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   With capitalists daily contriving new criminal tactics to loot and murder workers, progressives and progressive action become indispensable to our survival. The distinction between genuine and counterfeit progressives and progressivism is a subtle and nuanced one. Capitalists and their counterfeit progressive lackeys use such subtlety in devious ways to hoodwink those who lack the ability to discern fine distinctions between, for example, patriotism and jingoism. With increasing frequency, the fascist imperialists who now control America and most of the world, are disseminating propaganda and lies that play on workers' inability to discern niceties and refined meanings.

   A good example is this video (below) which seemingly criticizes "the rich" for never paying taxes. You might think from the title and the first part of the video that it was supporting a progressive agenda: exposing the rich as vultures living off society without paying their fair share of taxes. But the discerning viewer will realize that the actual message is total support and advocacy of capitalists: the rich. What might, to the unwary, appear to be a criticism of rich capitalists is actually complete endorsement and approval of everything they do--because:
  • "All economic prosperity and activity comes from the rich"

  • "Their spending, savings, and investments all create jobs"

  • "The rich are transactors of wealth and governments are consumers of wealth"

  • Taxation is "a government scheme" to punish the rich

  • The rich do not pay taxes, but they inevitably invest less due to taxes (if that seems contradictory to you, you got it)

  • When you vote for more taxes on the rich it is in reality voting for less income, less jobs, less technological advances, and higher prices

   In the epic battle of workers against capitalist despotism, a number of genuine progressives have arisen to guide our struggle and provide inspiration and wise counsel. Here are a few examples:

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • John F. Kennedy

    Martin Luther King

  • Upton Sinclair, Jr.

    Senator Bernie Sanders

  • Pam and Russ Martens

    • Phyllis Bennis    1   2

    Pepe Escobar

    Webster Tarpley    1    2

  • William K. Black

    Michael Hudson

    • Jill Stein 1   2   3

  • Other Genuine Progressives

  • Counterfeit Progressives Are Assisting Capitalists to Destroy Workers Worldwide

          Persons and websites pretending to be progressive are aiding and abetting the capitalist onslaught against workers in America and worldwide! Instead of assisting workers to understand and overcome the capitalist cabal's deliberate annihilation of the working class, these counter-revolutionaries disseminate lies and propaganda concocted by reactionary news agencies.

          Four of the worst of these offenders are:

    1. MSNBC     ". . . MSNBC has a warring imperative--its hosts worship Obama and are awash in endorphins as a result of his re-election. . . Every host, every journalist, and every guest on the programs who discussed the [austerity] issue took it as a given that it was essential and urgent that Obama and Boehner agree to austerity and severe cuts in the safety net. There was no discussion of the merits. It was treated as obvious. The consistent message was that it was essential that we support our President unreservedly." William K. Black, "Will MSNBC Continue to Shill For the Great Betrayal?"

    2. Amy Goodman of Democracy Now

      Amy Goodman refuses to consider that 9/ll might have been a cabal conspiracy. She uses Democracy Now as a disinformation conduit about such issues as the fake revolution in Syria, though she seems to have recanted in the august presence of Seymour Hersh. Her TV and radio program, Democracy Now, is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation.

    3. The website [Robert Scheer and Chris Hedges]

            This website indiscriminately publishes articles and cartoons that present the capitalist cabal point of view, without informing the reader that there is another side to the issues.

    4. The Nation Magazine

               As Obama announced a huge military buildup in Afghanistan during his first term--out-Bushing Bush--Newsweek celebrated him as the post-imperialist president and The Nation continued its mindless support for Obama's anti-worker, pro-militarist, imperialist policies. In 2012, The Nation declared, in clearly racist terms, that Obama's re-election was a great progressive victory.

        As late as January, 2013, Katrina vanden Heuvel, the Nation's editor, was spreading the lie that there is a "rising Progressive tide" and that this progressive upsurge is the same one that elected the "progressive" Barack Obama.

    "There should be no confusion as to the position of the Nation and the privileged upper-middle-class layers for which the magazine speaks, including former radicals and one-time critics of US imperialism. They have moved squarely into the camp of American imperialism. They support Obama's wars in Central Asia and Iraq and, more generally, the efforts of the United States to assert global hegemony."

    The Nation and the Obama Doctrine, Source

    Counterfeit Progressives and the 2012 Election
    "An excellent summary of recent and current machine-generated and electronic election fraud patterns in the United States is provided by Victoria Collier in her article entitled How to Rig an Election: The GOP Aims to Paint the Country Red, which appears in the November issue of Harper's Magazine. She shows that Jonathan Simon and Mark Crispin Miller of New York University, among others, have been attempting to alert Democrats to election fraud, but with very limited success. Miller has dedicated two books to this topic -- Fooled Again and Loser Take All.  Much responsibility for enabling the Republican fraud machine goes to the corrupt and craven leaders of left-liberal opinion. 'I know Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Rachel Maddow,' Miller says. 'I've tried for years to get them to concede that possibility, but they won't even do that. There is clearly a profound unease at work. They just can't go there.' The left-liberal bigwigs, Miller concludes, are in terror of being branded as 'conspiracy theorists.' Of that and of losing their precious funding one suspects."

    Webster Tarpley, The US Republican election fraud machine

          You can be certain that all news or opinion media (newspapers, journalists, Websites, etc.) allowed by the capitalist cabal to be "popular" outlets have been "approved" by cabal analysts to be supportive of predatory capitalist objectives. All mainstream print, radio, and TV news media have now become unthinking conduits of the capitalist cabal's lies and disinformation.

       Such cabal puppets as CNN's Anderson Cooper don't even pretend to objectivity in their reporting. In this video, Cooper calls Syria's duly elected leader a dictator and reports cabal misinformation about the CIA-backed Syrian fake revolutionaries as unquestionable truth. Instead of indicating that there are reports of US funding of Syrian rebels, Cooper leads the viewer to assume that his lies are the truth. There is good evidence that the cabal has been providing money and materiel to CIA-trained Syrian fake rebels since at least 2005. Stooges such as Anderson never mention the criminality of cabal invasions and regime-changes worldwide.

          It's even worse when people pretending to be progressives are complicit in spreading capitalist cabal lies and disinformation.

         Some Americans are realizing that the capitalist cabal that seized control over our nation is rapidly destroying American workers. But no genuine transformation of American society is taking place because, among other reasons, counterfeit progressives are making Americans believe that their Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speeches [Barack Obama], their street demonstrations [Occupy Wall Street], their New York Times editorials [Paul Krugman], or their TV talk shows [Bill Moyers] are actually bringing--or soon will bring--genuine progressive transformation 1 of American society for the better.

          In this essay, we'll examine those persons I identify as counterfeit progressives and fake populists and highlight genuine progressive actions we can take in freeing our nation from the death-grip of its fascist predators. Many persons I refer to in this essay make frequent genuine contributions to the progressive cause. For example, in January, 2012, Chris Hedges filed a suit against President Obama and Leon Panetta, Secretary of Defense, claiming that the National Defense Authorization Act, Title X, Subtitle D (NDAA) is unconstitutional. But, unfortunately, Hedges and other persons we can identify as counterfeit progressives often then turn around and disseminate ideas and engage in actions that sabotage any hope for genuine deliverance of our society from its capitalist destroyers.

          Also, many of these counterfeit progressive haven't informed themselves sufficiently to realize that the capitalist cabal has transformed America into a fascist, militarist police state, not the free representative democracy with a benign laissez-faire capitalist economy they assume it is [it never was]. By referring to them as counterfeit progressives, then, I'm not suggesting that their total effort has a negative effect, only some of what they think and do.

          Three examples of these utterly naive counterfeit progressives who haven't awakened to the real world situation will illustrate this point:

    • The Take Back the American Dream group makes this statement in its pitch for funds:
      "For months, we urged President Obama to 'go big' on jobs. Now he has a plan. Yet despite the urgent jobs crisis, conservatives want to stall until after the election--14 months from now. Any conservative who blocks action on jobs is choosing to kill the American Dream. We can't let them kill progress."

            This group assumes that the Obama jobs plan is unquestionably positive, in providing jobs for workers, and should not be blocked by "conservatives." On the contrary, the Obama "jobs plan" is a total scam, looting funds from Social Security and other social service programs and creating zero jobs.

    • In a 9/11/2011 article entitled "War - The Fiscal Stimulus of Last Resort," Ellen Brown states:
      "The veiled powers pulling the strings no doubt have their own dark agenda, but why has our much-trumpeted system of political democracy not been able to stop them?
      "The answer may involve our individualistic, laissez-faire brand of capitalism, which forbids the government to compete with private business except in cases of 'national emergency.'"

            We no longer live in a system of political democracy, but of a capitalist totalitarianism. The brand of capitalism we now suffer under is certainly not "individualistic" or "laissez-faire;" it is fascistic and predatory.

    • Most of Chris Hedges' articles posted on are so self-aggrandizing as to be almost useless. In a 9/10/2011 article entitled "A Decade After 9/11: We Are What We Loathe," Hedges tries to show how much he was directly and significantly involved in reporting on the 9/11 catastrophe. Like so many counterfeit progressives, Hedges still assumes the American people are responsible for such terrorist operations as 9/11--thus his using the word "We" in the title. Hedges and his ilk do not have the moral courage to acknowledge that terrorist operations such as 9/11 or the 2008 terrorist attack on the American economy are the work of a capitalist junta, not the American people in general. They shy away from words such as "junta," "cabal," or even "elite," because they fear they might be branded as "conspiracy freaks."

            Hedges brands the American people as a whole as terrorists:
      "Our brutality and triumphalism, the byproducts of nationalism and our infantile pride, revived the jihadist movement. We became the radical Islamist movement's most effective recruiting tool. We descended to its barbarity. We became terrorists too."

            No! The American people as a whole are not responsible for the terrorist acts that our dictatorial rulers perpetrate. Yes, many Americans have been debased by cabal mind-destroying operations into mindless conformity and ignorance. Most Americans are complacently acceding to what their capitalist rulers are doing. But to build toward a citizen-based operation of replacing our predatory fascist system with a cooperative commonwealth polity, we MUST distinguish between "the people" and their criminal capitalist leaders.

          Such pretend--or partial--progressives, with misinformed views on current political-economic-social realities--whatever other correct ideas they may have--foster deadly delusions in their readers through their misconception of what's really happening in the world at present.

       Two progressives that contribute important views and information--Webster Tarpley and Paul Craig Roberts--have reprehensible backgrounds in reactionary circles, and have never shown any remorse for these earlier errors. Webster Tarpley was a disciple of Lyndon LaRouche and should have joined persons such as Charles Tate in bringing LaRouche to justice for mail fraud.

       Charles Tate, a former long-term LaRouche associate, told The Washington Post in 1987 that LaRouche members see themselves as not subject to the ordinary laws of society: "They feel that the continued existence of the human race is totally dependent on what they do in the organization, that nobody would be here without LaRouche. They feel justified in a peculiar way doing anything whatsoever." In 1984, Mr. Tate severed all ties with the LaRouche organization in disgust over its political extremism, cultism and illegal activities.

       In 1988 Mr. Tate was a witness in the Eastern District of Virginia trial of Lyndon LaRouche which resulted in Mr. LaRouche's conviction on one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud (re over $30 million in defaulted loans), 11 counts of actual mail fraud (re $294,000 in defaulted loans) and one count of conspiracy to defraud the Internal Revenue Service; he was sentenced to a prison term of five to 15 years, while six of his associates received shorter sentences for mail fraud and conspiracy. It should be noted that Mr. Tate's testimony, which played a key role in the prosecution's victory, was entirely voluntary and not the result of any plea bargain or other form of government coercion.

    Paul Craig Roberts was the "father of Reaganomics," assisted in the derugulation of financial and governmental institutions, was Assistant Treasury Secretary during the Reagan era, and Editor of the Wall Street Journal. He has never evinced even the slightest remorse for helping to bring about the economic conditions which have led to our present pitiable economic-political plight.

    Roberts can be seen as a capitalist "ideological gatekeeper."

          Some persons will feel that my criticizing "counterfeit progressives" is mere petty quibbling. They assume that expressing unfavorable judgments concerning these people is counterproductive in that it negates what positive ideas they do have. We must realize that these are desperate times. The capitalist cabal that criminally seized political and economic power is murdering workers worldwide--through illegal "regime-change wars" (camouflaged as "color revolutions"), terrorist economic operations (bankster bailouts), and "austerity measures."

          In protecting ourselves from these cabal depredations, we can't afford to have our efforts blunted or negated by misconceptions, illusions, or irrelevancies. We must be certain that our efforts toward progressive replacement of capitalism are correct and optimal in all details. It's necessary to recognize that passable ideas and plans can easily blind us to the best and most viable solutions; that "pretty good" solutions at times like these are actually "very bad" ones. It would be suicidal to follow supposed "progressive leaders" who are only partially awake to what's gong on in the world; what they don't see can kill those who follow them!

          Of course the worst of the counterfeit progressives is Barack Obama, whose pretence of being for the workers fooled a nation into making him president. Even now, in the face of incontrovertible evidence that he's nothing but the cabal's puppet, people are still believing in him.

    "The entire political spectrum ranging from the 'libertarian' left, through the progressive editors of the Nation to the entire far right neo-con/Zionist war party and free market Berkeley/Chicago/Harvard academics, with a single voice, hailed the election of Barack Obama as a 'historic moment', a 'turning point' in American history and other such histrionics. For reasons completely foreign to the emotional ejaculations of his boosters, it is a historic moment: witness the abysmal gap between his 'populist' campaign demagoguery and his long-standing and deepening carnal relations with the most retrograde political figures, power brokers and billionaire real estate and financial backers."

    James Petras, A Historic Moment: The Election of the Greatest Con-Man in Recent History

    The Pretence

          You have to be mentally out-to-lunch to continue believing that Obama is in any way "for" workers. These actions of his demonstrate that he is a Wall Street front-man:

    • He's taken the money that should go toward creating jobs for workers or for repairing the nation's decaying infrastructure and putting it into the military-industrial complex. His militaristic imperialist escalation of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq involve more troops being put in harm's way than Dubya dared to commit.

    • He pretends to be against obscene bonuses for fatcat banksters, but he does nothing to stop this.

    • Obama tries to make Americans believe that he's horrified by what the Wall Street looters have done in relation to the sub-prime scam and the bankster bailouts, but Timmy Geithner conned Congress into extending the TARP rip-off indefinitely so Goldman-Sachs can continue its assault on American workers.

    The Reality

    Collaborators of the Fascists

              One of the most insidious collaborators supporting the cabal and its Obama puppet regime is the buffoon Jon Stewart. Stewart plays the historical role of the court jester by pretending to mock political leaders while lulling his audience into a state of mindless timidity. One of The Daily Show's staff writers--Kevin Bleyer--has contributed material to President Obama's speeches and is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. Bleyer is also a Truman National Security fellow and one of the founding contributors to The Huffington Post, a site which strictly forbids questioning the 9/11 conspiracy. Stewart is now (10/26/2014) directing propaganda documentaries for the cabal that are based on lies and serve capitalist cabal goals.

          Pretend progressives such as Paul Krugman sometimes get it right about such things as Social Security. But Krugman's suddenly become very "main-stream" after he received the Nobel Prize for economics. He seems to be critical of the Obama/Geithner looting of worker tax money, but in fact thinks their plans might work to solve the nation's economic problems. In 2012, Krugman became a mindless shill for Obama and capitalist terrorism.

          The 12/11/09 Bill Moyers' Talk Show was typical of counterfeit progressive activities that encourage Americans to believe that mere talk, mere street demonstrations, mere emotional uplift actually accomplish genuine transformation of our society. For years, Moyers and his fake progressive guests tried to convince Americans that people disgruntled with cabal looting, unemployment, homelessness, unfair taxes, and wars are joining efforts to bring about genuine change. Nothing has been accomplished; no transformation has occurred. On the contrary, conditions for workers are worsening every day!

         Moyers' show was particularly misleading when he had someone like Jon Stewart on his program.

          Some who assume they are progressives perpetrate cowardly attacks on genuine progressives such as Seymour Hersh. Unthinking Obama worshipers falsely claim that attacking supposed "radicals" and Republicans brings real social improvement. Wrong! As late at 7/13/2001, Robert Scheer was still ranting at the Republicans, ignorant of the fact that the Democrats are equally doing the cabal's bidding.

          Slavoj Zizek is a currently popular pseudo-Marxist poster-boy masquerading as a progressive.

          Most counterfeit progressives are members of what we might call the Lumpenproletariat--that segment of the working class that's incapable of achieving class consciousness, and is therefore useless in the context of the struggle for societal transformation.

    Capitalist Counter-Revolutionaries

    Snatching Defeat from the Jaws of Counter-Revolutionaries 2

          The rogues gallery of counterfeit progressives includes some strange creatures:

      Noam Chomsky is merely a pretend progressive. His writings on the 9/11 False Flag Operation, JFK conspiracy, and Palestine constitute deliberate misinformation.

      Pretending to be a populist, Alex Jones is actually a right-wing reactionary. Jones appears willing to do anything for publicity, including having bottom-feeders on his radio program to sing his praises. It's claimed that the ADL finances Alex Jones' radio program.

         Though Jones can be credited with presenting Webster Tarpley on a regular basis, his psychotic rants present a terrible image. Jones is so wrong-headed that he believes the reactionary Ron Paul is progressive and that the unsubstantiated accusations of a Venezuelan criminal who fled to Florida prove that Hugo Chavez is running drugs. He's so mindless that he's unaware when known cabal patsies use him to fomment irrational fear and civil war. Jones may be a CIA (stratfor) dupe.

          Counterfeit progressives provide a cover for capitalism continuing to destroy workers. They are, in actuality, traitors to the true progressive cause. Counter-revolutionary action always supports capitalism's tyranny and repression.

          Since the take-over of American political, economic, and social systems by the capitalist cabal in the early decades of the twentieth century, most of the purported progressive structures of our nation have become counter-revolutionary in the sense of supporting capitalism through subterfuge, pretence, and propagandistic lies:

    • Congress as a body of representatives of the people has been subverted into a group of bought-and-paid-for lackeys of corporate interests.

    • Constitutional safeguards such as habeas corpus and countervailing powers have been destroyed through cabal tyranny.

    • The "free press" has been debased into nothing more than channels for corporate propaganda.

    • The system of citizens voting for their representatives has been perverted into a one-party system in which the cabal selects all the candidates.

    • Most Internet radicalism remains within the capitalist structure of competition. Within the radical, anti-war, anti-cabal Internet community, there remains an excessive and debilitating competitiveness: "news" digest Web sites and many liberal writers competing to be the one to get the breaking story out first. Each activist group competes for attention--and money--to be given to its particular initiatives or theories.

          Many counterfeit progressives are most interested in "being the first," "beating the other sources to the story," "making the scoop"--in a mad competitive, capitalistic struggle against other news sources. We won't be able to defeat predatory capitalism by using its own tactics of competition and internecine struggle. At some point, intelligent, genuine progressives must band together in common purpose to create a cooperative commonwealth community.

    Participation in elections under the present totalitarian, fascist conditions is full of the danger of keeping alive illusions about the possibility of a "reformist" or "gradual" transition to a commonwealth system through the conquest of a congressional majority by so-called "workers' initiatives."

          In all totalitarian systems, such as America as ruled by the cabal or China, any act of dissent is branded as "counter-revolutionary" or treasonous. Though such acts may seem to political imbeciles to be genuine, productive acts of opposition, they are generally mere pretences of revolt which give radicals a deluded sense of power.

          Replacement of the murderous capitalist system with a true commonwealth polity for the benefit of all will not be achieved by mere symbolic acts of dissent such as the "Occupy Wall Street" demonstrations, by self-important television talk show hosts, or by addle-headed rants. Such mindless tirades can, in fact, give workers a false impression that changing the system will be easy.

          The all-destroying capitalist system openly or covertly supports most counterfeit progressives as an effective strategy for prolonging its manipulation of American society for the banksters and fat cats.

          The only response counterfeit progressives such as Chris Hedges can suggest as a viable response to state repression is senseless, useless acts like chaining oneself to the White House fence! It's only legitimate to blame workers for inaction if you've provided them a viable, effective response to cabal oppression and they don't follow through.

          One of the most vicious and destructive pretenders to progressivism is the current Democratic Party and its cabal-controlled leaders.

    "The welter of middle-class protest groups and 'left' organizations single-mindedly works to block the emergence of an independent political movement of the working class. They hover around the political corpse of American liberalism known as the Democratic Party, seeking at all costs to keep the working class trapped within its orbit."  3

    "The Democratic Party has been the principal instrument employed by the American capitalists for more than a century to block the development of an independent working class party, preserve the hegemony of the capitalist two-party system, and maintain the capitalist class' monopoly of political power."  4

    Irresolute Pretend-Progressives

          By now, all genuine progressives have seen through the phony facade of Obama and his administration and acknowledge that he is a cabal puppet and his regime merely a continuation of the cabal's policies--nothing more. Unfortunately, we're saddled with what can best be described as irresolute pretend-progressives: those persons who like to pose as genuine progressives, but much of the time speak for outright reactionism or timid "liberalism" --non-thinkers such as Randi Rhodes or Cher. You can recognize them by their vapid, contradictory excuses for and defenses of Obama--because they touted him as the Progressive Messiah and now don't have the courage to recognize Obama for the cabal-puppet he is. These pretend-progressives don't want to appear as defectors to the liberal cause--and thereby become traitors to any authentic transformation of our political-economic system into a genuine commonwealth.

    "There is no doubt that Obama and his party represent the lesser evil, but it is deeply disturbing to have to defend the leaders of our nation in those terms. . . Someday our president, whom I still regard as a decent and well-intentioned politician, will have to confront the demons of that fatal opportunism that led him to turn over the economy to the likes of Lawrence Summers and Timothy Geithner, who can most charitably be described as hugely successful Wall Street pimps."

    Robert Scheer, "The Sorry State of the Union," 1/26/2010,
    No, Robert, Obama and the Democrats do not represent the "lesser evil;" they are an integral part of the evil cabal--just as is the Republican Party and its minions.

    Obama is not a "decent and well-intentioned politician," but a ruthless front man for a murderous gang of thugs who've taken control of our nation. He's as much a Wall Street pimp as Summers and Geithner.

    "What, ultimately, is this [800 to 1,000 military bases scattered about the world] for? Barack Obama would say that it is meant to assure the security of the United States. He has been duped."

    William Pfaff, "A Duped President's Wasted Foreign Policy Year," 1/26/2010
    Mr. Pfaff, you should know better. Obama has not been duped. He was selected by the cabal because they were sure he would do precisely what they told him to do--militarily, economically, and politically. Obama's cabal controller was Zbigniew Brzezinski and Goldman Sachs was Obama's largest contributor.
    "Though the time is late, the President must toughen his rhetoric if he hopes to recover. He will have to convince average Americans that he is on their side and that the Republicans are the ones on the side of the rich and powerful, that they are the real defenders of the elites."

    Robert Parry, "How Obama Lost His Way," 1/20/2010
    Robert, Obama is toughening his rhetoric--in a pretence to stand up to the Wall Street fat-cats. Obama is NOT on the side of the average American. He and the Democratic party are just as much "on the side of the rich and powerful" as the Republicans. Obama didn't lose his way; he's right on target as the cabal-puppet he is.
    "When citizens shake off their resignation and rebel against the political elites, Washington reacts as if a dread new disease has risen from the swamp of public opinion. . . The White House senior adviser says he needs better 'data' to warn Democrats against any more upsets like the Massachusetts senatorial election. . . The people are in. . .

    "What a rare moment to behold--we've got their attention! . . . The first small signs of revival in our moribund democracy. The rebellions are like early tremors in what could be a deep shift in the tectonic plates of power."

    William Greider, Political Fever,
    The Nation, 2/15/2010
    Mr. Greider, the election of ex-nude model Scott Brown as Republican senator in Massachusetts was NOT, contrary to your illusion, citizens shaking off their resignation and rebelling. It was the reaction of reactionaries, not a "revival in our moribund democracy." This was NOT a shift in political power, but a mindless, knee-jerk reaction to cabal con-man Obama and the Democratic party corporation sell-outs.

    Tinkering With Capitalism

          Over many decades capitalism has pretended to reform itself, one of the most recent being the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, which was touted by Bush II when he signed it into law on July 30, 2002 as: "the most far-reaching reforms of American business practices since the time of Franklin D. Roosevelt." Sarbanes-Oxley has not been applied and Bush II's Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson sought to lessen, not increase, oversight of the financial system, claiming that tighter U.S. regulations disadvantaged Wall Street in relation to the London stockmarket. "Voluntary Regulation" is always the dodge capitalists offer when their financial crises become too evident to hide.

          Fascist capitalists will not fold up their tents and fade silently and peacefully away into historic oblivion; they are inherently barbarous and savage and will take as much of the world with them as they can in their inevitable demise. That's why revolutionary means--albeit peaceful--will be necessary to bring about a commonwealth system for human fulfillment--a total reconstitution of social structures will be necessary. "Tinkering" won't work with a failed system such as capitalism.

          Fake progressives in the "tinkering with capitalism" camp pretend that capitalism can be "reformed" into a workable system. In truth, capitalism is, in its essence, a "system" that "works" only for the rich, while impoverishing and murdering the working class.

          One of the "leaders" of this "tinkering with capitalism" camp is Gar Alperovitz.

    "The idea that we need a 'new economy'--that the entire economic system must be radically restructured if critical social and environmental goals are to be met--runs directly counter to the American creed that capitalism as we know it is the best, and only possible, option."

          No, we will not create a political-economic system "for the people" by "radically restructuring" capitalism. Capitalism must be abandoned and totally replaced  by a commonwealth system, as set out in a new embodiment of the Form, commonwealth, as earlier adumbrated by Plato.

          The agenda for most counterfeit and pretend progressives
    limits itself to blathering about reform of capitalism, tinkering with fascism, or trying to delude working class people that they have a powerful voice in what government does. In reference to the last, in September, 2013, counterfeit progressive Amy Goodman falsely claimed that in the case of the strikes on Syria, "The American people stood up for peace, and for once, the politicians listened." No, Amy, the cabal puppets such as Obama merely continued arming and supporting the al Qaeda Syrian death-squads, while pretending to negotiate for the removal of Syria's chemical weapons store.

        Workers must utterly reject counterfeit progressivism and recognize that the struggle for reforms of a totally failed--and lethal--capitalist system has become a hopeless utopia.

          In this epoch the only realistic strategy for workers is to create a commonwealth system that will ultimately replace capitalism entirely; no amount of tinkering with a totally failed capitalism is of any use. Workers no longer have any alternative between consenting to be atomized into millions of crushed, tamed individuals, or generalizing their struggles as widely as possible towards replacing the capitalist cabal itself with a genuine commonwealth polity. Workers must refuse to allow their struggles to be restricted to a purely economic, local, or sectional terrain and instead organize themselves in the embryonic forms of its future organs of power: cooperative commonwealth communities.

          The 2007 economic collapse revealed in the starkest terms the lethality of capitalist financial parasitism and criminality. Such revelations are beginning to penetrate the consciousness of American workers and with the proper genuinely progressive leadership can lead to profound changes in their political-economic awareness.

          We can anticipate that the American capitalist cabal will continue its unending series of wars of conquest and plunder--as has been made clear by the cabal puppet Obama. The cabal will continue its fictitious "war on terror," its insane drive to subjugate the peoples and resources of the world while coercing American workers into submission through a combination of fear-mongering and repression.

          While the capitalist cabal deludes itself into thinking that it has unlimited power, its rapid internal rot, as evidenced by the rise to its summit of the most predatory and criminal elements, demonstrates its actual escalating degeneration and impotence.

          Under these crisis conditions, the critical challenge is the development of a new revolutionary leadership of the international working class. These leaders will arm them with a fully-developed program and strategy to take political power into their own hands and begin the construction of a commonwealth society.

    Counterfeit Progressive Genuine Progressive
    Delusively believes that by tinkering with capitalism it can be acceptably revised Recognizes that capitalism is a totally failed system that must be replaced
    Believes the Democratic Party is independent, progressive, and viable Is aware that both parties are controlled by the capitalist cabal, making elections futile
    Believes that "color revolutions" and riots are "spontaneous worker uprisings" that progressives can use for change Understands that the cabal is creating fake revolutions and fake riots to make regime changes and create a police state
    Believes that the current U.S. president is independent Recognizes that all U.S. presidents are total cabal puppets
    Believes that change can come about through electing "progressive" Democratic Party candidates, joining protest demonstrations, and making declarations Understands that genuine change can only come about through creating cooperative commonwealth communities

          One of the keynotes of genuine progressive thought and action is the realization that tinkering with capitalism, as if it were a viable system that merely needs to be adjusted or returned to its original purity and effectiveness, is a deadly illusion. Yet, most persons who pretend to be progressive remain in the mind-set of capitalism and foster deadly misunderstanding in their readers. Unfortunately, even a person who understands a great deal about what's happening in the world--such as Max Keiser--is still allowing himself to be taken in by capitalism. Max insists that the Greek communist party members should not fight against capitalists, but against monarchs and oligarchs. Stacy Herbert, Max's foil, insists that the problem is not capitalism but "rigged markets." Both Max and Stacy should know that "rigged markets" are endemic to capitalism--that the real enemies of workers worldwide ARE capitalists.

          A genuine progressive recognizes and realizes that capitalism is an intrinsically flawed, non-workable system whereby Big Money Fat-Cats exploit and murder workers. We must go entirely outside the capitalist system to begin creating a separate cooperative commonwealth polity. A true progressive never advocates violence as a means of change, unlike Emma Goldman who participated in assassinations or even Emmeline Pankhurst who used arson as a tactic. A genuine progressive is never taken in by the mythologies of "good communism," "good capitalism," "a free Soviet Union," or "a free America." Unlike Jack Reed, Louise Bryant, Lincoln Steffens, Eugene V. Debs, John Howard Lawson, and many other pseudo- or partial-progressives, a genuine progressive never falls for Soviet lies. Even an otherwise progressive thinker such as Lincoln Steffens was totally taken in by Soviet communist propaganda.

    "Intrigued by Mussolini, Steffens was captivated by Lenin, whom he interviewed briefly during the revolution. He became one of the first of that sad little band of Western intellectuals who fell head over heels for the Soviet Union. Unlike most of them, he did not deny the stories of atrocities leaking out of the workers' paradise. Even more chilling, he simply believed them necessary to bring about the great changes to come. He never wavered from his infamous first impression of the U.S.S.R., 'I have seen the future, and it works.' Instead, living comfortably on money he made from the stock market, he insisted that 'nothing must jar our perfect loyalty to the party and its leaders,' and that 'the notion of liberty . . . is false, a hangover from our Western tyranny.'

    Hard Times

          As the US faction of the international demonic cabal continues its onslaught against other capitalist countries and worker groups, open warfare against America by other nations may break out.

          Workers throughout the world must begin now to prepare for extreme conditions, as predatory capitalists deliberately cause world wars, domestic lawlessness, civic unrest, unemployment, loss of medical care, homelessness, poverty, economic collapse, and genocide for the purpose of consolidating their power in a new world order. We must carefully scrutinize capitalism's current internecine war and its historical war against workers--to see how the fallout affects us.

          At some point during this current descent into a new dark ages intelligent workers must begin building safe havens within which they can survive. At present, there are quite a number of fantasy survivalist utopias being touted, while only a few realistic proposals are available.

          These are actions we must carry out immediately:

    Machinations of Counterfeit Progressives
    Obama's Big Sellout

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  • Notes:

    1 I'm primarily using the term "transformation" instead of "revolution" to emphasize that the social changes sought must be gained through peaceful, non-violent means. Where the word "revolution" is used, it connotes "peaceful revolution."

    2 A counter-revolutionary is anyone who opposes or sabotages societal transformation or revolution, particularly those who act to stop change or act after a revolution to try to overturn or reverse it.
    Counter-revolutionary: Tory, bitter-ender, diehard, hard hat, intransigent, obscurantist, reactionist, right-winger, rightist, royalist, standpatter, traditionalist, ultraconservative.
    The word "counterrevolutionary" originally referred to thinkers who opposed themselves to the 1789 French Revolution, such as Joseph de Maistre, Louis de Bonald, or, later, Charles Maurras, the founder of the Action française monarchist movement. Henceforth, it was used in France to qualify political movements that refused the legacy of the 1789 Revolution, which historian René Rémond referred to as légitimistes.

    3 Barry Grey, The revolutionary implications of the decline of American capitalism,

    14 October 2008

    4 David North, The Crisis of American Democracy

    Fake Progressive Organizations: