Preparatory Study
in the
Perennial Tradition

The Perennial Tradition is the secret legacy, the single stream of initiatory teaching flowing through all the great schools of mysticism.

Preparatory Study Curriculum

It is recommended that you read this material in the order indicated.

The Perennial Tradition

      Progressive Awareness   

Portals to Higher Consciousness

Realizing A New Culture

     How To Become a Modern Guru     

President of the World

Preparatory Study Material from the Perennial Tradition Website


Preparatory Study

Dialectical Essays

      Psychic and Spiritual Alchemy   

Casablanca as Allegory

Watch on the Rhine as Allegory

Expanding Human Consciousness

Discovering the
Spiritual Domain

Evolution's Next Step

Unitive Consciousness

How Philosophy Overcomes Tyranny

How Philosophy Overcomes Propaganda

The New American Civil War

How Philosophy Emboldens the Soul

The Bhagavad Gita:
Civil War as a Spiritual Battle

Spiritual Evolution

Plato As A
Perennialist Teacher

Portals to Higher Consciousness

Plato's Contemporary

Platonism in
Cathedral Philosophy

Translation in the Perennial Tradition

Taking Humor Seriously

Transformative Contemplation

The Case of the Confiscated Consciousness

Jesus As a Perennialist Teacher

Vanquishing Ignorance

Experiential Participation
in Higher Consciousness

Perennialist Art

Communing With
Kindred Souls

Plato's Mystical Science
Maieutic Psychagogy

Understanding the Unknown
Mysterious Nature of Humans

How and What Plato's
Dialogues Teach Us

Chronicle of the Saving Remnant

Egomania: the Invisible Pandemic

Dialectical Communication

Plotinus' Practical Mysticism

Realizing the Unitive State Through Spiritual Baptism

Elemental Mysteries:
Energy, Number, and Frequency

A Transmutation Ritual

Perennialist Master Al-Junayd

Moral Evolution

Seeking the Ultimate
Nature of Reality

Knowledge As Self-Evolvement

Realizing the New Commonwealth

Rediscovering and Preserving
Human Wealth

War of the Worlds

Esoteric Christianity

Social Intelligence

Evoking Higher Spiritual Powers

Meditation and Contemplation

The Higher Mysteries

Disclosure of High Knowledge
through Perennialist Art

Hypnotic Trance in
Spiritual Development

The Triumph of Civilization

Overcoming the Present Dark Age

Realizing A New World

The Process of Human Evolution

The New Language
of Spiritual Inspiration

Higher Trance State I

Higher Trance State II

Reading as Dialectical Interchange

Dialectic as Transformative Interchange

Inner Dialectic

Perennialist Teachers

Life As Awakening

Transformative Groups

Enlightening Groups

The Debilitating Self

The Saving Remnant

An Advanced Science of Transformation

Arrested Development

Creative Inspiration

Creation As Power

Dialectical Interpersonal Relationships

Introductory Study in the
Perennial Tradition

Numerous books derive from earlier embodiments of Perennialist truth, such as Plato's dialogues and Boethius' Emboldenment of Philosophy. The currently relevant and operative portions of these earlier teachings have been adapted to the present needs of the Perennialist Work in the material listed above.