Know Yourself:
Esoteric Knowledge and
Dialectical Interchange

     Esoteric knowledge is personal information about you.

      Such esoteric knowledge originates from an advanced teacher taking your reaction 1   to her ideas and distilling the essence of what your reaction reveals about you. Such esoteric knowledge is potentially dangerous, so it is not shared with you unless you request the information and the teacher judges that you are capable of:

  • Receiving the information without negative effect: e.g. emotional turmoil

  • Using the information to positive effect: e.g. personal transformation

      If esoteric knowledge were made available to some debilitated persons, they might allow themselves to become so despondent about their intellectual, moral, or spiritual state that they would commit suicide. In a less extreme reaction to esoteric information, they might judge themselves to be of no worth.

      Some debased persons might misuse esoteric information as a pretext for rejecting the teacher or the esoteric information, when carefully considering the teacher's knowledge would be the only real chance the individual had of ever achieving enlightenment, personal transformation, or even a productive life.

      Esoteric knowledge is the essence of Dialectical Interchange: participants sharing esoteric information with one another. This is why Dialectical Interchange is perilous and why an advanced teacher only allows persons to participate in it who are of a specific level of spiritual attainment.


1 The reaction is most often an unenlightened knee-jerk rejoinder or tirade, not a measured or considered response.