source helped the Russian pilot Gregory Lantsman, who was shot down and roaming around the fields in search for a hiding place.
17 Chlup, JaroslavMember of Resistance19111988Czech RepublicCarpenter.Moved to the United States.
Source helped. with grave danger for her own life the Jew Paul. After the war in 1949 Jaroslav made some remarks on communism and was sentenced to 10 years of hard labour. With help of his wife Anna he escaped en fled to Germany.
18 Deffaught, JeanMember of ResistanceFranceMayor of Annemasse.Righteous Among the Nations.
Source Deffaugt was mayor from the village Annemasse, a French village near the Swiss border. He provided food and clothing to the Jews on the border waiting for deportation. Deffaugt was able to save a group of children and hid them untill after the war.
19 Dibelius, OttoMember of Resistance18801967BerlijnGermanyProtestant BisshopRighteous Among the Nations
Source who opposed the nazi policies and fought for the right op opinion. He was evicted from his office and became a member of the 'Bekennende Kirche'. He knew of the German plans on the Jewish problem (Endlösung) but never protested against it, because he felt he would be able to help more victims of the nazi's. He was part of the conspiracy against Hitler in 1944.
20 Donadille, MarcMember of Resistance1911FranceMinister.Righteous Among the Nations.
Source of the Protestant Resistance Group CIMADE. He helped hide more than 80 Jewish children in the Cevennes area.
NameRoleSexDate of birthDate of deathCityCountryProfessionEnd

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