We are now offering an online course of study with the following components and prerequisites:
The overall goal of the study program is to prepare persons for acceptance as provisional members of a cooperative commonwealth community in Vista, CA. If you are interested in this study program you will have gained this interest from reading these book chapters or essays and agreeing with what these sources say:     Be certain that you are definitely interested in qualifying to become a candidate for the Cooperative Commonwealth Community if you apply for acceptance into the online study program. If you are married, and intend to remain with your husband or wife, your spouse will necessarily have to have the same goal and have read and agreed with the above material. He or she will have to apply for acceptance into the online study program at the same time as you. If you have children, they will also have to apply for the online study program, as developed for young people.

These books constitute the curriculum:

  1. The New Commonwealth: building cooperative commonwealth communities to create a new polity in which all members can develop fully

  2. Progressive Awareness: Critical Thinking, Self-Awareness and Critical Consciousness

  3. Rediscovering Plato and the Mystical Science of Dialectic: Platonic philosophy and Platonic dialectical interchange

  4. The Perennial Tradition: The single stream of initiatory teaching flowing through all the original, authentic expressions of the great schools of philosophy and mysticism

  5. Replace Capitalism With Commonwealth: why commonwealth must replace capitalism

      This online course of study involves the instructor's specially designed methodology: "situational learning"--which is clearly distinguishable from "academic learning."

"This new technique of teaching and learning presents situations which provide the student a certain form of experience that can assist in our self-transformation. Of course the situations do not possess a mechanistic magic; they cannot change us automatically. We must use them in order to explore and transform ourselves. At the same time, however, the form of experience the situations provide can begin to affect us in ways which we may not at first recognize. As we participate in the situational learning experiences, we may find ourselves changing in ways which our old categories and feelings cannot explain."

Norman D. Livergood, "Situational Learning," Humanist Educator, 1977

   Before proceeding, it's necessary for the prospective student to know something of the teacher's background and orientation:
  1. A Perennialist teacher

  2. Within the Perennial Tradition

    Prerequisites for acceptance as a student within the study program:
  • Not involved in any reactionary 1 political, social, or religious group or ideology

  • Not currently involved in a psychological, counseling, or psychotherapeutic program

  • Not presently involved in a regimen of prescribed psychoactive drugs

   This online course of study is NOT free, in three regards:
  1. The course of study costs effort. The first effort prospective students must expend is in demonstrating to the instructor that they possess the capabilities requisite for genuine learning and attainment of and appreciation of self-awareness.
    Prospective students must divorce themselves from believing that they understand--and begin to understand in an authentic way. The process is first to recognize that one is ignorant of his own ignorance: believing he knows things which he does not actually know. A major aspect of this course of study is attaining a new form of awareness through self-knowledge. It requires an exceptional person to have attained genuine understanding that teachings concerning higher awareness through self-knowledge are not merely suppositions, but actual truths that can be activated through assiduous study and practice.

       To request consideration for admission into this study program, submit the information outlined below in a detailed essay. Give careful thought to the information you provide and the manner in which you present it. This is the first element in the screening process for determining acceptance into the program. Vague or incomplete information, written without care for correctness of spelling and grammar, is often a clear indication that a person does not possess the requisite capabilities for admittance into an exacting program of study.

    • Your name, home address (street, city, state, zip), email address, age, gender, and prior and current work experience

    • Religious and political affiliations: for example, are you now or have you been a member of an organized religion, political activist organization, or spiritual or metaphysical program

    • Medical and psychological state: for example, any ongoing medical problems, whether you are currently or have previously been involved in a psychological, counseling, or psychotherapeutic program, and an indication of your sexual orientation

    • Describe your overall goals and expectations in carrying out the assignments and gaining experiential understanding in this course of study.

    • Describe your general relationship with your spouse (if married), significant other, family, and friends.

       Send your essay containing the information outlined above in the body of an email (not an attachment) to this email address (norman@hermes-press.com). If the information you submit warrants, you'll be contacted by the Director of Study and your first assignments in the Study Program will then be provided you.

         Be sure you've read this document thoughtfully and have definitely determined that you wish to apply for admission into this study program before proceeding. Additional information about the program is available here.

  2. The second cost to the student is the purchase of the first course textbook, The New Commonwealth. Be sure you do not purchase the first textbook until you've received notice of your acceptance into the study program. The student should purchase only the first textbook to see if she is allowed to continue the course of study after completing study of this book. The student should realize that her admittance into this study program might at any time be terminated by the Director of Study because the student is not fulfilling the ongoing requirements for continuation in the program.

    If the student does not gain sufficient understanding and appreciation of the necessity of building a cooperative commonwealth community as the only answer to the present fascist, militarist, imperialist world plight, then her study will be terminated at that point.

    The student must satisfactorily complete her study of the remaining four textbooks after attaining understanding and appreciation of The New Commonwealth.

  3. The third cost to the student is in relocating to Vista, CA, if she successfully completes her study of all five textbooks and is admitted as a provisional member of the cooperative commonwealth community.

    Complete these two inventories:

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