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"We must wake up to the fact that destructive forces can use unawareness, non-deliberateness, ignorance, stupidity, lying, and instinct to attack us.

"Expand your awareness to include more possible dangers and blessings."

Otalp Setarcos, The Divulgence

      We've seen that there is a debilitating self that attempts to degrade and destroy individuals through their egomania, ignorance, and corruption. Similarly, there exists a collective negative energy field (CNEF) whose forces incapacitate and destroy humans because individuals allow these forces to use their energy and allow themselves to be oblivious to its assaults on their minds and bodies.

      In this essay, we'll examine this collective negative energy field and how it operates, then explore ways in which we can overcome its deleterious effects through the application of Plato's conception of reality, in partnership with other forces within the collective positive energy field (CPEF).

      Human life is, from one perspective, a constant personal effort to overcome negative influences and join forces with positive agencies, as is so graphically illustrated by such Perennialist classics as the Bhagavad Gita and Boethius' Emboldenment of Philosophy.

      A major purpose in exploring the collective negative energy field is to help people realize that demonic forces in the world today constitute a more inclusive reality than the individual persons or operations that make up the world destruction that we see going on around us. Diabolic forces possess the actuality of a psychic field: a distinct dimension.

      The collective negative energy field is not an independently acting force; it is given power by humans allowing it to use their energy and by their acting in collusion with it. Nonetheless, once humans allow their energy to be used by the CNEF, it becomes a collective entity which depraved persons can utilize.

      Religious concepts of an evil force--Devil, Beelzebub, Lucifer, Ahriman, Satan--have a distant relationship to humankind's attenuated awareness of the collective negative energy field. Conceptions of evil spirits, demon possession, and zombiism also relate to this phenomenon, including the idea that such negative entities can take control of the body and mind of a debilitated, brainwashed, or possessed person.

      In 1896 Gustav Le Bon published The Crowd, which disclosed that there is a separate, detached reality to a collection of people beyond the individual members that make it up. Le Bon revealed that a mob, gang, or mass of individuals assumes a "personality" that can be influenced by persons, relationships, and events. Depending on conditions at the time, such a collective constitutes either a rabble or a unified force for improvement.

      Large or small, groupings take on specific positive or negative traits, as Wilhelm Reich demonstrated in his 1933 book The Mass Psychology of Fascism. Individuals or collectives are able to manipulate and control groups through their understanding of these group mind characteristics.

"In his groundbreaking 'Eros and Magic in the Renaissance' (1984) Culianu argued that modern advertising is a form of magic, and proposed that modern consumer societies can be seen as 'magician states' in which social control is primarily maintained not by violence but by manipulation through magically charged images. . .

"The mage uses symbol and ritual to tell a story, and makes it so spellbinding that the listeners come to believe that it's real--and then make it real by their actions. Magical combat is a struggle between storytellers, in which each mage tries to define a common reality in terms of the story that best serves his or her purposes. The struggle between the global corporate system and the activist community, to build on Culianu's insights, can be seen as a conflict of magicians telling opposing stories."

      We're here examining a discrete psychic and supersensual phenomenon: a collective negative energy field related to but separate from persons, objects, and events. The collective unconscious or universal mind is similar to the collective negative energy field in that the collective unconscious is inclusive of and associated with but separate from the conscious and subconscious mind of individual persons.

      Personal human consciousness--as in the image to the right--is but a small part of the combined conscious-subconscious-collective unconscious whole--the iceberg that extends above the "dimension" of the personal unconscious and the collective unconscious.

      Most humans are unaware of how easily they can become influenced or An evil creature who allows priests to prey on young childrenpossessed by the destructive forces of the collective negative energy field. For example, a person may develop capability in thinking about and understanding what's happening in the world. As he gains recognition for his abilities, however, he can easily succumb to egomania, taking on airs of self-importance. Within a short time his effect on other people is predominantly negative and he has unconsciously become a part of the negative energy force.

      In the illustrations below, 1 we see how individuals are either aware or unaware of their subconscious, are either connected or unconnected with the collective unconscious, and how they are affected by the collective negative energy field.

The ordinary person's consciousness (B, C, and D) is unaware of his subconscious and unconnected to the collective unconscious. A's consciousness is aware of her subconscious and has connection with the collective unconscious. In regard to A, B, C, and D, the collective negative energy field (shaded area) encompasses some of B's and D's and most of C's mind. A is not affected by the CNEF, but she is aware of it and its debilitating effect on the other three.

      So long as we're unaware of the collective negative energy field, its forces can feed on us, like vampires, sucking away our energy and destroying our minds and bodies. This is what's occurring at the present time: the collective negative energy field has been horrendously expanded by a demonic group whose major aim is to amass wealth and power through the annihilation of materiel and persons through barbaric violence.

      In this illustration, person A has most of her being within the collective positive energy field and has been able to extend this field to portions of persons B and D that are free from the collective negative energy field.

      The collective positive energy field gains force from its connection with the collective unconscious.

      In the illustration above, person C has most of his being in the collective negative energy field, so the collective positive energy field that encompasses portions of persons A, B, and D, is unable to act upon him.

      The diagram below illustrates how persons' states of consciousness are influenced by the CNEF and the CPEF. Person A (light blue row) is primarily related to the collective positive energy field. Persons B and D (orange rows) are somewhat affected by the collective negative energy field. Person C has allowed himself to become totally possessed by the CNEF.


State of Consciousness




Critical thinking
Awareness of self
and the world
Informing oneself
Improving oneself

B and D

Moving toward self-possession and self-awareness Moving toward critical thinking and awareness of self and the world Moving toward reasoning and informing and improving oneself

B and D

Beginning of possession by outside personalities and ideologies Egomania
Mindless pursuit of pleasure
Celebration of ignorance
No longer able to
think for oneself
Illiteracy (unable to read and unable to understand)


Total possession by outside personalities and ideologies Hysterical blindness
Hysterical deafness
Suicidal behavior
Unable to see or hear what's happening in the world
Supporting people who are destroying you

      If persons B and D work assiduously to overcome their connection with the collective negative energy field and open themselves to the collective positive energy field that person A is extending to them, they'll be able to move from the orange area up to the light blue field.

      We're examining the CNEF to become aware of how this destructive psychic dimension affects people in the contemporary world and how its forces (persons, powers, and activities) are wreaking havoc on humankind. Once persons have allowed the collective negative energy field to take possession of them, they become agents for its annihilative machinations. To combat these malevolent forces, we must expose their operations and agents in as clear a light as possible. The negative powers gain much of their force from hiding their real essence and pretending to be creatures of reason and benevolence.

      A person becomes a zombie agent of the collective negative energy field by deliberately acceding to the most noxious elements within his psyche (mind and personality). Once having given control over to negative forces, the individual then essentially has no mind of his own and follows the dictates of the leaders of the demonic forces.

      You can get some sense of how much you personally have been influenced by the collective negative energy field by examining how you feel about the image above of Trump as cabal puppet. If you don't realize that this is the true essence of this creature, then you've allowed your sense of reality to be demolished by the forces of corruption. You may try to evade how much your awareness of truth has been decimated by some such dodge as "Extreme images are not polite or respectful of authority." It's cowardly to be polite to evil. Trump and the cabal he shills for are not legitimate authorities, having seized power through rigging the 2016 election.

      Many people have been conditioned to assume that depicting the current world situation in stark, forthright terms must betray a hateful, unrestrained, deranged mind-set. On the contrary, such blunt, candid depictions can be simply descriptive and involve no hatred or feelings of rancor or revenge, as we see in the lives of such exemplary persons as Socrates, Plato, Jesus, and Boethius, all of whom in their time spoke out forcefully against demonic forces.

      We must be as outspoken and straightforward as possible in combating this negative force, because it has convinced most people in the world that it's not as pernicious and destructive as it is--merely a somewhat bumbling, inefficient, sometimes inadvertently inaccurate and improper in its words and deeds.

"The 'Outlook' [early 20th century newspaper] had no doubt that there were genuine evils in the packing-plants; the conditions of the workers ought of course to be improved, BUT--
'To disgust the reader by dragging him through every conceivable horror, physical and moral, to depict with lurid excitement and with offensive minuteness the life in jail and brothel--all this is to overreach the object . . . Even things actually terrible may become distorted when a writer screams them out in a sensational way and in a high pitched key . . . More convincing if it were less hysterical.'"

Upton Sinclair, The Brass Check

Upton Sinclair quotes a capitalist newspaper's efforts
to condemn his novel The Jungle, as "hysterical."

"I aimed at the public's heart, and by accident I hit it in the stomach," said Upton Sinclair about his book The Jungle a story of workers' rights set in the filthy stockyards of the early 20th century. At the time, readers focused more on the tainted sausages and less on the men, women, and children eking out an unhealthy existence in the meatpacking plant and its environs. The story remains a case study of how nasty food products are no healthier for those producing them than they are to consumers.

      To see how the collective negative energy force has destroyed the minds of many Americans, we can take this example. In late September, 2007, American citizens of all stripes were busy condemning Iran's Ahmadinejad as "a petty and cruel dictator," while the world's most vicious war criminal--George W. Bush--lectured the world on "human rights" at the United Nations.

Note the difference in the way you feel about this image of Bush and the one immediately above "George W. Bush delivered his next to the last annual address to the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday. Taking the same podium that he used five years ago to condemn the world body to 'irrelevance' if it failed to rubber stamp his plans for a war of aggression against Iraq, Bush cast his regime in Washington as the world's greatest champion of human rights and its most generous and selfless benefactor.

"That the assembled UN delegates could sit through and then politely applaud such a hypocritical harangue from a man who is without rival as the world's greatest war criminal is testimony to the spinelessness and complicity of both the world's governments and the United Nations itself." 2

      The agents and operations of the collective negative energy field have plunged the world into senseless slaughter through war-profiteering hostilities in Afghanistan and Iraq and have rapidly destroyed Constitutional rights in the United States. At the same time, they've so destroyed the minds of most Americans that no viable opposition to this fascist dictatorship is forming.

      The agents and operations of the collective negative energy field have so debilitated the minds of Americans that they're ignorant of what is actually happening:

      These are some of the major structures in this vast annihilation of American and world people and institutions. The collective negative energy forces perpetrate outrages literally daily, challenging a thinking person's ability to register their perfidy.

      At all times as we go about our daily lives, United States citizens need to constantly remind ourselves of the stark reality of our situation:

 Americans are suffering under a fascist 
  dictatorship in a militarist police state.

      The fact that we see life go on as if everything were perfectly normal--skewed world news on television, millions wasting their lives on frivolous pursuits, political and financial leaders smiling at us from the covers of their latest "best-selling" books--must not lull us into ignorance or disregard of the fact that our political and economic rulers are trying to murder as many of us as possible.

      Note how you react to the word "murder" as if this were too extreme a word to use in polite discourse. What do you think is going on in Afghanistan and Iraq other than outright murder of Afghan and Iraqi civilians and American service personnel? What do you think the economic policies of globalistic unemployment, bailout for corrupt banksters, and lack of health insurance eventuate in except murder?

      We're engaged in a life-or-death struggle against the collective negative energy forces; this is not some polite academic debate! Anyone who attempts to hide this reality or cloak it in euphemisms is a part of the negative force. Persons who try to dismiss such stark depiction of current reality as paranoid conspiracy theory are agents of the collective negative energy field.

     At present, all our telephone conversations, our regular mail and email communications, and our Internet activity are being monitored by the CIA, because the cabal has decreed that these police state tactics are "legal."

How Persons Relate to the Collective Negative Energy Field

      It's necessary to explicate precisely how specific individuals and groups are connected with the collective negative energy field, so it becomes clear how they either support it, are possessed by it, or how they oppose this demonic force.

"All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing."

Edmund Burke

      Most persons collaborate with the collective negative energy field through doing nothing to further the cause of progressive forces, pursuing merely their own self-interest. They allow themselves to be taken in by the ideology that life is meant to be nothing but the pursuit of pleasure and personal aggrandizement. Even if they happen to participate in a positive activity, it's not a part of their general philosophy of life. A good example of this type of person is George Clooney, who participated in producing the estimable movies "Good Night and Good Luck," "Michael Clayton," and "Syriana," but now believes that his all-important career would be besmirched by doing any more "message" movies.

      Some individuals and groups are partially influenced by the collective negative energy field, such as The Nation and The New York Times, resulting in their presenting contradictory points of view. A few of the self-centered commentators on Air America 3 give progressivisim a bad name, but Laura Flanders is a bright spot.

      Those who work in more complete cooperation with the collective positive energy field, speaking truth to power, include, among others, the World Socialist Web Site, Seymour Hersh, Greg Palast, and Thom Hartmann. Unfortunately, Keith Olbermann devolved into a true believer of the Obamessiah and got himself canned by MSNBC. 4

      Any perceptive observer of current world events will likely agree that the category of those who are possessed and dominated by collective negative energy field ideologies and values include the demonic cabal members, among others for example, the Bush family.

      Less easy to identify are the imposters who pretend to be well-intentioned, such as Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and John McBush.

      Hillary Clinton represents the kind of "bait and switch" 5 scams that the cabal and its Democratic Party lackeys tried to pull in regard to the 2008 election. Both she and her husband are agents of the criminal cabal that seized control of America in the early decades of the twentieth century. This cabal "smoke and mirrors" 6 tactic of controlling both Democratic and Republican politicians has been one of their hallmarks.

      In the September 26, 2007 Democratic candidate debate, Hillary Clinton indicated that Social Security is an issue she's ready to compromise, stating that she'd appoint a non-partisan "committee" to solve the system's supposed problems. She earlier refused to vote on the anti-bankruptcy bill, revealing once again that she's a shill for the corporations. Her refusal to admit that her vote for the Iraq war was a mistake means that she's essentially a Republican in Democratic clothing (as Joseph Lieberman is a Republican in Independent clothing--when you see his name, it's identified as R Israel).

      To recognize that Bill Clinton was a cabal agent, you have only to look at illustrative operations during his presidential tenure:

  • He complied with the cabal's insistence that he instigate the war in Kosovo--so the former Soviet Union satellite countries could be pulled into the cabal-dominated NATO and a strategic U.S. military base be located in that region

  • He saw to it that NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement) passed, which has resulted in millions of American jobs being outsourced to lower-wage locations and has decimated the American economy

     Unfortunately, Americans were taken in by the counterfeit candidates Barack Obama (advised by Brzezinski) and John McCain in the 2008 presidential election. We had already suffered from the cabal ringer 7 John Kerry going back on his promise to contest the stolen 2004 election, standing in solidarity with his Skull-and-Bones brother, George W. Bush. Next, the con-man Obama, and now Trump, seized power for the cabal.

      In previous essays, we've explored what initiatives should be carried out to combat the collective negative energy forces in the external world against such collaborators with evil as those pictured below:

      There are only two alternatives in regard to the collective negative energy field:

  1. Either do nothing as most everyone is currently doing:

    • Remaining in or eagerly embracing their ignorance

    • Assuming that things will somehow miraculously improve or that some "savior" will rescue them--such as the Democratic Party

    • Waiting until the negative forces completely destroy society and persons deemed "dissenters" or "subversives" are put in the Halliburton-built concentration camps throughout America

  2. Study ourselves and the world to see how to overcome the collective negative energy field through building cooperative commonwealth communities

      There are no other alternatives!

      A depraved society--such as we now face--can destroy a person's soul, because the disorder of society is a disease in the psyche of it members. The philosopher guards her own soul against the degradations of the surrounding society which press on her. The philosopher diagnoses the health and disease in her personal soul and at the same time examines and struggles against devastation in a deranged society. She goes within her own being to study herself, thereby learning to struggle against the devastation of the collective negative energy field.

"The Creator gathered all of creation and said, 'I want to hide something from humans until they have fully prepared themselves for it. It is the realization that their essence is unity with Me.'

The eagle said, 'Give it to me; I'll take it to the moon and hide it there.' But the Creator said, 'No, one day they will go there and find it.' Then the salmon said, 'Give it to me; I'll hide it in the bottom of the sea.' 'No,' said the Creator, 'they'll get there too.' Well, the buffalo said, 'Give it to me; I'll bury it in the plains.' The Creator said, 'No, they will get there. They will cut into the skin of the earth, and they will find it even there.'

Then Grandmother Mole spoke, she who has no physical eyes to see the outer world but has spiritual eyes to see the inner world, and she said, 'Put it inside them; they'll never find it there until they have prepared.'

And the Creator said, 'It is done.'"

Native American Legend

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1 The illustrations apply only to the four persons indicated (A, B, C, and D). The CNEF and the CPEF relate to all humankind.

2 Bush at the UN: a war criminal lectures the world on "human rights"

3 Randi Rhodes of Air America is proof that a pretend-progressive is worse than no progressive at all. Rhodes is essentially a shrill, whining Nancy Grace in liberal drag. Her egomania on her talk show spills out into callers fawning over her, her interrupting and ridiculing callers Chris Matthew's style, and her constantly reminding people that she appeared before a Congressional investigating committee. Rhodes presents the liberal-progressive cause in such a bad light that it would be better if she were off the air altogether.

     Within the indispensible radical, anti-war, anti-cabal Internet community, there remains an excessive and debilitating competitiveness: "news" digest Web sites and many liberal writers competing to be the one to get the breaking story out first. Each activist group competes for attention--and money--to be given to its particular initiatives.

4 Olbermann was earlier presenting much of the otherwise unreported news and commentaries that spoke to crucial issues. His obsession with trivialities, however, subverted his otherwise positive effect. Following the 2008 election campaign, Olbermann degenerated into a totally biased partisan for Obama. He embarassed himself by forcing his visiting pundits to match his anti-Republican Party diatribes.

5 A bait and switch is a form of fraud in which the charlatan lures people by promising a good or service at an unprofitably low price, then reveals to potential customers that the advertised good or service is not available but that a higher-priced substitute good is.

6 Magicians use smoke and mirrors to accomplish illusions such as making objects disappear, when they really don't disappear at all.

7 Ringer: A counterfeit challenger brought into a contest to gain support when his real purpose is to lose, making sure the other side wins.