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Norman D. Livergood

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     This essay is the first in a new series of dialectical interchanges: 1  investigations carried out by the author and the reader in a reciprocal procedure. This series constitutes a new genre, applying the mystical science of maieutic psychagogy via an interactive Web document.    
1 Interchange: To give and receive mutually; exchange

     These dialectical interchange essays are intended for those who are committed to a serious study of the material on this Website. The essays include sections ensuing from:
  • Internal dialectical interchange

  • External dialectical interchange: one or more advanced student and the author engaging in real-time interchange using a specially-constructed online intercommunication system

     If readers approach this essay in the correct frame of mind, its clandestine content, mystical makeup, esoteric elements, and secret substances will affect them in a transformative way, working magic in a marvelous, mysterious, mind-blowing manner.

A Dialectical Interchange

     If seekers actively participate in these dialectical interchanges, the result is a definite transformation 2 in their personality. Very few persons honestly want to change; they feel they're quite okay the way they are. To such persons, the dialectical exchanges would seem dangerous and frightening--or utter nonsense.    
2  Upheaval is required to displace the psyche--mind and personality--from its entrenched intellectual and emotional routines. This is not some vague feeling of uplift or emotion; it is an eruption within the soul.

     Only those seekers who are willing--in fact, eager--to go through the re-training of their psyche to rid themselves of all the false beliefs and moods that keep them from discerning the hidden nature of reality will find these interchanges of value. This essay requires that the reader learn how to participate effectively in this entirely new operating procedure; this is not a capability that persons possess as an instinct or one that the ordinary person "picks up" in the usual course of life.

If you're definitely committed to learning how to participate effectively in this dialectical interchange essay, you'll need to have studied the essays below in preparation:

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     This essay is based on the understanding that besides those faculties which humans exert ordinarily and by which they judge and contemplate sensory phenomena, they possess a dormant higher faculty of awareness. If they are fortunate enough to be admitted to a program of study in which they learn to understand and activate this faculty, all the forms of things, the hidden springs of nature, and the ultimate truth progressively become intuitively known in their essence. This dormant faculty of awareness is said to subsist with nature as her substratal source, working magically to discover latent properties of Reality, the structure of the universe.

"There exists a faculty in the human mind which is immeasurably superior to all those which are grafted or engendered in us. By it we can attain to union with superior intelligences, finding ourselves raised above the scenes of this earthly life, and partaking of the higher existence and superhuman powers of the inhabitants of the celestial spheres."

Iamblicus (250-325 CE), The Egyptian Mysteries

The First Decision Node: Higher Powers

     In this series of dialectical interchange essays your response to the concepts, experiences, and exercises permitted determines the kind of content you can benefit from and what material is subsequently made available. You've had an opportunity, in studying the essays on this Website, to come to an opinion about various concepts, including the idea of Higher Powers. There are several different conceptions of these Higher Powers, so you can make your choice as to what area you wish to examine: (click on the one flashing dot before the SINGLE item you select)

The highest power I can imagine would be to have the power to get a million

The highest power I can imagine would be to have the power to evoke a spirit
which would then do whatever I wanted it to

The highest power I can imagine would be to have the power of astral projection

The highest power I can imagine would be to have the power of inner stability
that is independent of outward circumstances

Please select only one of the items below to proceed.

How would you most like to achieve extraordinary personal change?

Occult, magical, cabalistic, alchemical secrets

Following the gradual process as outlined in this essay

"We deal in illusions, man. None of it is true. But you people sit there day after day, night after night, all ages, colors, creeds. We're all you know. You're beginning to believe the illusions we're spinning here. You're beginning to think that the tube is reality and that your own lives are unreal. You do whatever the tube tells you. You dress like the tube. You eat like the tube. You even think like the tube. In God's name, you people are the real thing, WE are the illusion."

Howard Beale, TV Commentator in the movie Network

The Second Decision Node: Reality

Reality is the everyday world of shoes and ships and sealing wax, in other words,
the ordinary reality of sensory experience

Reality is God's grace in offering his only begotten son for our sins

Reality is the Divine (God, Brahma, the One Quintessence) manifesting
Her being through all beings

Reality is totally unknown and completely unknowable, mistakenly believed to be
the Higher Essence that is eminent in existent beings

Please select only one of the above items to proceed.

"It is ignorance that causes us to identify ourselves with the body, the ego, the senses, or anything that is not the Higher Consciousness. He is a wise man who overcomes this ignorance by devotion to the Higher Consciousness."

Shankara, The Crest Jewel of Wisdom

The Third Decision Node: Interpretation

     What is the meaning of this statement by Hakim Sanai?

"How can there be place for the creator of place,

heaven for the maker of heaven?"

The Walled Garden of Reality

Please select only one of the items below to proceed.

It's foolish to think that God created "place;" space is just a part of existence

The Creator is higher and separate from His creation

The Creator lives in "place" with his creatures who live in space

Heaven is God's reward as it is ours

The Fourth Decision Node: Honesty

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Instructional Interchange

Question: How can one distinguish between True Higher Ideals and all the "strange, exotic, almost absurd" concepts that accompany them, and a normal "airy, fairy feeling of everything being alright and wonderful with the world?" Is there a line drawn in the sand; are these two just slightly different levels of understanding, or are they completely different Realities altogether?

Response: 3  It's my opinion that you can distinguish counterfeit from genuine ideals and higher concepts by whether or not an average person would find the way they're expressed to be "strange" or "queer" or "outlandish." The "airy-fairy feeling of everything being alright and wonderful with the world" that I speak of is not "normal" in the sense of being appropriate or genuine. Such pseudo-emotional feelings are affected and artificial, giving the person a sense of importance or erudition.    

3 Note that the responses are not represented as "answers" as though the interchange involved a "Master" giving the Absolute Truth in response to questions or comments from a disciple.

The Fifth Decision Node: Rational Intelligence

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     The powers of mind that we call "rational intelligence:"

Were invented by Plato and the thinkers who followed in his path

Are secondary to human instincts and feelings

Are capabilities that could never conceivably be lost by humankind

Were invented by Homer (Simpson) in preliterate Greek society

The Sixth (or is it Seventh?) Decision Node: Spiritual Awareness

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Which of these quotes relates to the concept which eventuated in your coming to this location in the essay?

Rational thought has always been an instinctual part of Homo sapiens' makeup since they swung down from the trees and began to walk on the ground.

"There have been long periods in mental evolution . . . when the human mind was slowly laboring toward thought and conception and was following quite different laws of ideation and speech."

     Please select only one of the items below to proceed.

     You can gain certainty that you are developing spiritual awareness

Only when your guru confirms that you have achieved enhanced metaphysical

When you talk to other people about how wonderful and mind-blowing your
new spiritual awareness is

Through feeling really really high

As you participate in the distribution of your spiritual heart force to others

Do you feel you are the most spiritually enlightened person you know or know of?



Do you feel the "teaching story" above contains metaphysical insight?