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      If they are to survive the current lethal onslaughts from capitalists, workers must learn how to function effectively.

   It is only in functioning that we experience, understand, and transform reality.

   Human conditions are degenerating at such a horrendous rate that we must wake up to the necessity of joining in and learning to function in commonwealth communities.

      In this essay we'll examine the underlying constituents of reality, focusing on the comprehensive phenomenon of functioning. We'll next explore how Americans have devolved into a non-functioning, dysfunctional (incorrect or abnormal functioning) condition that threatens their very lives. Finally, we'll investigate how Americans can and must learn to function effectively, enabling them to understand and then transform themselves and their world.

      Reality is the outcome of the functioning of human beings in relation to external and internal being. Objective and subjective conditions are changed (or not) through humans applying actions directed by thoughts. Human history may be seen as a process in which humans interact with reality, creating new needs which in turn bring about new transformations1  in external and internal reality.

      Objects and subjects merely in non-active relationship one to another are symbols of reality. In acting, in functioning, they become the actuality of objective 2 reality. As symbols, objects and subjects merely stand for something, as a note on a page stands for a musical tone, as a word merely denotes, points to, means, or refers to a reality, or as a specific human represents a criminal or a philosopher.

 "The true purpose of the human being's activity is not to know the stimulus but to change it . . . The knowing is not the end in itself; we know in order to act. Knowledge cannot be understood, nor does it occur independently of its relation to action, the object of which is to change what is known. A cat does not merely know a mouse; a farmer does not merely know a field of standing corn . . . Action changes the environment acted upon; it also changes the agent; thus neither human nature nor the world is static; a continuously changing agent knows a continually changing environment, and, by reason of his knowledge, gives it the impetus to further change."

C. E. M. Joad, Guide to Philosophy

      Humans devoid of genuine functioning--passively submitting to what happens to them in the ordinary physical, changing world of conjecture, belief, imagination, or fantasy--are surrounded merely by a multitude of suggestive symbols that stand for, but do not embody, reality.

      It's difficult for us to realize that we're not actually in touch with reality, because we've allowed ourselves to be tricked into believing:

  • That we are in touch through our ordinary sensory and mental experiences

  • That pseudo-realities (propaganda, TV and radio "news shows," etc.) are genuine realities

  • That we live in a representative democracy (election of our leaders, government of the people, two-party system)

  • That we live in a "free economy" where the "invisible hand of the market" makes things equal for all

  • That our "free economy" has suffered an accidental mishap that will devolve into an extreme crisis unless we accede to taxpayer money being given (without strings) to Wall Street institutions and giant banks

 "Understanding can be acquired only by actual participation in the reality."

Betty and Stewart Edward White, Across the Unknown

      If you're to grasp what the essay divulges and benefit from the assistance it offers, you must participate functionally by studying and contemplating the essay's ideas, images, and exercises. 3   Merely running your eyes over the words and images in this essay is NOT functioning or participating genuinely or effectively.

 "Knowledge is that activity of humans whereby they come into interaction with the world and understand it so as to transform it."

Otalp Setarcos, The Divulgence

      You're aware of people who live in their own fantasy worlds. Part of what this essay will enable you to discover is precisely how you also live in a fantasy world of your own. If you function as the essay indicates, you'll be able to discover what delusions 4 you're suffering from and how to overcome them. Many of your personal delusions concern your belief in pseudo-realities: for example, yourself, Obama, democracy, etc.
Exercise 1

"You shall become aware, through daily practice, that what you imagine to be your self is concocted from beliefs put into you by others, and is not your self at all."

Iskandar of Balk (a Perennialist Teacher)

Misrepresentation and Delusion

      The American people have devolved to the point where they fail to see reality because they swallow their rulers' misrepresentations.

Entity Misrepresentation
of Entity
Real Nature
of Entity
of Misrepresentation

U.S. Government

Government of
the People

Police State
Militaristic Imperialism

The Demonic Cabal

Entity Misrepresentation
of Entity
Real Nature
of Entity
of Misrepresentation

U.S. Economy

Free Market
An invisible hand
brings equal
benefits to all

Fascistic Looting
Destroying Workers

The Capitalist Cabal

Entity Misrepresentation
of Entity
Real Nature
of Entity
of Misrepresentation

The Demonic Cabal

Exercise 2

Levels of Discernment and Being

      One of the most unfortunate derangements of the American mind is its growing inability to distinguish real from unreal. For example, demonic cabal members (from both the Bush and Obama regimes) have scared Americans into passively allowing their taxpayer dollars to be looted and given to Wall Street crooks and criminal Bankers by creating a totally unreal bugbear: 5  "If we don't give money to the banks, the entire economy will collapse!"

      We know that such things as shadows, reflections, mirages, delusions, sensory illusions, and hallucinations are "unreal" in the sense that they have no existence independent of the entity causing them.

      But many Americans find it difficult if not impossible to distinguish between real (true) and unreal (false) ideas or declarations.

      The most deadly delusion Americans are now swallowing: "Our lives aren't in danger even if we do nothing." Americans don't like to think that their political and economic leaders deliberately create conditions whereby workers are quite literally being murdered in the thousands. It's only when they're forced to look at what's happening--such as Obama's tent cities for the homeless--that they have a chance 6 to wake up.

      Americans are "doing nothing" while capitalist corporation executives are:

  1. Taking almost all of the higher-paying manufacturing jobs to slave-labor countries such as China and Mexico

  2. Looting billions of taxpayer dollars--pretending it is a necessary bailout or stimulus program--pocketing the money themselves

What World Capitalism Has Produced
Illiterate adults: 64 %
Population below poverty line: 28 %
Without access to health services: 45 %
Without access to safe water: 50 %
Without access to sanitation: 67 %
Malnourished children (under 5): 40 %  
We can't afford capitalism; it costs too much in terms of the destitution and death of workers.

  1. Causing millions of American workers to suffer unemployment, go without health insurance, lose homes through subprime fraud, and fall into complete destitution

  2. Bribing Congresspersons to the point that government is now manipulated for the exclusive benefit of the Fat Cats

  3. Committing whatever crimes they choose to, without any fear of conviction by a justice department controlled entirely by political insiders

  4. Making it impossible for ordinary Americans to functionally interact with the government or the economy--forcing workers merely to stand aside while planning, decision-making, and carrying out of plans are exclusively in the hands of the Bosses

     Americans must now either start to learn how to function effectively in cooperative communities or it will very soon be too late! Many American workers have lost the knowledge, the intelligence, and the skills to function effectively in the essential spheres of human living: work, food, shelter, education, information, survival.

      The first step is to take a good, honest look at what kind of person Americans have allowed themselves to degenerate into. Many presume that Americans aren't really all that dysfunctional, that they just may not try hard enough at times. No, we mustn't delude ourselves with such a false diagnosis of the life-threatening state of American workers.

      A great number of Americans are unquestionably dysfunctional--having allowed themselves to devolve to this state in part by addicting themselves to cabal-owned media (TV, radio, music) that push the image of the dysfunctional American as "natural" and "lovable."

          Oprah was just one of many day time trash-talk show hosts parading a constant stream of dysfunctional Americans on national television to get good ratings.

      Cabal-controlled American political and financial leaders need Americans to be ignorant and dysfunctional--so they can run their scams on them without fear of reprisal. Meanwhile, the hundreds of thousands of unemployed, homeless American workers falling into abject destitution are invisible to one another--because the corporate-owned media never allow the bad news to filter out.

      American workers will only survive if they wake up immediately and learn how to function effectively in small cooperative communities.

Calling All Dysfunctional Families:
You Too Can be On TV!

Hey kids!  Want to be on TV?  If you're dysfunctional and neurotic, if you're obsessed with a celebrity, if you want a psychic to make an important life decision for you, if you're a bridezilla, if you're unfaithful, hate your in-laws, having relationship problems, have an overweight child, or just want to share your story with zillions of faceless strangers, YOU CAN BE ON TV!  The Dr. Keith Ablow show wants you! 

No, it's not enough, is it, that already thousands of people have willingly and publicly debased themselves on the likes of The Jerry Springer Show, Dr. Phil, and countless others, but now we have the voice and perspective of Dr. Keith Ablow, mystery novelist-cum-psychologist, to dissect America and solve all our collective neurotic little problems.

 Ah, but perhaps Dr. Keith has a new spin on this tired old horse?  Could it be his shaved head?  No, Montel Williams did that first.  Could it be his "unique ability to 'reach' patients and the foundation of his writing is that all of us suffer, that none of us is born evil, and that we must be helped to confront the truth about our lives"?

Nah.  Could this be why audience tickets are widely available for upcoming tapings?

Nodding head vigorously.  Bingo!


Effective Functioning

      American workers must learn how to function effectively to save their lives:

  1. Achieving a dynamic understanding of the essence of the current world situation: capitalists are creating conditions that continually cause the death of hundreds of thousands of workers: military personnel, unemployed, homeless persons, persons without health insurance, drug addicts

  2. Developing an effective awareness that workers can only save their lives by joining together to form cooperative communities

    • Realizing that doing nothing is suicidal

    • Comprehending that trying to prop up or tinker with the murderous capitalist system is sheer madness
3. Gaining clear awareness that serviceable cooperative communities require screening for highly competent, functional persons and screening out dysfunctional ones--realizing that effective communities don't just happen 7

Concluding Exercise
1. Decide if you agree in general with the thrust of this essay: that workers must save themselves by developing small cooperative communities.

2. If you do agree, thoughtfully study the full description of the cooperative communities.

3. If you determine that you would be interested in pursuing involvement in the communities, email the author and you will be informed as to a specific date and time scheduled for a dialectical interchange session via online chat.

 "The truth, that is the reality and power of thought, must be demonstrated in practice . . . Since the purpose of knowledge is to change matter, that kind of knowledge is true which changes it successfully--that is to say, in accordance with the purposes which led us initially to concern ourselves with it."

C. E. M. Joad, Guide to Philosophy


1 Even if the "transformation" is merely the change from one temporal interval to another without change in external or internal conditions--as in the unending reproduction of capitalist modes of production and the undeviating, unthinking acceptance of those modes by workers over the last several centuries.

2 Objective: Expressing the nature of reality as it is apart from personal opinions, feelings, or delusions; expressing or involving the use of facts (actual occurrences and their reports) without distortion by personal feelings or prejudices

3 Part of the effort required in carrying out the exercises is contemplating and discerning all the elements involved in each exercise.

4 Delusion: An abnormal mental state characterized by the occurrence of false beliefs; something that is falsely believed and/or propagated; state of being intellectually deceived or misled; a false belief regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that persists despite the facts and is held in common in some psychotic states

5 Bugbear: An imaginary specter used to create fear

6 Even being startled by the most extreme crises (9/11, Constitutional rights being destroyed, economic collapse) will not, by itself, awaken persons who deliberately choose to remain asleep and oblivious.

Here's what "just happens" when you try to create a "community" without screening: