Economic Collapse


Capitalist Economic Terrorism

Economic Cannibalism

Dollar Imperialism

      These are the major reasons the cabal has caused the American and world economies to collapse:

  1. To cause a temporary rise in the dollar's value relative to other world currencies so cabal fat cats can amass dollars to put into gold, silver, and other stable assets

  2. To bring about the collapse of smaller banks and other enterprises, so the remaining giant conglomerates increase in power, size, and wealth

  3. To cause the ultimate collapse of the US dollar so a new currency--the Amero--can replace it

  4. To create a new world order

    "The financial system is to be concentrated into a cartel of just a few giant conglomerates to act as the economy's central planners and resource allocators."

Michael Hudson, "Bubble Economy 2.0: The Financial Recovery Plan from Hell"

The Rise in the Value of the Dollar Relative to Other World Currencies

      By causing the collapse of the economies of all nations, the value of the dollar--still the world reserve currency--has automatically risen.

Dollar versus the Chinese Yuan

Dollar versus the Euro

Dollar versus the British Pound

      In each instance, we note that the dollar has experienced an uptick relative to the other major currencies: a slight amount relative to the Chinese Yuan, a modest increase relative to the Euro, and a sizeable rise in relation to the British pound.

    "The USDollar is essentially dead, the [February 2009] Davos Forum its funeral wake. It is enjoying a physical erection in the medical morgue, a rise in a death dance ceremony. US leaders refuse to accept the reality. They desperately need its continuation for assistance in funding the USGovt monstrous deficits."

Jim Willie, "Economic Catastrophe Looms,"
Downside World News, February, 2009

      What's happening to the dollar is what some call "the dead cat bounce." That is, even a totally dead cat thrown onto the highway will bounce somewhat. The fact that it bounces a slight bit does not prove that it is alive or is in any way a viable entity. The same is true of the US dollar; the fact that it is experiencing a "bounce" does not indicate that it has any integrity whatsoever.

      The cabal controlling the United States has been able to maintain the US dollar as the reserve currency for the world through:
  1. Destroying other nations' economies so their currencies must be valued in relation to the US dollar. Commercial banks in all countries now have to buy US dollars because its value has increased over the past few months. Once the dollar value begins recovering, enterprises stop selling dollars for fear that the dollar price will increase further. As the other nations' economies have collapsed--because of the financial crimes perpetrated by the American Wall Street firms--their currencies have plunged in value. This has resulted in their currencies decreasing in value relative to the dollar.

  2. Threatening military aggression against anyone refusing to use the dollar as the world currency.

The Planned Collapse of Smaller Financial Institutions

      The cabal has deliberately caused the collapse of smaller financial institutions so that a few behemoths--Goldman Sachs, Morgan-Chase, Citibank, Bank of America, Wells Fargo--come out of the carnage as major winners, having purchased failed enterprises for pennies on the dollar.

      In 2008, twenty-five U.S. banks failed, an average of 2.08 per month. The rate of bank failure in 2009 more than trebled to 8 per month.

      Taxpayer "bailout" money enables the cabal giant financial institutions to buy out smaller banks that were not as badly infected with such reckless financial opportunism.

The Ultimate Collapse of the US Dollar and the Rise of the Amero

      The US dollar is experiencing a momentary rise in relative value only because the international cabal has inflicted an economic collapse on the other major economic powers. Over the past century, the US dollar has decreased dramatically in buying power. The only real measure of a currency's value is in reference to a stable asset such as gold or silver. In 2011, gold has risen in value to $1,580 an ounce and is likely to go even higher.

      The US dollar will likely collapse within the next five years, because of inflation (increase in the number of dollars) and the unsoundness of the American Wall Street predatory economy. Dollar imperialism--the use of the US military superiority to coerce other nations to continue using the dollar as the world reserve currency--will finally fail because the dollar will be a dead-weight around the necks of the other nations' economies.

      The capitalist cabal and its financial flunkies are trying to fool Americans into believing that looting taxpayer money and giving it to financial institutions will solve their economic crisis. They know this will never work, but they want to loot as much as they can before their ponzi scheme collapses.

      It can't work because they put most of their assets into toxic derivatives and other deadly scams (as shown in the image to the left). They have essentially no viable assets--other than the dollars they're looting from American taxpayers and foreign bond buyers.

          Ultimately the US dollar house of cards will collapse and a new monetary system--the Amero--established.

          The collapse of the dollar and the rise of the Amero is a major part of the establishment of a new world order.


    The Completion of the New World Order

                In the early decades of the twentieth century an international cabal seized control of the American political and financial systems. As this cabal extended its usurpation of political-financial power worldwide, it constituted a new world order. Under its Bush II puppet regime, the cabal demonstrated its new world dominance policy: "We will militarily and economically attack any nation that even appears to present a threat to our imperialistic sway." This tyrannical stratagem is being continued under the Obama regime.