The Mills of the Gods Grind Slowly

     As historian Philip Lee Ralph makes clear in his book World Civilizations: "unless we ferret out the defects and errors which have proved fatal to other once vigorous civilizations, the fall of Rome we cannot hope to strengthen our own or even to be realistic in our conception of the dangers which confront it."

     Human history informs us that unchecked tyranny inevitably results in defeat. The powerful Assyrian empire, which by the tenth century B.C. had become the most formidable military force in its day, seemed invincible in battle and therefore destined to reign for all time. The Assyrians made themselves a scourge to surrounding nations, just as the contemporary demonic cabal is now doing in the Middle East and throughout the world.

     From the Hittites of Asia Minor the Assyrians had learned how to forge weapons of iron, and by their invention of siege machinery and heavy armaments--including a crude type of tank--they advanced the science of mechanized warfare beyond any of their enemies. To their military superiority they added inhuman techniques of cruelty and frightfulness. Their vast conquests covered practically the whole Fertile Crescent and Egypt and constituted the largest empire in the Western world up to that time.

     As with all militarist empires--such as the United States in the twenty-first century-- the Assyrians paid a ruinous price for their short-lived success: their society was dominated by a military caste; trade and manufacture were scornfully ignored (left in the hands of foreigners) the majority of citizens were oppressed laborers, no better than serfs.

      The costliest item of all in the balance sheet of history for Assyria was the hatred which their conquests engendered among the peoples they had invaded and occupied. To overthrow the cruel tyranny became a universal passion.

     As soon as the Assyrian military might began to crack before the onslaught of the Chaldeans, the Assyrians found that everyone was against them. Their proud fortresses were torn down stone by stone, making the name Nineveh, their capitol, a byword of desolation ever since. Not only were the Assyrians crushed and their empire destroyed, but even as a nation they were extinguished forever. They had gained a quick notoriety in their military dominance--and fell rapidly into oblivion.

"In history, the way of annihilation is invariably prepared by inward degeneration, by decrease of life. Only then can a shock from outside put an end to the whole."

Burckhardt, Jacob, Force and Freedom, 1943

     As with all past regimes of militaristic imperialism, the real cause of decline in Assyria--in Egypt, in Greece, then in Rome, and so on--was corruption internally rather than from external forces. It was precisely when the Egyptian state became most powerful externally--and coercive internally--that it proved to be least supple and therefore most vulnerable.

     With Assyria, Rome, Napoleonic France, Nazi Germany, and all other historic military imperialist tyrannies, their own greed, devastation, and insolence created such hatred in the rest of the world that they were destroyed as soon as they showed the least sign of weakness. The same is now beginning to happen with the criminal cabal which has taken control of the political and economic structures in the United States. Most of the world at present detests this deranged junta because of its brutality and heartless indifference to human need.