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I'm supposed to be writing for my freelance gig but I couldn't help but get this off my chest. I \[26F\] I Fucked My Uber Driver Last Night (self.confessions). Uber gave me the hottest hookups I ever had, I currently have a fwb

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I once had my Uber driver stalk me. I was alone in the car just striking up a friendly conversation, and he was from the town that I worked in.

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These Uber drivers from Ask Reddit have seen some strange shit.. waistband for something so I no-show the ride and nope the fuck out of there. About half way to their destination, the guys friend asked me for my wallet For me the concept of Uber is about mutual respect, and if a driver is trying to. 5- star ratings and one 1- star rating, and I have no idea how the fuck I got it.