Introductory Study
in the
Perennial Tradition

The Perennial Tradition is the secret legacy, the single stream of initiatory teaching flowing through all the great schools of mysticism.

      It is appropriate to review this document only if you have completed the Progressive Awareness Study Program and the Preparatory Study Program (as indicated in the graph to the right).

      You will need to read the documents linked in the sentences immediately above and make certain that you have received acceptance by the Director of Study into the Introductory Study Program.

Levels of Study in the Perennial Tradition

Advanced Study

Introductory Study

Preparatory Study

Progressive Awareness Study

Contact with Perennialist material

1. The introductory study program is not psychotherapy or counseling.

This program does not attempt to deal with psycho-logical problems or symptoms. The study program does not involve psychotherapy or counseling in any manner. Persons needing such clinical services should seek assistance in one of those areas. Individuals currently involved in a psychological, counseling, psychotherapeutic, or metaphysical regimen are not admitted to this study program. This includes persons who are involved in any kind of psychological or psychiatric drug regimen (e.g. antidepressants), whether actively undergoing psychotherapy or not.

2. This introductory study program is not an academic course in philosophy.

This study program involves much more than the review of philosophical or metaphysical material in an academic manner. Individuals admitted to the program learn to examine their own beliefs and actions, acquire objectivity through deliberation, develop personal values, and understand ideas and complete exercises which the program presents. The emphasis is placed on assimilation, not merely analyzing and theorizing. The study program defines learning as radical, personal transformation.

3. This introductory study program is fee-based.

Persons applying for acceptance into the study program must suitably provide the information identified below and submit the mandatory fee of $100 per month, six months advanced payment required ($600). 1

4. This program admits only a small number of serious students.

  • We have no interest in working with large numbers of merely inquisitive or idly curious persons.
  • Persons admitted into the study program are those able to recognize this program as:

    • A priceless endowment made available to select applicants 2
    • Requiring assiduous study of a completely new way of thinking and acting

5. The persons who have developed the transformative material and its accompanying procedures on which this introductory program is based demonstrate the power and effectiveness of the higher knowledge it enables by continuing to produce additional material through inspiration and by applying its transformative procedures in their own self-work.

6. This introductory program is the outcome of an earlier three-year research study which discovered these factors:

  • Most people worldwide are illiterate in all the connotations of illiteracy and therefore are incapable of gaining effectual understanding of higher knowledge through ordinary, primarily self-directed reading and study of specially prepared material.

  • People in general lack the ability to read and study effectively enough to assimilate instructional material, exercises, and dialectical interchange to advance to the point where they can gain prerequisite understanding of or contribute effectively to the program of study. Most persons of all types, including those with undergraduate and graduate degrees are incapable of participating functionally in or contributing significantly to an advanced program of study.

                    7. This introductory instructional program initially involves the study of these six books and the essays provided on the Perennial Tradition Website.

      You will need to have read and studied carefully
these six books and all the material available on the Perennial Tradition Website (
as arranged in the preparatory study curriculum before applying for acceptance into the introductory study
program as you will be tested over this material before entry into the program.

8. While reading this special transformative material, you must have experienced definite, discernible epiphanies 3 which give you clear evidence of the dynamic force contained within the material. These epiphanies would have to have produced definite incipient intellectual, emotional, and spiritual transformations in you: you

would now be able to demonstrate that you can think and act in an augmented, effectual, exceptional manner. You will be able to test if you have achieved the prerequisite initial capabilities by applying these two tests:

  • You will have gained the ability to see your faults and thereby attained an impetus to improve and change yourself which you have carried through on and therefore can see definite evidence of self-improvement and self-development

  • You will have acquired the nascent capability of inspiration and thus are experiencing new ideas, concepts, and sentiments flowing through you

      Perennialist material has been made available to you in the six books listed above and in essays accessible through the New Enlightenment Websites. This material indicates that it is to be read and studied repeatedly so that the different levels of meaning are absorbed gradually. They are not to be read to be "understood" as you currently comprehend the term but to be absorbed into the very texture of your conscious being and your inner self. The Baraka (spiritual force) seeps in, often despite you, rather than being forced to wait upon the doorstep until your "intellect" permits it to filter through in an attenuated form.

      If you have not read and studied the available Perennialist material in a manner to effect a definite rudimentary transformation in your attitudes, emotions, goals, and values, then you will need to continue your study of the material until that initial transmutation manifests in increased awareness and a definite sense of a Higher Self and a higher purpose.

9. The first phase of the preparatory program of study is in essence remedial since it has been discovered that applicants lack the ability to understand the simplest aspects of the instructional material, requiring that they be taught the rudiments of learning how to learn. The preparatory study program remediates the students' lack of awareness and disuse of forgotten mental faculties, reawakening those capabilities and providing instruction in how to use these powers that have lapsed from consciousness.

      The remedial aspect of the preparatory study program is for the purpose of helping students to rid themselves of mental impediments which make transformation impossible. Only when students' minds are free of obstructions can spiritual or soul work begin. The remedial phase assists students to open both their mind and their soul to the teachings and the teacher.

10. Before requesting consideration for admission into the introductory study program, you must first:

      If your responses are not appropriate and if you score lower than 90 on the screening test, you might want to restart the preparatory study process to assist you in qualifying for the introductory program by following this curriculum.

11. To request consideration for admission into the introductory program, submit the information outlined below in a detailed essay. Give careful thought to the information you provide and the manner in which you present it. This is the first element in the screening process for determining acceptance into the program. Vague or incomplete information, written without care for correctness of spelling and grammar, is often a clear indication that a person does not possess the requisite capabilities for admittance into an exacting program of study.

    1) Your name, home address (street, city, state, zip), email address, age, gender, and prior and current work experience

    2) Religious and political affiliations: for example, are you now or have you been a member of an organized religion, political activist organization, or spiritual or metaphysical program

    3) Medical and psychological state: for example, any ongoing medical problems, whether you are currently or have previously been involved in a psychological, counseling, or psychotherapeutic program, and an indication of your sexual orientation

    4) Describe your overall goals and expectations in studying and gaining experiential understanding of the Perennial Tradition.

    5) Describe your general relationship with your spouse (if married), significant other, family, and friends.

Send your essay containing the information outlined above in the body of an email (not an attachment) to this email address (

If the information you submit warrants, you'll be contacted by the Director of Study and your first assignments in the Study Program will then be provided you.

     Be sure you've read this document thoughtfully and have definitely determined that you wish to apply for admission into this Introductory Study Program before proceeding. Additional information about the program is available here.

1 If you pass the screening tests, you will mail your payment of $600, cash or check to the person and address furnished at that time.

Payment for this introductory study program is necessary for a variety of reasons:

2 If this description seems inordinate to you, you would not find this study program suitable.

3 Epiphany: the disruption of the psyche and the realization of a higher state of consciousness