The Essence of Humans
The Essence of Humans
The Essence of Humans

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"Whatever loses its goodness ceases to be. Thus wicked men cease to be what they were; but the appearance of their human bodies, which they keep, shows that they once were men. To give oneself to evil, therefore, is to lose one's human essence. Just as virtue can raise a person above ordinary human nature, so vice lowers those whom it has seduced from the condition of men beneath human nature. For this reason, anyone whom you find transformed by vice cannot be counted a man. Although vicious men keep the appearance of their human bodies, they are nevertheless changed into beasts as far as the essence of their souls is concerned."

Boethius, The Emboldenment of Philosophy, 523 CE

    In this essay we will examine the essence of humans in an attempt to recover the lost understanding of what humans are created as and what humans should be in relation to their divine potential. This study is of exceptional significance in an age when comprehension of the human essence has been almost entirely lost and the majority of humans are therefore becoming sub-human.

  Unless we can regain a functional understanding of the essence of humans we will be unable to recover the divine bestowal of being created in the image of God.

   Only if we can regain effective comprehension of the human essence will we be able to recognize the evils of current political-economic-social barbarity, fight against its atrocities and crimes, and begin working toward a just and beneficent social order.

  The word "sub-human" has been used by various groups as a mindless term of rejection: the Nazis depicting other European peoples as sub-human; some cultures referring to women as sub-humans; Hindu society depicting untouchables as sub-human, and so on. I am using the term only in a descriptive manner, referring to sub-humans as those mortals who have lost the ability to think critically, who possess no desire to understand the truth, and who have no compassion for their fellow-humans. Since those and other qualities are essential in true humans, their absence from these people renders them sub-human. I do not refer to specific persons as sub-human in an effort to slander or malign them. In the same sense as Boethius' statement that "to give oneself to evil is to lose one's human nature," so I refer to such persons in merely a descriptive manner as having become sub-human by "giving themselves to evil."

  To hear sub-humans in real life, just go to any movie theater showing a motion picture celebrating murderers or destroyers of any kind (e.g. the movie "Analyze This"). Listen carefully to the laughter of the audience at the senseless murder of human beings. This howling laughter is literally sub-human, sounding precisely like the grunts, snorts, and bellows of apes. You can mimic the sound of an ape and the sub-humans in the theater will think that you are merely joining in their chortling

Ninety-Five Percent of the Human Race Has Become Sub-human
Level #
Population %
Level of Consciousness  Characteristics   Capabilities  Exemplars
Level 3
1 %
Spiritual Union with the One Dialectic Plato, Socrates, Jesus
Level 2
2 %
Philosophical Union with Higher Intellect Inspiration
Pythagoras, Betty White
Level 1
2 %
Critical thinking
Critical consciousness
Informing oneself
Improving oneself
Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King
Level 0
Minimal self-awareness
Reactionary consciousness
Limited interest in informing or improving oneself Most world citizens
Level -1
Partial possession by outside personalities
and ideologies
Mindless pursuit of pleasure
Celebration of ignorance
Unable to
think for oneself
Illiteracy (unable to read or understand)
Kings, Queens,
Capitalists and their lackeys
Level -2
Total possession by outside personalities
and ideologies
Hysterical blindness
Hysterical deafness
Suicidal behavior
Unable to see or hear what's happening
Supporting people who are destroying you
The Demonic Cabal

   American and world citizens must awaken from their mindless stupor of assuming that:
  • The current political-economic-social world is acceptable, decent, tolerable, and appropriate

  • The capitalist sub-humans who have seized control of political-economic-social reins of power are "normal" people and their atrocities and crimes are simply "the way things are"

  • Average persons can simply drift through life without bothering to understand themselves or their world or struggle against the atrocities and crimes that the capitalist cabal perpetrates

    The exact opposite is true. The current political-economic-social world that has been created by the capitalist cabal is NOT normal or acceptable: it has deliberately been debased into a capitalist fascist, imperialist, militarist world dictatorship. Persons who fail to recognize this fact no longer partake of the true essence of humans, since part of the essence of genuine human beings is true comprehension of themselves and their world.

   In relation to persons' complicity with and culpability for the present evil that capitalist fascism is perpetrating worldwide, we lose our human essence. We are complicit with and culpable for the systematic murder of workers by the capitalist thugs in direct ratio to our refusal to realize 1 our divine essence as human beings.

"...The "People's Messenger" [a local newspaper] leads you by the nose in a shameful manner when it tells you that you . . . that the common people, the crowd, the masses, are the real essence of the People. That is only a newspaper lie, I tell you! The common people are nothing more than the raw material of which a People is made."

Henrik Ibsen, "An Enemy of the People"

The Human Essence

   The term "essence" in this essay refers to the Greek words eidos and idea, most effectively translated as Form or Essence. In this present study we will include all the following connotations of the term "essence."
  • A perfect or complete form of something, especially a person who typifies an abstract quality: He was the essence of gentility.

  • The true nature or constitution of anything, as opposed to what is accidental, phenomenal, and illusory

  • The characteristic or intrinsic feature of a thing, which determines its identity, fundamental nature

  • The most distinctive element of a thing

  • The unchanging and unchangeable nature of something which is necessary to its being the thing it is; its necessary properties

  • The nature of something as distinct from, and logically prior to, its existence

  • Something that has supersensible being, especially a spiritual or supernatural entity

  • The entity (person, operation, element) through which one comes to the notion, to the "key" to understanding an entity which, once arrived at, becomes the basis for all analysis of and "logical thinking" about the entity

  • From Latin essentia, from esse, to be or have being

  • In Greek, eideo means "to see" and what is seen is an eidos. For Plato, eidos means what is seen by the eye of the soul and is identical with essence.

  • The Human Essence and Plato's Allegory of the Cave

        To understand the essence of humans, we must first comprehend the true nature of human life. The truth 2 about terrestrial existence was first revealed by Plato (428- 348 B.C.E) in his Allegory of the Cave.
    Plato's explanation of the allegory                        Modern Interpretation of Plato's Cave 1

    "Here we have the new, indirect answer to the question 'What is man.' Man is declared to be that creature who is constantly in search of himself--a creature who in every moment of his existence must examine and scrutinize the conditions of his existence. In this scrutiny, in this critical attitude toward human life, consists the real value of human life. 'A life which is unexamined,' says Socrates in his Apology, 'is not worth living.' We may epitomize the thought of Socrates by saying that man is defined by him as that being who, when asked a rational question, can give a rational answer. Both his knowledge and his morality are comprehended in this circle. It is by this fundamental faculty, by this faculty of giving a response to himself and to others, that man becomes a 'responsible' being, a moral subject."

    Ernst Cassirer, An Essay on Man

    The Eternal Essence

        The human essence is that of an eternal being who is given the gift from the Deity of a limited mortal life in which to learn essential lessons:
    1. What it means to be an eternal being in contrast to a mortal being
       Our terrestrial life is a means provided by the Creator to understand precisely what eternal being consists of. The Creator brought us into being in the supersensible realm, as eternal, evolving beings. To fully understand our eternal being it's necessary that we experience another form of life different from that. Terrestrial, mortal life could hardly be any more different, it appears evident, as we experience it and reflect on it. Even during earthly existence, we still retain our eternal state of being, and it is possible--as Plato, Iamblicus, and other Perennialist teachers have made clear--to come out of the stupor and bewitchment of earthly sense-consciousness to re-awaken to our primordial, eternal being. Earth life, then, can be seen as a gift from the Creator, to help us realize precisely what kind of being he has created us as in his infinite wisdom and beneficence. And it makes clear what an unbelievable gift eternal being really is and what the essence of the Creator is who loves and cares for us in bringing us into being as eternal, evolving persons.

    "But after this blessed abiding in a Divine Nature, falling off from Intellect into the discursive energy of reason, I am led to doubt how formerly and at present my soul became intimately connected with a corporeal nature; since in this deific state she appears such as she is herself, although invested with the dark and overflowing vestiment of body. And since there is a twofold nature, one intelligible and the other sensible, it is better indeed for the soul to abide in the intelligible world; but necessary from its condition that it should participate of a sensible nature; nor ought it to suffer any molestation because it obtains only a middle order in the universality of things; since it possesses indeed a divine condition, though it is placed even as in the last gradation of an intelligible essence, bordering, as it were on the regions of sense. For our souls are able alternately to rise from hence, carrying back with them an experience of what they have known and suffered in their fallen state; from whence they will learn how blessed it is to abode in the Intelligible world; and by a comparison, as it were of contraries, will more plainly perceive the excellence of a superior state. For the experience of evil produces a clearer knowledge of good, especially where the power of judgment is so imbecile that I cannot without such experience obtain the science of that which is best."

    Plotinus, Descent of the Soul

    "Man must live in time in order to be able to advance into eternity, no longer on the animal, but on the spiritual level; he must be conscious of himself as a separate ego in order to be able consciously to transcend separate selfhood; he must do battle with the lower self in order that he may become identified with that higher Self within him, which is akin to the divine Not-Self; and finally he must make use of his cleverness in order to pass beyond cleverness to the intellectual vision of Truth, the immediate, unitive knowledge of the divine Ground."

    Aldous Huxley, The Perennial Philosophy, 1945

    2. Arete--Aspiring to Realize One's Potential in All Areas of One's Life-- as the essence of a human being

        Our human essence is comprised of qualities and capabilities which we, in part, must develop during mortal existence, what Plato and other Greeks referred to as Arete (àρετή), the fulfillment of purpose or function: aspiring to achieve one's full potential in all areas of human life. In its modern representation Arete can best be explicated by the concept and function of "progressive awareness." The Arete aspect of our human essence cannot be "given" to us when we are brought into being as eternal, evolving persons; we must develop our full potential on our own (or not)--first during mortal existence and then after death during our return to fuller awareness of eternal being.

       Plato made it clear that Arete is like pregnancy, it cannot be achieved in part: it is all or none, you are pregnant or you are not; you aspire to achieve your full potential, or you do not.

        During Plato's time--and continuing into the modern era--Arete has been misconceived as something which can be achieved in part. Homer, for example, said that specific persons such as Achilles and Penelope, the wife of the Greek hero Odysseus, had achieved Arete. Homer mistook the achievement of excellence in a specific, limited area of life (e.g. warfare or loyalty) as the achievement of Arete. Since that time, we have suffered from the delusion that Arete (aspiring to the realization of one's full potential) can be accomplished in a single area of one's life. So we have heroes in warfare, celebrities in the arts, genuises in the sciences, captains of industry, and giants of finance--all mistakenly thought to be fully-realized persons.

        The only time it becomes appropriate for an individual or a culture to celebrate excellence in specific areas of human achievement is if the person or the culture has made a commitment to the realization of human potential in all areas--including the development of a just and egalitarian society. It is fine to commemorate and extol the transcendent quality of Beethoven's music, for example, but only if you are not, at the same time, ignoring the fact that you are living in a culture based on capitalist slavery. It is only legitimate to honor and laud specific types of excellence if you are, at the same time, working toward the full realization of Arete, which includes the realization of a just and egalitarian society.

        As we look back on American society, from its inception in 1776 through the first half of the twentieth century, we ask how it was that a nation that possessed so many persons of excellence in specific areas could have devolved so quickly to the present day barbarity of anti-rationalism, militarism, imperialism, murder of the working class by the capitalist class, and fascist dictatorship.

        I grew up, for example, in a small Oklahoma hamlet where there were people of excellence in certain areas of life: an outstanding high school orchestra master, quite knowledgeable high school teachers in biology, civics, and other areas of study, and overall a thin patina of morality based on religiosity. The difficulty with persons in this small town, some of more than ordinary quality, is that they did not include an essential ingredient of personal development toward achieving Arete: working in whatever ways possible to expose injustice and inequality and develop concepts and structures allowing people to join in forming a commonwealth community in which the good of all is the goal.

        The reason why American society degenerated so rapidly is because there never developed an American conception of Arete: the full realization of the human essence in all areas of life. American society achieved only a stunted pseudo-culture which congratulated itself on achievements in limited areas, while totally ignoring essential areas of life, such as economic inequality. Our commitment to the ideals of reason, justice, equality, and integrity was a pretense. No wonder that the evil capitalist cabal that has seized control of American and world culture has had such an easy time in turning this nation into a hell-hole of rampant criminality, mayhem, and murder! There was nothing real in the people to fight against it.

       If we choose not to develop the totality of our human essence we not only become culpable for our own wrongdoings but we also become partially blameworthy for the evils of others whom we choose to ignore and refuse to struggle against.

    "He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it."

    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    The Human Essence and Culpability for Evil

         Plato's Allegory of the Cave reveals that evil men and women have been present throughout human history and are currently represented by the capitalist cabal. Human beings realize (understand and actualize) their essence by comprehending themselves and their world and responding appropriately to this world.

        The only way to avoid culpability for current evil leaders' criminal acts is to actively engage in Arete: the complete development of the human essence--progressive awareness:
    • Increasing one's understanding: peeling away our personal illusions, at whatever level we happen to be

    • Critical thinking: forming one's personal beliefs by basing them on evidence

    • Self-awareness: developing an autonomous self that is able to think and act on its own initiative

    • Critical consciousness: going beyond merely personal development to a genuine concern for human welfare in general; learning to perceive social, political, and economic injustice and learning to take action against the oppressive elements of reality

    • Enlightened discernment: casting light on social challenges and philosophical themes and developing social infrastructures which allow for greater freedom and creativity

    • Progressive activities: working in whatever ways possible to expose tyranny and develop concepts and structures allowing people to join in forming a commonwealth community in which the good of all is the goal
        Progressive awareness (Arete) can only be developed if we apply its principles and practice to achieve the mental and behavioral skills associated with it. So progressive awareness is not just theorizing or thinking--it also involves acting on and assimilating its principles. Progressive awareness, that is, must lead to progressive living: the application of individual understanding and wisdom to the development of a larger unity or commonwealth of enlightened persons--a primary aim of human evolution.

    President John F. Kennedy, in his landmark civil rights speech to the nation, delivered on the very night civil rights leader Medgar Evers was murdered, June 12, 1963 (five short months before the President himself was murdered in cold blood), said: "We face a moral crisis as a country and as a people. Those who do nothing are inviting shame, as well as violence. Those who act boldly are recognizing right, as well as reality."

    The Human Essence Involves Understanding One's World

        In direct ratio to his or her achievement of the essence of human nature--progressive awareness--will each reader of this essay find it possible to credit the author's statement that ninety-five percent of the world population is now sub-human. If readers have not made the effort to develop rational comprehension of the human essence--and assume that any person alive in the terrestrial world is a complete, developed human--then the statement that ninety-five percent of homo sapiens are sub-humans will make no sense whatsoever.

        We'll examine one example of a seeming human (actually sub-human) and his life and activities. Joe Smith was born in California in 1989 and completed his college education in 2009. He has a job with the New York Times, lives in Brooklyn, and is married and the father of a new baby boy. He has not made the effort to understand himself or his world, so he assumes that working for a fascist, capitalist propaganda operation such as the New York Times is unquestionably worthy and blameless. He has not bothered to comprehend that his government and his economy have been seized by a capitalist cabal that has turned his country into something which he doesn't take the trouble to understand.

        Joe Smith is so unaware and ignorant of the essence of his society and himself that he plans to vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, mindlessly, erroneously assuming that they are principled candidates who will have the best interest of Americans at heart if elected President.

        You might think that some repulsive, malevolent catastrophe might wake Joe up--but you would be wrong. He has thoughtlessly reviewed President John F. Kennedy's assassination, and heedlessly assumes that the Warren Commission's report that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman is undoubtedly true. His perfunctory review of the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, and John Lennon lead him to the same mindless conclusion: they were all murdered by a lone, psychotic killer acting entirely on his own.

        Joe Smith actually saw part of the 9/11 Twin Tower attack, but he has mindlessly swallowed the coverup, believing that Osama's Muslim terrorists were responsible for the entire catastrophe. He now agrees with all the fascist, capitalist administrators--presidents and congresspersons--that it's necessary for America to wage numerous foreign wars to protect U.S. citizens from further terrorist attack. Joe thinks it's perfectly okay for the NSA to spy on American citizens. In fact, Joe thinks the United States is the greatest country that ever was and sees nothing wrong whatsoever with its current activities and policies.

    "Are the American people really such washed-up sheeple, such cowards, that they acquiesce to a police/spy state, the foundation of which consists of nothing but lies told by criminals and repeated endlessly by whores pretending to be journalists? If so, the American people are not a people who any longer matter, and they will continue to be treated by Washington and by their local police as people who do not matter."

    Paul Craig Roberts, The 'War On Terror' Is The Hoax Foundation Of The Police/Spy State, 11/6/2015

       Fortunately, there is the five percent of the world population that has made the effort to realize its human essence by developing progressive awareness and is now capable of bringing about genuine transformation of the world. A modern archetype on the model of Plato's Commonwealth has been made available to that "saving remnant." All persons who desire to realize their human essence can now join in this effort, the only viable solution to the world crisis.


    1 Realize: Make real or concrete; give reality to; create; be fully aware or cognizant of

    2 Aletheia: the Greek word for truth as the uncovering (literal meaning) or coming forth of a thing's essence