Modern Day Noah,
The Cultural Flood, and Civilization's
New Ark

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    These fundaments of human civilization are composed of:
  • Exemplars 4 of authentic art, literature, drama, science, and music
  • Specially-created literature (essays, novels, non-fiction books, poems) and art that possess the dynamic 5 to speak to the small glimmering sparks of authentic life in the drowned victims of the cultural flood: sub-human walking-talking-dead, offering the few victims who can hear and understand a means whereby they can revivify themselves by learning how their debilitating selves have created their own graves, using the elements of pseudo-learning, self-delusion, egomania, and presumptuousness to bury their talking-corpses.

    Part of the drowning effect of the current demonic cultural flood is that it so destroys the minds, emotions, and sensibilities of sub-humans that they cannot distinguish between the authentic and the fake and consider the counterfeit to be the genuine: anti-music (rap, hip-hop, rock) to be music; mindless, violence-ridden non-movies to be genuine motion pictures; gangsters, thugs, zombies to be genuine humans; and looters to be outstanding, successful people.
    This is an aspect of persons worldwide becoming the walking-talking-dead, zombies that still appear to themselves and their fellow-zombies to be authentic humans, but are merely ambulatory corpses.

The Great Flood is an allegory of the fall of civilisation, of the destruction of culture. Such a fall must be accompanied by the annihilation of the greater part of the human race as a consequence of geological upheavals, or of wars, of the migration of human masses, epidemics, revolutions, and similar causes. Very often all these causes coincide. The idea of the allegory is that at the moment of the apparent destruction of everything, that which is really valuable is saved according to a plan previously prepared and thought out. A small group of men escapes from the general law and saves all the most important ideas and attainments of the given culture.

The legend of Noah's Ark is a myth referring to esotericism. The building of the " Ark " is the " School ", the preparation of men for initiation, for transition to a new life, for new birth. " Noah's Ark ", which is saved from the Flood, is the inner circle of humanity.

The second meaning of the allegory refers to individual man. The flood is death, unavoidable, inexorable. But man can build within himself an " Ark " and assemble in it specimens of everything that is valuable in him. In such a case these specimens will not perish. They will survive death and be born again. Just as mankind can be saved only through its connection with the inner circle, so an individual man can attain personal " salvation " only by means of a link with the inner circle in himself, that is, by connecting himself with the higher forms of consciousness. And this cannot be done without outside help, that is, without the help of the " inner circle ".

P. D. Ouspensky, A New Model of the Universe, 1931

    The older Genesis flood narrative, the Gilgamesh Myth, and even Plato's depiction of the flood in his Timaeus 6, portray a god or group of gods becoming angry with humankind and deciding to destroy most humans while saving a small remnant. This modern Perennialist allegory of the Flood contains no such atavistic conception of deity. The contemporary flood is seen as the result of demonic sub-humans creating an annihilative, genocidal anti-culture of zombie capitalism, militarism, fascism, and imperialism.

    The drowning flood waters of corruption, criminality, depravity, and general degradation kill both the perpetrators (capitalists) and their victims (the working class), both literally and figuratively. The flood creates a pseudo-culture composed of elements that appear to be the accouterments of a genuine civilization. The denizens of this anti-culture don't realize that these are ersatz elements, fake entities made to appear as genuine--as phoney as the Clintons, the Bushes, or the Trumps. For example, the current U.S. federal government is made to appear as a representative democracy as established by the Constitution. In actuality, the American federal government is a fascist, imperialist, militarist pathocracy ruled by a capitalist cabal.

    In all historic eras, humankind has ordered its life according to specific societal archetypes, patterns of behavior, and objectives; what Plato termed Forms. Civilization is the Form of human development characterized by reason (ability to think for oneself), self-awareness, social conscience (awareness of and concern for what's happening in the world), civility (self-disciplined behavior), literacy (ability to read and understand what you read), cultured appreciation of art and literature, the rule of law, not men, and constitutionally guaranteed rights.

    The Noah allegory is now appropriate because the annihilative cultural flood of corruption and debasement has reached pandemic proportions. Almost all (at least 99%) of the people worldwide have been or are being drowned: turned into sub-human zombies that have created a zombie anti-culture. The situation is dire.

    Capitalists have destroyed awareness and understanding of the Form civilization by substituting for this archetype of excellence the pattern of greed, selfishness, indifference to others, and egomania. Among others, three truly abominable features of the current capitalist destruction of the ideals of civilization stand out:

  1. Capitalists have so debased the minds of most Americans--and people worldwide--that they're unable to see the counterfeit reality, therefore have no awareness of the need for the restitution of the ideals of civilized human behavior, and have no capability for reform or rebuilding.

  2. Degraded humans do not recognize past and current genius and brilliance, valuing degenerate persons, objects, and institutions.

  3. Degraded humans are totally incapable of recognizing or valuing past or current outstanding persons, objects, concepts, or institutions. Sub-humans can only recognize or value what their capitalist rulers tell them are entities worth observing and appreciating. In this way, truly outstanding, transformative persons, objects, concepts, and institutions go unrecognized, unable to improve the present decaying, murderous pseudo-culture.
    One of the most graphic illustrations of this current pseudo-culture was the 2015 Oscar presentation show. The entire performance was a grotesque burlesque of lewdness, bad attire, anti-music, and reverse-racism. And what is equally devastating is that most Americans are so far gone that they thought the show was wonderful.

The Contemporary Noah and His Ark

    Modern Noah is composed of that small group of people worldwide who have retained the ability to understand what's really going on and possess the ability to create a cooperative commonwealth community that will become the basis for a new Noah's Ark (Archetype). In all eras of human history there has been just such a "Noah" group who saw the murderous inundations of malevolent forces and provided a safe-haven for the few who built new Archetypes (Arks) to preserve the fundaments of genuine human civilization.

Hermes, Rumi, Francis of Assisi, Diotima, Boethius, Hypatia, Martin Luther King, Betty White, Stewart Edward White, Shakespeare, Socrates, Plato, Jesus, Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt

    The contemporary Noah's Archetype possesses not only new structures and principles for a new culture--as was the case with Plato's Commonwealth--it also explicates how such a cooperative commonwealth community can be created in relation to the old, deadly, drowned and drowning culture of capitalist-fascist-imperialist-militarist malevolence.


1 Perennialist allegories are teaching stories which divulge transcendent knowledge to initiates (advanced students) and persons in general. Perennialist teachers use allegories to divulge knowledge in a specialized manner: meanings, information, concepts, and inter-relationships are adumbrated, intimated, or foreshadowed in specially devised communications that require the recipient (student, reader, viewer, hearer) to decipher and grasp the knowledge relative to her intellectual and spiritual capabilities.

2 Fundament: A base or basic principle or element; underlying part; foundation

3 Barbarity: the condition of having no civilizing influences or refined culture; savage violence, ignorance, or crudity; substandard or erroneously constructed

4 Exemplar: an entity (person, concept, activity) that is worthy of imitation; a perfect example or model because it contains all the essential elements of an entity; fugelman: a soldier placed in front of a military company as a good model during training drills

5 We receive emails from some walking-talking dead who still retain a diminutive spark of life with which our essays, books, or poetry have made contact. The small spark is sometimes no more than a last gasp: "With sincere apologies" or "I want to first make a disclaimer by apologizing for reaching out to you in this manner. . ."

6 In Plato's Timaeus, Timaeus says that because the Bronze race of Humans had been making wars constantly, Zeus was angered and decided to punish humanity by a flood. Prometheus the Titan knew of this and told the secret to Deucalion, advising him to build an ark in order to be saved. After nine nights and days the water started receding and the ark was landed at Mount Parnassus.