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Moral Evolution

Capitalist Genocide

You're Being Murdered


      At present, some workers in various parts of the world are taking notice of their personal difficulties and vaguely relating this to "Wall Street" or some other indistinct entity. We've previously seen that capitalists are creating fake revolutions (sometimes called "color revolutions") and fake riots--all to their own benefit.

      Now, capitalist forces have initiated the "# Occupy" and similar operations and are controlling their activities for predatory capitalism's own purposes. Many uninformed persons claim that the widespread # Occupy movement is positive in that it expresses some amount of dissatisfaction with political, social, and economic conditions worldwide. However the effectiveness of an operation must be determined not by whether its participants feel they're doing some good, but by definite, measurable results.

      Has the # Occupy Movement resulted in any discernible positive effects? None whatsoever! In fact, the capitalist cabal that controls the political, social, and economic systems in the U.S. has become even more brazen and indifferent since the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations began:

  • Bank of America and the Federal Reserve have dumped BoA's toxic assets (derivatives) onto a subsidiary which is insured by the government--i.e. taxpayers

  • Goldman Sachs has set aside $10 billion in bonuses for criminal executives

  • Bank of America and other bankster companies announce increases in fees for depositors

  • Obama and the cabal that controls him have continued their "crimes against humanity": murdering an American citizen abroad and gloating over their criminal assassination of a duly-elected head of state, Qaddafi

      The "# Occupy" movement is not producing any positive change in world capitalist oppression; instead, it is assisting the capitalist cabal by allowing workers worldwide to let off useless steam and pretend to be doing something worthwhile. These demonstrations waste time and effort that should be spent on tangible results that will solve the problems of the working class: not trying to "tinker" with capitalism but beginning to create cooperative communities that will provide a political-economic system for the benefit of all its members.

Genuine Evolution of Progressive Awareness

      It's essential, therefore, to examine the necessary evolutionary process of developing progressive awareness, 1 so workers throughout the world can act in intelligent and productive ways to stop vulture capitalism's murder of workers and replace capitalism with cooperative commonwealth communities where all members will benefit equally.

      As we examine the necessary evolutionary process of developing genuine progressive awareness, we discover that at each stage of this process it's possible to subvert or halt our forward movement. Some counterproductive procedures, for example, premature and ineffective demonstrations, actually result in backward devolution of awareness.

Evolutionary Process of Developing Progressive Awareness
Becoming Aware of Difficulties (Awakening) Avoiding Premature,
Useless Activity
Informing Oneself
Carefully Selecting and Planning Effective Action to Take Courageously Carrying Out Effective Action
Becoming Aware of
Personal Difficulties
Distinguishing a Counterfeit
from a Genuine Progressive
Considering All
Viable Actions
Modifying Operations As Experience Dictates
Becoming Aware of Difficulties of Workers Worldwide Identifying the Real Cause of Worker Difficulties: Capitalists and Capitalism Selecting the Most Effective Action and Planning Operations Solidifying Gains From Operations and Establishing New Structures

Distinguishing Counterfeit From Genuine Progressives

Counterfeit Progressive Genuine Progressive
Delusively believes that by tinkering with capitalism it can be acceptably revised Recognizes that capitalism is a totally failed system that must be replaced
Believes the Democratic Party is independent, progressive, and viable Is aware that both parties are controlled by the capitalist cabal, making elections futile
Believes that "color revolutions" and riots are "spontaneous worker uprisings" that progressives can use for change Understands that the cabal is creating fake revolutions and fake riots to make regime changes and create a police state
Believes that Obama is independent and still somewhat progressive Recognizes that Obama is a total cabal puppet
Believes that change can come about through electing "progressive" Democratic Party candidates, joining protest demonstrations, and making declarations Understands that genuine change can only come about through creating cooperative commonwealth communities

      Since the criminal cabal controls all U.S. political as well as economic systems, we won't be able to bring about reconstitution of America through the political process. This is made abundantly clear by the nature of the cabal coup d'etat in 2000 and all subsequent elections in the U.S. Since all presidential candidates have been selected by the cabal, whichever party's candidate "wins" the presidency, we will still be under the present fascist dictatorship.

      If we want a stable, just, egalitarian, sustainable world, there is no alternative but a long march to commonwealth propelled forward by creating cooperative commonwealth communities. 2

The first lesson we must learn is that in our struggle for the betterment of humankind we are not to have an egotistic involvement in the fruits of our labor. Our responsibility is to carry out what we are assigned to do, according to our lights and gifts, in such a manner that they have the best chance for success. But it is not for us to complain when our actions do not result in immediate or discernible differences, as it is equally counterproductive to become puffed up with personal pride when our struggles prevail. Acting in concert with the evolution of human awareness, as best we understand it, we are to work for the preservation and betterment of humankind, not our own personal self-satisfaction and conceit.



1 See the author's book: Progressive Awareness

2 The realization of the cooperative commonwealth community is in part dependent on the presence of intelligent persons in a society responding appropriately to the novella. Whether such discerning people will be present in American or world culture within one year or one hundred depends on innumerable factors.