Dialectical Interchange Sample

Note the quickness or torpidity of the various responses by referring to the time indicators.

15:54:16 Participant enters this room

15:59:37 Guide enters this room

15:59:38 [Guide] Welcome to our chat. Please obey the net etiquette while chatting: try to be pleasant and polite.

16:02:42 [Guide] This is a question which can be answered by either True, False, or Tuesday: Are you male or female?

16:03:13 [Participant] True

16:03:25 [Guide] Male or female?

16:03:40 [Participant] Male

16:04:12 [Guide] Do you have any questions or comments you'd like to start with?

16:06:01 [Participant] Yes, I understand a lot of what your Web stie instructs and also use NLP principles. I am curious toward hwat direction your other teaching tgo toward. I dol like your knowledge and information...

16:06:46 [Participant] I need to proof read my writing, befoe sending too.

16:08:02 [Guide] My "teaching" is aimed at gaining Higher Consciousness.

16:09:12 [Guide] Did you understand the description of Dialectical Interchange as a shared mystical experience?

16:10:59 [Participant] Yes, which is also what I am seeking. Can you name a few topics that you teach, like astsral projedtion, thought and thinking, critical awarness, etc.to reach these higher levels.

16:11:42 [Participant] Yes, I feel that I understand most of the description of Dialetical Interchange. This is what I feel I aready do a lot of myself.

16:13:23 [Guide] My essays on our Website explore different "portals" to Higher Consciousness: trance, meditation, contemplation of transformative art, dialectical interchange, etc. What in general has been your experience with hypnosis and NLP?

16:14:58 [Participant] I have a certificate in hypnosis specializing in past life, and I have been studying NLP for the past five years to understand the mind, and also use it to analyze spiritual topics and experiences.

16:15:54 [Guide] How do you feel you already do Dialectical Interchange?

16:18:37 [Participant] I will contemplate situations that happen in life, which includes symbols and waking dreams, to find intuitive answers for myself. I also have a couple of friends who have spiritual knowledge in which we have dialetical conversations

16:20:31 [Guide] I'm curious as to why you have indicated an interest in the study program in the Perennial Tradition, when it seems from your statements today that you are already "doing" dialectical interchange and use contemplation to find intuitive answers.

16:22:43 [Participant] Because I know that I still have a lot to learn and to improve my understanding. I guess one might say I have more to learn and improve upon dialetical interchange, so I am a distance to going if ever reaching full understanding, if ever possible.

16:24:48 [Guide] Is it conceivable to you that the first step for you in the study of the Perennial Tradition would be to divest yourself of almost all of what you now believe you know and can "do?"

16:25:42 [Guide] Can you go a bit faster?

16:26:19 [Participant] Yes. the almost part is what I am attemping for both of use to discover.

16:26:54 [Participant] Yes,I will go faster.

16:27:03 [Guide] I don't understand . . .

16:27:41 [Participant] I trying fo find out what I do not know.

16:28:21 [Guide] It appears that you do not know that you do not know--but only think you know.

16:28:36 [Guide] You know?

16:28:51 [Participant] Basically that wiould be correct.

16:29:25 [Guide] Do you have a private practice in past life hypnosis? How do you "use" past life hypnosis and NLP?

16:30:05 [Guide] What kind of "spiritual knowledge" do you believe your friends possess?

16:30:16 [Participant] At the moment a career in hypnoisi is on hopld.

16:30:27 [Guide] Why on hold?

16:30:37 [Guide] Who's holding it?

16:30:56 [Participant] We posses an intellectial knowledge, but probably not enough experience.

16:31:16 [Guide] Is it something like "Here, hold my coat while I go poke this guy in his assumptions?"

16:31:44 [Participant] I am just finishing a dissertation in transpersonal psychology, so I have been devoting my time there.

16:31:58 [Guide] Probably??? Are you SURE it's probably?

16:32:36 [Guide] Where did you do your undergraduate work? and now your graduate work?

16:32:59 [Participant] I definitely to not have the experience.

16:33:41 [Participant] Finance degree at [X University], and PH. D. Program at [Y University].

16:34:01 [Guide] So you say you have experience in Dialectical Interchange, but you actually don't have the experience?

16:34:41 [Guide] Why do you want a Ph.D.? What do you plan to do with it?

16:34:45 [Participant] I have some experience, but not at the skill level that I would like.

16:35:11 [Guide] Actually, I'm willing to sell you one of mine for a very good price.

16:35:46 [Participant] I as studying transpersonal subjects any way, so I decided to get a degree in the process.

16:36:18 [Participant] I have not fully decided what direction I am going to go with the degree.

16:37:07 [Guide] Trans-personal: beyond the personal. Do you feel this is any different from most of the nonsense that goes under the heading of "Integral" or "Transpersonal?"

16:37:10 [Participant] The definion of selling me one or yours?

16:38:17 [Participant] Yes I feel this is different and much more sensible, which I why you have my attention.

16:39:01 [Guide] I define "selling you one of my Ph.D.s" as: indicating that for me a Ph.D. is totally useless unless a person has some REAL knowledge in spite of it.

16:39:56 [Guide] We're moving better now, but we need to go even faster--something along the line that old Sigmund called "free association"

16:40:13 [Participant] I agree. This is why I am serching for REAL knowledge, and why I did not study clinical psychology.

16:40:28 [Guide] If we don't move fast enough, then the old cliches and mind garbage routines take over.

16:40:47 [Participant] Okay, lead in free association.

16:40:54 [Guide] I studied clinical psychology and found Buddha.

16:41:15 [Participant] I am not the fastest type, if you ever want to chat on the phone.

16:41:28 [Guide] But Buddha then told me that clinical psychology is most useless

16:41:44 [Participant] It is possible to find it anywhere.

16:42:07 [Guide] Try to "sense" why this chat structure is in some ways more useful than vocal interchange.

16:42:17 [Participant] Buddha was ritght I think.

16:42:28 [Guide] Note the "disconnectedness" involved

16:42:55 [Guide] Try to get beyond the "usual" "ordinary" ways of responding

16:43:00 [Participant] Becasue less time to analyze while trying to chat.

16:43:34 [Participant] More flowing

16:43:45 [Guide] "less time to analyze" is what we're trying to get beyond

16:44:08 [Guide] beyond the usual "explanations" and "analyses"

16:44:10 [Participant] Yes, one of my strenghts, and weeknesses

16:44:37 [Guide] You can move into an entirely NEW mode of response

16:45:07 [Participant] New, in which way.

16:45:08 [Guide] Where did you grow up?

16:45:27 [Participant] [City Z].

16:45:39 [Guide] New in a way that doesn't ask questions about "New, in which way"

16:45:44 [Participant] 90 ranch in the country.

16:46:06 [Guide] I was born in Kansas, the state where all Wizards come from

16:46:33 [Guide] Where did you go wrong?

16:46:43 [Participant] Funny, I was once told I studied with Merlin, who knows.

16:46:54 [Participant] I was brainwashed.

16:47:08 [Guide] Did you have to be "told" you studied with Merlin, you didn't know?

16:47:28 [Guide] Studying with Merlin was being brainwashed?

16:47:44 [Guide] That's not the Merlin I know and admire

16:47:44 [Participant] I didn't and kson't know, outside of my awareness.

16:48:25 [Participant] No, I went wrong by being brainwashed by society.

16:48:25 [Guide] How often do you visit the dimension "outside your awareness?"

16:48:39 [Guide] What's it like out there?

16:49:09 [Participant] That is the part that I am missing, whidh is a big peice.

16:49:17 [Guide] Try to say only very sensible things and be sure yuo type every word absolutely correctlly, very imprtant

16:49:43 [Participant] Also, what I am searching to connect with on a person awareness.

16:49:52 [Guide] Are you married, have you been married?

16:50:33 [Participant] Never have been married, no particular reason why.

16:50:39 [Guide] "To connect with..." Let's go outside that kind of awareness

16:51:07 [Participant] Okay, how would you describe it?

16:51:16 [Guide] "No particular reason why" must indicate a very interesting reason why

16:51:43 [Participant] Yes, except I am not sure why.

16:52:04 [Guide] I describe being "outside usual awareness" by not describing it but experiencing it in Dialectical Interchange, the Magical Mystery Tour

16:52:27 [Guide] If you listen carefully, you can hear the music

16:52:37 [Participant] Yes, that would be a better description.

16:53:20 [Participant] Occasionally..

16:53:29 [Guide] Thank you for confirming my suspicion that that was a "better description" Is there any other thing you can confirm?

16:54:01 [Participant] Experience is what I am searching to have.

16:54:23 [Guide] Interesting that Roman Catholics "confirm" someone who is so young and mentally incapable that they can't "confirm"

16:54:56 [Participant] Yes, that would describe it.

16:55:25 [Guide] Search no longer...you have now found the Land of Experience. Unfortunately, this is the Land of Unusual Experience so if you don't get outside your usual mind-set you won't be able to participate in it

16:55:48 [Guide] What has been your religious affiliation experience?

16:56:25 [Participant] My focus is on getting outside my usual mind-set, so I can participate.

16:56:32 [Guide] You are no longer in Kansas (unless you keep yourself there)

16:57:03 [Guide] Do you "feel" the hackneyed structure of your thoughts?

16:57:16 [Participant] Non demoninational church until the age of 13, Sidda Yoga for 33-35

16:57:40 [Guide] Most people practice speaking cliches to the point that they can't speak any other language

16:58:06 [Participant] I do not know the term hackneyed, but I sounds like it might fit. I will look it up later.

16:58:23 [Guide] You must have made the round of all the major cults, sounds like

16:58:45 [Participant] Yes, I like to call it parroting, and I find myself doing it too.

16:59:08 [Guide] What I teach is the ability to astral project to all the World Cults in a Spiritual Mind Tour -

16:59:40 [Guide] That way people don't actually have to study in the terrestrial world -- a bore

16:59:55 [Participant] Form my reading in astral projection, I understand people can do that. I would prefer other experiences.

17:00:34 [Participant] I like the bore at times.

17:00:54 [Guide] Just list all the kinds of experiences you would prefer and we can fix you right up with any kind of nonsense experience you can imagine

17:01:23 [Guide] No extra charge - of electrical energy

17:01:32 [Participant] I must say I do not know the experinces I need overall.

17:02:11 [Guide] Do you feel afraid to just let go and move as rapidly as possible into whatever New Territory presents itself?

17:02:31 [Participant] I am always open to suggestions of experience, and electrical energy.

17:03:10 [Participant] I would like to mosve as rapidly as needed into whatever New Terrirory presents itself.

17:03:10 [Guide] As you can see, if you let yourself, there's really nothing to fear -- it will only make a completelly different person of you

17:03:34 [Guide] You won't recognize yourself as you pass yourself on the street

17:03:56 [Participant] I am will to let myself and consciously have no real fear of it.

17:03:58 [Guide] There will be a faint sense of seeing that person somewhere before, but .....

17:04:31 [Guide] Try to answer some of the earlier questions as rapidly as possible

17:04:31 [Participant] I have not recognized myself many time, it will be good to do it again.

17:05:03 [Participant] Okay, fast as possible.

17:05:13 [Guide] No, you don't want to recognize youself, pretend you don't even know him. He'll smile and try to get you to jump back into him- very beguiling

17:05:51 [Participant] I am trying to find new experiences to accelerate myself in higher awareness as fast as possible in a healthly manner.

17:06:01 [Guide] That is, unless you really like your Old Self and don't feel interested in becoming a Strange New Strange Person

17:06:17 [Guide] Well, this is not very healthy--in fact it

17:06:26 [Participant] I want to move extirely away from the old self.

17:06:34 [Guide] not at all healthy for your Old Self (as he will tell you)

17:07:11 [Guide] Hold on for dear life to your Old Self or something "unhealthy" might happen to you

17:07:14 [Participant] I sure the old self will say that it is comfortable in the old way.

17:08:11 [Participant] Unhealthy in the old way is what I am changing.

17:08:16 [Guide] You say you are trying to find new experiences, yet when you're offered NEW EXPERIENCES OF DIALECTICAL INTERCHANGE you hold for dear life onto OLD EXPERIENCE MODES

17:08:59 [Guide] Would you like to stop here, since it's already past 2?

17:09:44 [Participant] Yes, I am fine going further tool.

17:11:43 [Guide] Let's stop here. Possibly you'll be able to get something from this interchange as you reflect on it.

17:11:53 [Participant] Is there any reading or anything else you would like to suggest. Along with your website?

17:12:23 [Guide] Have you read most the essays on the site?

17:12:26 [Participant] Yes, I will relfect on it. Thank you for your time.

17:12:39 [Participant] I have read many of them.

17:12:56 [Guide] Best regards