Knowledge Inventory

1. Most people in the United States understand what is happening in the world.

2. Someone who told you that you need to make major changes in your personality would be insulting your intelligence.

3. It is interesting and important to know what is really happening around you.

4. The educational system in the United States produces informed citizens.

5. Discovering the real truth about something is a frightening, unpleasant experience to be avoided whenever possible.

6. You should be responsible for your own emotional reactions to what people do to you.

7. Schools and colleges in the U.S. provide no real awareness of national or world conditions.

8. Many people allow themselves to be so conditioned by others that they have no real ability to think for themselves.

9. Only a subversive could think that the United States is ruled by a plutocracy (a wealthy elite).

10. Recognizing areas of ignorance in yourself is intelligent.

11. Because of the 9/11 tragedy, we should give up much of our freedom to be secure.

12. It would be absurd to say that you have misconceptions that would keep you from understanding the truth.

13. You want to learn about possible areas of ignorance in your personality so you can:
develop magical powers
become an expert on psychological concepts
learn more about yourself
write a thesis about ignorance

14. You're interested in knowing about yourself because you want to:
explore important concepts and participate in requisite exercises
explore witchcraft and occult concepts
participate in psychic exercises leading to your being able to channel
develop the ability to achieve astral projection

15.Intelligence is the same as cunning
Definitely not
No one has an informed opinion

16. The achievement of genius-level intelligence is
something you're fully qualified for
something only people like Jesus could achieve
beyond your present capabilities
something which you're certain you have already experienced

17. To understand what is being revealed in this divinely inspired supernatural inventory
You would have to become a born-again Scientologist
You would have to spend your entire lifetime
You would have to send in for the advanced course in Perennialism
You would have to realize that the heading to this item is absurd

18. Truly intelligent persons
are sophists
study exclusively the syntax of language
do not study metaphysics
are continually occupied in improving themselves

19. Personal ignorance is
mere lack of knowledge
something you're sure you do not suffer from
something which you need to discover and overcome
mere stupidity

20. All American leaders are highly intelligent persons

21. If you don't understand a particular idea or exercise in the essay related to this inventory, it is most appropriate to:
assume that the essay is not written clearly enough
re-read the section and reflect carefully on what it says
email the author and tell him that the essay is too complex
assume that the author intends to make you feel inadequate

22. Personal ignorance
is merely something everyone has and isn't of real importance
is a myth; no one is really ignorant, just perhaps not very smart
is something that can lead to insanity
should be ignored

23. You are interested in discovering possible areas of ignorance in yourself to:
verify your current religious beliefs
examine yourself with an open mind
see if the idea of personal ignorance is interesting to you or not
compare the author's concept of ignorance with your own fully-developed concept

24. You don't really believe that you have any areas of ignorance in your life:
because this fits in with your current religious beliefs
simply areas where you've chosen not to imform yourself
and any one who says the opposite is trying to belittle you
but you're interested in seeing if there might be unknown areas of ignorance nonetheless

25. Ignorance is the same as
a foul word people use to smear others
deliberate choosing not to understand or become aware