The Commonwealth Mind-Set Throughout the World

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    Michael Moore's latest movie, Where To Invade Next, reveals that much of the world has adopted the commonwealth mind-set: "we" rather than "me," as Michael describes it. The movie shows how people, nations, and leaders can make significant changes for the better--and requires educating young people toward that change.

    Moore and his crew visited sites of social revolution in Finland, Norway, Iceland, Italy, France, Slovenia, Tunisia, Germany, and Portugal. He shows how many nations have adopted the commonwealth mind-set of "equality and benefit for all citizens in a society," not just for the rich few.
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    One of the true benefits of the movie is that it shows how genuine social change can take place. Moore's documentary brings home the fact that contemporary American workers are suffering from the depredations of capitalism, whereas many other countries have adopted commonwealth policies and practices that benefit all their citizens. American workers and workers worldwide must gain sufficient intelligence in time to save their lives by implementing the only solution to the present world situation.