• A cultural factor of major importance is targeted, e.g. high school and college debate

  • Recognition and understanding of the element is deliberately destroyed through mis-education and propaganda
    • People can no longer identify the essence of the element.

    • People begin substituting counterfeit elements for the real: debate becomes mere assertion and obfuscation in linguistic modes (.e.g. rap) that are destructive of the original element
  • Persons who do not understand the essence of the original element accept and approve the counterfeit element as the real and genuine

  • The original element is replaced by the counterfeit

        The article in The Atlantic by Jessica Carew Kraft, a white writer, assumes that debate in "traditional colleges" has a "white-privilege problem." This isn't true; debate has increasingly become a literary form in which persons of all ethnic and racial backgrounds participate. Kraft defends students "hacking" debates with outrageous verbal tactics, ignoring the stated "resolution" for the debate and engaging instead in diatribes about concepts like "nigga authenticity" and performing hip-hop and spoken-word anti-poetry.

        Kraft's article, though essentially approving of the overthrow of traditional debate form by anti-rational rant, was still considered racist by one writer who asked: Do articles about alternative-debate reinforce white-supremacy?

        This writer is clearly racist, claiming that "white people lodge criticisms of racism in ways that reinforce white supremacy." The author irrationally claims that Kraft's article represents "the totalizing way in which arguments pertaining to racial injustice are cast in a white gaze that sees all discussions about race as emotional and empty conversation." As you read through this article, it becomes clear that the author is not only racist but lacks understanding of correct grammatical form or reasoned argument.