"Safe Passage..., with a Big If: A Review of Paul Craig Roberts' The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism

http://survivingcapitalism.blogspot.com, Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I hesitated posting this article because Roberts already gets too much exposure on the web. His rants can be accessed everywhere: rants about the abuses of capitalism and abuses of power. But his criticisms of capitalism are always carefully limited and that is precisely why he is everywhere on the web: he functions as an ideological gatekeeper to confine criticisms to superficial issues in relation to capitalism while carefully avoiding core issues about the system and completely preventing discussion of alternative systems. Hence, Corseri is dead wrong when he states:
"You can't tie Roberts to one ideology. What's clear is his commitment to understanding the mess we've made of our world, and re-visioning, rebuilding it."
Robert's view are strictly of a liberal sort in that in his numerous rants he always comes back to the need for capitalism to be regulated. He wants to "re-vision" and "rebuild" capitalism. He never questions the basic concept of private ownership of an economy. Hence, the title of his book which makes clear his ideological position. This leads people down a political dead end simply because today's capitalists are much too powerful to accept any substantial regulation of their activities. And leading people down a dead end is very useful for the ruling class whether it is done consciously or not.

World War II: The Unknown War

http://survivingcapitalism.blogspot.com, Thursday, June 19, 2014, This article should be more aptly named something like "The Lies About WWII Are Preparing Us for WWIII"

As a former member of the Reagan cabinet as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration, Robert's prolific articles on the current operations of the Empire appear to be an effort at redemption from his earlier key role as an active member of the Empire's directorate. Of course, he never goes so far as to link Empire policies with the underlying system of capitalism, but nevertheless his voice has contributed much by revealing the evils that the Empire directorate have perpetuated in the past, and appear to be planning more for the future.

In the first part of this article he reports on the extensive efforts of the US propaganda machinery to re-write the history of WWII, which after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan resulted in the virtual disappearance of the only accurate film series of that war entitled "The Unknown War". The series still exists on YouTube which appears to consist of five segments. Then Roberts makes a much more general and profound observation.

Propaganda has always been with us. The difference is that in the 21st century Americans have nothing but propaganda. Nothing else at all. Just lies. Lies are the American experience. The actual world as it exists is foreign to most Americans.

Following this revelation Roberts seems to argue that the Empire's propaganda machinery is now on steroids and preparing us for WWIII. The directorate seem perfectly willing to sacrifice the interests of ordinary Europeans to destroy or intimidate Russia. Apparently Assistant Secretary of State Nuland's remark about "fuck the EU", while planning the overthrow of the elected government of Ukraine in an intercepted phone conversation, reflects the general attitude of the directorate. Of course, the same applies to ordinary Americans. The Empire's One Percent have interests that are global, and thus they have a corresponding global perspective.

Ukraine Crisis Continues

http://survivingcapitalism.blogspot.com, Thursday, August 21, 2014

The articles written by this former member of the Reagan administration are widely re-posted in many alternative websites because he has exposed so many lies of the One Percent's government and media. Because of many such writings in recent years, he is regarded as a political renegade by the One Percent, and often as a champion to many on the left. Clearly he deserves a lot of respect for rejecting the fascist slippery road that our ruling class is going down, and affirming the truth about their policies regardless of the personal costs that he has had to pay in relationships with his former class friends.

However, the logic of his thinking as so well expressed in this article leads to very dangerous conclusions. Unfortunately, many other astute observers like William Engdahl and Pepe Escobar, including leftists, agree with his logic--and therefore his conclusions. But there is one major flaw in the logic of all these anti-imperialist critics: they all make the TINA (there is no alternative--to capitalism) assumption. With this assumption their logic inevitably leads them to favor other capitalist gangs in some kind of paradise that is often referred to as a "multi-polar world".

I don't recall Robert's use of this term, but he uses the same basic logic. Thus, his logic regarding the aggressive policies pursued by the Empire in Ukraine leads him into arguing for an aggressive response by Russia that could easily lead to a major conflagration between nations armed with nuclear weapons. Having already argued that "Washington...relies on violence", he lamely advocates an attempt at diplomacy. Then he finally reaches a more realistic (in terms of his logic) conclusion:
If this very reasonable and diplomatic approach to Europe fails, then Russia and China know that they must prepare for war.
We the people of the world, sometimes known as the global Ninety-Nine Percent, represent the only force that can prevent the destruction of humanity either through a series of global wars over diminishing resources by capitalist gangs or an immediate nuclear holocaust by major capitalist gangs. It is finally up to us to save our species and many other species from the actions of the global capitalist gangs whose actions will inevitably lead to our extinction. We must destroy the system that is driving the actions of the global One Percents, and replace it with one that can sustain not only human life, but the lives of many other species.

A review of "America at War and the Debt Crisis: Hail Caesar," by Paul Craig Roberts from Global Research http://survivingcapitalism.blogspot.com, Thursday, June 2, 2011

Of course, the author of this article is no radical either. He mainly sees the current concentration of power in the Executive branch as extremely dangerous. Of course, his statement that "The Bush/Cheney regime brought democracy and accountable government to an end." is extremely naive. Democracy has never existed in the US for anyone except for members of the ruling capitalist class. It is just that now the latter are becoming more aggressive and less concerned about preserving appearances.