Experiential Participation In Higher Consciousness



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Preparatory Study

A Respite, As We Stumble Into the Next Startling Procedure

     This is probably the most serious procedure in this entire essay. It requires that you learn to meditate while sleeping and snoring. I discovered this technique, as I do many techniques, when my wife said to me one evening as we sat in our cozy room, "I thought you said you were meditating. You were snoring ."

     Those readers who have had the opportunity to peruse my teachings on the higher mysteries of Resiliency in another of my spiritual treatises know full well that such a challenging statement as uttered by my wife, never goes unchallenged by me. Said I in retort to her: "I am practicing a new Higher Procedure which I have named, Snoring Meditation." And with that one seemingly innocent and innocuous and inconsequential statement was born a Neoteric Enigma of the first water.

     Whenever you want to take a nap--and avoid some onerous task--simply announce to anyone willing to listen to you that you are going to go into one of your private Esoteric Sessions of Snoring Meditation 1 in which you travel astrally to the Higher Celestial Spheres and get some advice from anyone willing to give you some.

     Now you may snicker, but let me share with you some of the stupendous advice I have received in just this manner. While in a Snoring Meditation session recently, I suddenly found myself face to face with a rather disagreeable-looking man who called himself Socrates (of all names). Socrates Schmocrates I thought to myself, but I was willing to play along as usual. "What advice could you give me?" I asked this stranger dressed in a toga.

     "You've got to stop holding yourself back," he said to me rather matter-of-factly I felt. When I asked him what he meant by that insane remark, he kindly yelled at me: "You keep telling people you can't do things!"

     "Like what do I say I can't do?" I jibed.

     "The other day you said to someone: 'I can't tell you how much I disagree with you."

     "What's wrong with that?" I sneered.

     "Because you CAN tell people how much you disagree with them; you do it all the time. And here's another of your self-defeating statements to a perfect stranger: 'I couldn't make my brilliant ideas clear to you because you're too stupid.' This is not Socrates Actually, you could make your ideas clear to anyone, if you first made sure you understood what you were talking about."

     I won't go into any more detail about my Snoring Meditation Session with a guy named Socrates in the Higher Reaches, but you get the point I'm sure--that this technique is Dynamite. Just imagine what kind of ideas you can get from practicing this Advanced Methodology.

     And I'm sure you can see how this discusson of the Snoring Meditation Technique 2  fits in with what we've been investigating in this essay so far. I'm sure.

Now Back To Our Regularly-Scheduled Program Already In Progress

     You will have experienced some kind of sensation as the transformation was made when we switched, in this essay, from the ordinary mode of presentation to a very different one: discussing the supernal technique of snoring meditation. Make a concentrated effort to register in your consciousness just what changes in mind-state you experienced. Your definite awareness of such specific feelings and sensations is one of the primary factors this essay is encouraging you to develop.

     Pay particular attention to the feeling you had when you first read the words "snoring meditation" which began this section. For some people, humor and jest--as above(?)--simply knocks them cross-ways and hay-wire; they find it too upsetting. For such persons, any kind of experiential development of higher consciousness is beyond attainment. With some, it means that they take themselves too seriously. With others, humor within a seemingly "serious" context seems ridiculous and absurd. Quite a number of people blame the jokester or jestor who dares to interrupt serious discussions with what they consider to be inappropriate humor--never realizing that the difficulty is with them.

"That which can be shown only in a certain light is questionable. Truth, 'tis supposed, may bear all lights; and one of those principal lights, or natural mediums, by which things are to be viewed, in order to a thorough recognition, is ridicule itself, or that manner of proof by which we discern whatever is liable to just raillery in any subject."

Shaftesbury, An Essay on the Freedom of Wit and Humour

     We spoke earlier of mental sensations such as pleasure and pain, meaning and senselessness, higher (transformative) and lower (non-transformative). We've had the opportunity to experience various sensations--both physical (sense impressions) and mental (feelings). For example, most readers will have felt some kind of mental sensation when we went into a humorous mode and when we explored the feelings associated with metanoia: the radical transformation of our mind-set.

     All this has been to prepare us for learning to conceive of and experience sensations associated with aspects of Higher Consciousness: Thought, Feeling, Will, and Love.

      Some persons try to penetrate into the supersensible domain by intellectual or philosophic cogitation; or else they devote themselves to mysticism in the ordinary sense, striving for some kind of contrived feeling state. These persons avoid working their way to a clear perception of higher consciousness through the full understanding of the nature of Self-consciousness, which reveals the insufficiency of conventional thinking, moral uplift, or fabricated feeling.

"'Tis in reality a serious study to learn to temper and regulate that humour which nature has given us as a more lenitive remedy against vice, and a kind of specific against superstition and melancholy delusion. There is a great difference between seeking how to raise a laugh from everything, and seeking in everything what justly may be laughted at. For nothing is ridiculous except what is deformed; nor is anything proof against raillery except what is handsome and just."

Shaftesbury, An Essay on the Freedom of Wit and Humour


1 When, as it will surely happen, you sometimes merely sleep without snoring, you can say, upon suddenly awakening: "I only snore to make you think that I'm not meditating. I often meditate without snoring. I call this mystical metaphysical methodology: 'Non-Snoring Meditation'"

2 I have recently been made the recipient of a further divine divulgence: It was revealed to me that the two rarefied spheres of cognizance--snoring and wakefulness--can communicate with each other! This was brought home to me (allegory intended) when I was recently startled awake, while practicing "snoring meditation," by a loud snort of snoring. The (super-sensible) snoring state of consciousness had communicated with the ordinary (sleeping) state of consciousness and told it to wake up!