Why Obama and His Lackeys
Repeat the Same Old Drivel

"When it is proposed to imbue the mind of a crowd with ideas and belief--with modern social theories, for instance--the leaders have recourse to different expedients. The principal of them are three in number, and clearly defined--
"Affirmation pure and simple, kept free of all reasoning and all proof, is one of the surest means of making an idea enter the minds of crowds. . . .

"Affirmation, however, has no real influence unless it be repeated, and so far as possible in the same terms. The influence of repetition is due to the fact that the repeated statement is embedded in the long run in the profound regions of our unconscious selves, in which the motives of our actions are forged. . .

" When an affirmation has been sufficiently repeated, and there is unanimity in its repetition, what is called a current of opinion is formed, and the powerful mechanism of contagion intervenes."

Gustav Le Bon, The Crowd, 1896

The Brainwashing of America