Table of Contents

Preface To This DHTML Edition


Chapter 1:  Capitalism Has Destroyed Human Civilization

Chapter 2:  People Worldwide Cannot Recognize Evil

Chapter 3:  Reinstituting Justice In American Society

Chapter 4:  Creating Or Destroying Civilizations

Chapter 5:  America Is Identical to Nazi Germany

Chapter 6:   The Failure Of Communism And Socialism

Chapter 7:  A History of Capitalism For Progressives

Chapter 8:  Completing the American Revolution

Chapter 9:  Bringing Down Tyrants

Chapter 10:  The New American Civil War

Chapter 11: Capitalist Economic Terrorism

Chapter 12: Capitalist Genocide

Chapter 13: Capitalism Destroys the Human Mind

Chapter 14: America's Suicidal Ignorance

Chapter 15: Insane World Tyrants

Chapter 16: The Capitalist Cabal's New Strategies

Chapter 17: Overthrowing Capitalis Slavery

Chapter 18: Capitalism Is A Totally Failed System

Chapter 19: Counterfeit Remediations of Capitalism

Chapter 20: The Deregulation/Privatization Scam

Chapter 21: Privatized Prisons and the Drug Syndicate

Chapter 22: The World Resistance Movement

Chapter 23: Limited Hangout Operations

Chapter 24: The Capitalist War Against Gold and Silver

Chapter 25: The New Renaissance

Chapter 26: Genuine and Counterfeit Progressives

Chapter 27: Progressives Must Defeat Fascists

Chapter 28: Celebrating Progressives: George Seldes

Chapter 29: Celebrating Progressives: Eleanor Roosevelt

Chapter 30: Celebrating Progressives: Upton Sinclair

Chapter 31: Celebrating Progressives: Robert M. La Follette

Chapter 32: Celebrating Progressives: John F. Kennedy

Chapter 33: Celebrating Progressives: Dr. Martin LutherKing, Jr.

Chapter 34: Celebrating Progressives: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Chapter 35: A Commonwealth Movement

Chapter 36: Realizing the New Commonwealth

Chapter 37: Conscious Evolution: Commonwealth ommunities