Publications and Presentations (selected)

Replace Capitalism With Commonwealth, 2014, Dandelion Press

How To Become A Modern Guru, 2012, Dandelion Press

President of the World, 2012, Dandelion Press

The New Commonwealth, 2011, Dandelion Press

Rediscovering Plato and the Mystical Science of Dialectic, 2008, Dandelion Press

Realizing A New Culture, 2008, Dandelion Press

Portals to Higher Consciousness, 2006, Dandelion Press

Progressive Awareness: Critical Thinking, Self-Awareness, Critical Consciousness, 2005, Dandelion Press

The Perennial Tradition: The Esoteric Mystical Tradition, 2003, Dandelion Press

America, Awake! 2002, Dandelion Press

Dynamic Web Site Development, (2000), Hermes Press

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Program Committee Chairman, National Computer Conference, 1988

Featured Speaker, National Computer Conference, 1986, Chairman, AI Track, NCC86

"Preparing for Your Career," Computer Revolution, 1985

"Situational Learning," Humanist Educator, 1977

"Distinguishing Philosophy from Psychotherapy," Rational Living, March, 1969

"Roles People Over-Act in Group Consulting Philosophy," Psychotherapy, May, 1968