Fake Populists

      We can't ignore the fake populists because to some non-thinking American they appear to be progressive, even though their main activity is propping up the capitalist system through lies and distortions. Unfortunately, counterfeit progressives are doing precisely the same thing: supporting the continuation of the devastating free market scam through deceiving American workers and sabotaging change.

"Gosh, everyone's a populist now: the corporate-funded teabag rallies, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck -- pretty much anyone or any group claiming to speak for the people and doing it in a mavericky, mad-as-hell fashion is labeled 'populist' by the media.

"But wait -- those people are to populism what near beer is to beer, only not as close. Time for a reality check. Populism is not a style, it's a people's rebellion against the iron grip that big corporations have on our country -- including our economy, government, media, and environment. It is unabashedly a class movement. Try to squeeze Lord Limbaugh into that philosophical suit of clothes!"

Jim Hightower, "Populism Is Not a Style"