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Realizing a New Culture

How American Education Was Destroyed

      An enlightened society requires an electorate that understands what's actually happening in the world, beyond what the ruler-owned media tell us is going on. If American citizens receive an effective education we learn to inform ourselves and can see through the propaganda and the unconstitutional and criminal acts of our rulers. Enlightened persons also possess the intelligence to understand how to educate our young people to produce new generations of socially aware persons with which to reconstitute our culture.

      Historically, the public meanings, ideas, and skills transmitted through educational institutions (schools, academies, instructional communities, universities) and through the media (newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, Internet) have been determined by a small ruling elite (politicians, financiers, warriors, priests, scholars, scientists, corporations).

      In most cultures, the "ruling ideas" (free trade, military imperialism, central bank, etc.) have fostered violence and class warfare. In only a few instances in history have progressive "ruling ideas" (constitutional liberties, government of the people, etc.) fostered the betterment of common people and society at large. Two primary examples of such benevolent eras were the Greek Classical period and the eighteenth century Enlightenment, both of which encouraged humans to develop broad understanding in all fields of knowledge. Highly educated, intelligent groups in Greece, Europe, and America developed toward a commonwealth way of life, creating constitutions, and founding institutions for public and private education.

      In early twentieth century, American ruling groups created anti-educational systems to produce students incapable of understanding such concepts and factors as "freedom," "government of the people," "critical thinking," "commonwealth," among many others. The Robber Barons and their academic lackeys didn't want "philosophers, men of learning or science;" they desired ignorant, easily brainwashed workers who would do what they were told without thought or dissent.

      With the American mind so thoroughly debased, American rulers have taken over the political and financial systems of the United States, destroying Constitutional liberties, defrauding the nation into a war-profiteering invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Human society has its origin from God and is constituted of two classes of people, the rich and the poor, which respectively represent Capital and Labor.

"Hence it follows that according to the ordinance of God, human society is composed of superiors and subjects, masters, and servants, learned and unlettered, rich and poor, nobles and plebians."

Diomede Falconio, Official Representative of the Roman Catholic Pope

      The international cabal that now controls the U.S. systematically destroyed American education in general, resulting in a population incapable of rational thinking, self-control, or self-improvement. Americans must understand the evolution of human intelligence and where we are in relation to historical developments.

Historical Eras State of Consciousness  Characteristics   Individual Capabilities 

Classical High Culture

(500 B.C.E to 400 C.E.)

Unitive State
Higher Consciousness
Spiritual awareness
Social awareness

Realization of unity with Divinity
Discernment of Forms
Critically rational

Higher Intelligence
Philosophical Meditation
Critical thinking
Critical consciousness

Dark Ages (fifth through fifteenth centuries CE in European History)

Primary possession by extrinsic personalities and ideologies; egomania

Mindless pleasure-seeking
Pursuing ignorance

Can't think for oneself
Illiteracy: unable to read or understand

Enlightenment (1700-1950 C.E.)

Social awareness


Critical thinking
Critical consciousness

New Dark Ages

(1950 to 2013)

Total possession by extrinsic
personalities and ideologies

Hysterical blindness
Hysterical deafness
Suicidal behavior

Unable to see or hear
what's happening
Supporting people who are destroying you

      Some elements of the eighteenth century Enlightenment were still effectual in American education as late as 1950. However, deliberate social unawareness, religiosity, hypocrisy, provincialism, and ethical conservatism made Americans easy prey to manipulation by cabal propagandists. After World War II it became convenient for the U.S. population to embrace 200% Americanism so the cold war could be perpetrated. American social benightedness later made it easy for the ruling elite to start the Korean "police action," the Vietnam war, and the Iraq war.

      Americans must understand the rise and fall of human social intelligence throughout history--and especially how far we've fallen in recent decades--before we'll have any sense of how critically essential it is to begin a campaign of educating ourselves and our young people in building a new culture.

      Americans are currently in such a debilitated state of ignorance and egomania that our only hope is creating small, experimental communities in which to:

  1. Educate our young people in progressive awareness

  2. Work toward a commonwealth

  3. Develop a Saving Remnant

      Our current cabal-controlled educational system is producing a mind-destroyed American population (as on the left) which has no capability to understand what's happening in the world and no feeling of need for or interest in educating young people in reconstructing our society.

      We must develop a small, experimental educational system with which to produce highly intelligent humans of the stature of Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Patrick Henry

Current Anti-Education

Two products of the cabal's anti-education system      Attempting to "overhaul" the fundamentally flawed American public education system would be futile and counterproductive. All sound, legitimate educational concepts and practices have been so thoroughly devastated by cabal-indoctrinated administrators and teachers, that modification or improvement is impossible. We must start anew with a small, experimental educational system for the few parents and students who are enlightened enough to understand the necessity for a totally new system.

    A prime example of the deep-seated, sweeping destruction of sound educational concepts in American public education is what happened to the teaching of "history" in Florida when Jeb Bush was governor-dictator.

"As part of an education bill signed into law by Gov. Jeb Bush, Florida has declared that 'American history shall be viewed as factual, not as constructed.' That factual history, the law states, shall be viewed as 'knowable, teachable, and testable.'

"Florida’s lawmakers are not only prescribing a specific view of US history that must be taught (my favorite among the specific commands in the law is the one about instructing students on 'the nature and importance of free enterprise to the United States economy'), but are trying to legislate out of existence any ideas to the contrary. They are not just saying that their history is the best history, but that it is beyond interpretation. In fact, the law attempts to suppress discussion of the very idea that history is interpretation."

The Present State of American Illiteracy

     Some thirty million adults in
the U.S. do not have the skills to perform even the most basic tasks such as adding numbers on a bank slip, identifying a place on a map,
or reading directions for taking a medication. Eleven million Americans are totally illiterate in English.

      Only twenty-nine percent of Americans have basic reading and computing skills. One out of every twenty Americans lacks the ability
to understand what is going on in the world or to develop an
informed opinion for voting.

Portrait of adult literacy in America
Percent of adults in each prose literacy level, 2003
Below Basic Basic Intermediate Proficient
14% 29% 44% 13%
30 million 63 million 95 million 28 million
Able to perform no more than the most simple literacy activities Simple activities such as understanding a pamphlet for prospective jurors Moderately difficult activities such as finding information in reference materials Complex activities such as comparing viewpoints in two different editorials

The Necessity of Education for a New Culture

      It's critically essential that Americans realize that they've allowed themselves to become little more than idiots, through public and private anti-educational systems that produce mindless conformity and ideological subjugation. Brain-dead teachers use barren, inert material to produce heedless students.

      This vicious cycle must be broken by persons who genuinely desire self-transformation and seek out progressive material with which to realize personal change.

"I'm stupid, Johnny, and you can be too."

"We've been taught to be stupid."

      Ignorance is not merely the lack of knowledge, but deliberate turning away from truth in all areas of life. Persons develop a taste for ignorance, the predisposition to embrace erroneous beliefs based on presumption or mere authority. The ignorant person believes he knows what he actually doesn't know; he becomes delusional. He is deranged.

     The doubly ignorant person believes not only that he knows everything but that he can do everything. His ignorance keeps the truth from others and his incompetent assumption of authority keeps out those truly qualified to lead. Throughout human history--up to the present time--humankind has experienced the horror of rulers who are doubly-ignorant, destroying the very foundation principles of civilized society.

      Doubly-ignorant persons not only views things in a distorted way but possesses no capacity for self-correction; no truth can get through the delusory mind-set. Delusion feeds on itself and becomes a totally closed system of benightedness.

"But by far the worst feature of this 'double ignorance' is that, on the one hand, it stands in the way of its own cure, and on the other, if unchecked, it is constantly aggravating itself. For if we look at things with a distorted view, these things will present themselves to us in a distorted manner too; and thus, instead of reaping from our experiences new impressions which might help us in restoring a healthy spirit within ourselves, we shall only add nourishment to the ulcer within our mind. And on the other side, if we should try to cure our ignorance, we see that for so doing it is required that we look away from ourselves and from our habitual ways of thinking, which seems to us tantamount to a flat repudiation of our very selves and consequently impossible."

Hermann Gauss, Plato's Conception of Philosophy, 1974

      Hopefully, America's economic, political, and social state won't have to plunge to as debased a state as it did in the 1930s before people wake up and form small commonwealth communities with which to educate themselves and their children. Fortunately, we have the excellent model provided by Upton Sinclair's novel Co-op in creating a cooperative fellowship. Sinclair outlines both how a cooperative community should be created and the many pitfalls that must be avoided at all cost.

New Enlightenment Online Resource Center

      The experimental educational system delineated in this essay is an Internet Online Resource Center available to qualified participants. Applicants will come from:

  • Adults who wish to study progressive material

  • The growing number of American families choosing to homeschool their children

  • Students who are enrolled in public schools but want to access educational material of a progressive nature

      In 2003, the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics reported that approximately 1.1 million children (2.2 percent of school-age children) were being educated at home, 29 percent more than the 850,000 students who were being homeschooled in 1998. The National Home Education Research Institute estimates that between 1.9 million and 2.4 million children were educated at home during the 2005–2006 school year. A current estimate projects that 2 million or more children may be homeschooling. 1

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     The New Enlightenment Online Resource Center includes material--as referenced above--and also free consultation on study programs. If you wish to pursue a specific line of research or study, we offer free consultation on such inquiries. Participants self-qualify themselves by reviewing samples of the material and determining if the progressive, straightforward nature of the essays and articles is compatible with their educational and informational goals.

Using Progressive Educational Material to Realize a New Culture

      Our cultural miseducation has produced "trained" dolts who delude themselves and others into believing that they're brilliant teachers who know how to "educate" young people. Only highly intelligent, genuinely educated persons can assist us in raising ourselves from the depths of this present Dark Ages. Just having access to progressive educational material will not do the trick.

      If we want to produce critically conscious persons and move ourselves in the direction of a commonwealth, we'll have to avoid the "blind" and miseducated "teachers" and train instructors of genuine discernment.

            (click on text button above several times)

      Authentic teachers will be able to see that America has become a militaristic police state ruled by a cabal that has destroyed the minds of Americans through counterfeit educational systems.

      A physician can't produce a cure if he hasn't diagnosed what's wrong with the patient and hasn't understood what restoratives are necessary. Similarly, we can't begin to re-educate Americans unless we see clearly what's wrong with our society and how to cure the problems. One of the tests of whether a person has awakened to current reality is to determine if he has become aware--and personally acknowledges--that:

One of Many Long-Term Macro-Remedies

      To break the stranglehold of the multinational energy conglomerates such as ExxonMobil, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, British Petroleum, and Shell, they must be converted into publicly-owned and democratically-controlled utilities, as part of the establishment of a planned, commonwealth economy.

      Any person who shrinks from acknowledging the afflictions besetting American society and doesn't understand the necessary curatives could not possibly assist in correcting and re-educating the American mind.

Small Commonwealth Communities

      We're currently in a deep economic depression, though few Americans are aware of it--which includes the people who've lost their jobs and/or their homes. As depression conditions spread and intensify, more people will become aware that predatory capitalism has totally failed, producing large numbers of billionaires but destroying workers in the millions.

California Walnut Growers Association in the 1930s       When a nation comes to the crisis point of its despotic rulers bringing the nation and its people to the point of utter ruin, a new type of leadership and a new set of ordering principles are sought. Because sub-human 2 predators have seized political and economic power worldwide, humans are now literally an endangered species. They've lost the life-or-death capability of living in commonwealth communities where the goal is the welfare of all. Unless this lost wisdom is revivified in peoples' minds, the entire species could degenerate to the sub-human state of barbarity. What's necessary is that an advanced group constitute itself as a "saving remnant" that will leaven the larger culture with its higher knowledge and power, creating small commonwealth communities.

      It's now necessary that we re-educate ourselves in the "cooperative" spirit that prevailed in some organizations in the 1930s, creating small commonwealth communities through which to sustain and re-educate American workers.

"Conventional histories present the Depression as a story of the corporate market, foiled by its own internal flaws, versus the federal government, either savvy mechanic or misguided klutz, depending on your view. The government ascended, in the form of the New Deal; and so was born the polarity of our politics—and the range of our economic possibilities—ever since.

"Yet there was another story too. It embodied the trusty American virtues of initiative, responsibility, and self-help, but in a way that was grounded in community and genuine economy. This other story played out all over the U.S., for a brief but suggestive moment in the early 1930s.

"The UCRO [Unemployed Cooperative Relief Organization] was just one organization in one city. Groups like it ultimately involved more than 1.3 million people, in more than 30 states. It happened spontaneously, without experts or blueprints. Most of the participants were blue collar workers whose formal schooling had stopped at high school. Some groups evolved a kind of money to create more flexibility in exchange." 3

Re-Education in Higher Values

      Our re-education must be in terms of higher values and nobility of spirit that encourages people to cultivate generous and altruistic actions and developing an enlightened consciousness:

  • Engaging in humane civility

  • Practicing moral self-discipline

  • Appreciating beauty

  • Developing an autonomous self which is able to think and act on its own initiative

  • Understanding the necessity of life-long self-education

  • Developing genuine feelings of compassion and regard for one’s fellow human beings

  • Seeing through the current social myths and diversions

See, sons, what things you are,
How quickly nature falls into revolt,
When gold becomes her object!
For this the foolish overcareful fathers
Have broke their sleep with thoughts,
Their brains with care, their bones with industry.
For this they have engrossed and piled up
The canker'd heaps of strange-achieved gold.
For this they have been thoughtful to invest
Their sons with arts and martial exercises--
When, like the bee, tolling from every flower
The virtuous sweets,
Our thighs packed with wax, our mouths with honey,
We bring it to the hive and, like the bees,
Are murdered for our pains.

Shakespeare, Henry IV


1 Brian D. Ray, "Research Facts on Homeschooling," National Home Education Research Institute, January 14, 2008

2  The word "sub-human" has been used by various groups as a mindless term of rejection: the Nazis depicting other European peoples as sub-human; some cultures referring to women as sub-humans; Hindu society depicting untouchables as sub-human, and so on. I am using the term only in a descriptive manner, referring to certain people as sub-human who have lost the ability to think critically, who possess no desire to understand the truth, and who have no compassion for their fellow-humans. Since those and other qualities are essential in true humans, their absence from these people renders them sub-human.

3 Entrepreneurs of Cooperation

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