THE Absolute Truth About Reality

The symbol to the right represents
the entirety of reality:

Up, Down, Left, and Right
North, West, South, and East

  1. In precisely the same manner, our SuperState contains all of reality.
  2. There are four divinely-sanctioned power dimensions on earth:
    • The Supreme Ruling Group
    • The Supreme Liberation Army
    • The Supreme State Police
    • The Supreme Administrators
  3. This four-square nature of reality is also proven by religion: There are four and only four authentic New Testament gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.
    (The apocryphal gospels are the work of anti-religious reality terrorists.)

Reality Terrorists

Unfortunately, there are some evil mind- terrorists who are now trying to undermine this reality.

By decree of the Supreme Ruling Group, you common people are now going to be trained NOT to be taken in by these demonic forces. First, these wicked people begin to picture reality in slightly different ways, such as this. Notice that the inner walls of Reality have fissures in them.

These reprehensible heretics will tell you that the old view of reality has some limitations or defects. For example, some irresponsible scientists are now saying that the old Newtonian-Einsteinian world view has broken down.

Their evil teachings include such nonsense as that the New Global Economy represents the obscenely rich destroying people by paying slave wages in whatever country will allow it. Their comrades in arms in the social sciences are saying that in our Glorious State of Prosperity the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting downsized, unemployed, welfare assistance-deprived, and homeless. Do not believe anyone who tries to tell you that our Glorious State is anything but Wonderful for everybody.

Progressive Mind Terrorism

These horrid malcontents next present such an insane picture as this. Notice that not only does the square have spaces missing on all four sides but that there are now parts of the four circles that are cut out. Presenting such a distorted picture of reality is bad enough, but these trouble-makers then try to FORCE you to see something that isn't there.
They say that if you view reality this way - with the fissures in the square and the sections cut out of the circles - that you will begin to SEE a white square in the position of a diamond. Now any right-thinking citizen of our Glorious State will not and cannot see such a figment of the evil imagination.

By newly-enacted State Edict #772-4B-Part C, it is now a CRIME AGAINST THE STATE to see anything but the original picture of a square and four black circles.

However, there have been some feeble-minded people who allowed themselves to be brainwashed into thinking that they actually see the hallucinatory white square. If you hear of anyone who sees this mind-destroying white square inform the Supreme State Police immediately! Our Benevolent State Mental Rehabilitation Centers are for the express purpose of helping our citizens see REALITY AS DEFINED BY OUR GLORIOUS SUPERSTATE.

If you see even the slightest hint of the Dread White Diamond, then move the page upward slowly, ridding yourself of the evil hallucination until you arrive back at THE Entire Truth, the square and the four circles.