Communing With
Higher Beings
Communing With
Higher Beings
Communing With
Higher Beings

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"The end for which man was created was to achieve communion with the Higher Beings above the terrestrial realm, through the light and spirit of the Divine, the wings of the soul. That ought to be man's aim in the acquisition of knowledge."
Plato, Theatetus

"There is another ultimate underlying potency (àρχñ) of the soul which is superior to the whole realm of nature and generated existence. Through it we are enabled to attain communion with Higher Beings, of being transported beyond the scenes and arrangements of this world, and of partaking of the Life Eternal."

Iamblicus (250-325 CE), The Egyptian Mysteries

"There are influences around me radiating the warmth of human affection, only with so much greater power. I dissolve to their love; I surround them as they surround me, steeping in each other's heart-expansion."

"Now, the strange thing is, I reach out and spread around each one I care for, this atmosphere. And as more and more people are brought in and each adds his contribution to the atmosphere, it enlarges and grows stronger and becomes firm, like a continent in a surrounding ocean."

"The more you ally yourself with the higher consciousness, the more you become aware of greater forces to be cooperated with in order to gain still greater freedom."
Betty White, Across the Unknown

High Initiation: Communing with Higher Beings

  The material in this essay consists of recently reactivated 1 elements of the Esoteric teaching within the Perennial Tradition. Thus, this essays refers to an esoteric process which can only be described in general terms. This operation cannot be carried out through this essay, since it can only be activated and orchestrated within each pre-tested initiate individually by the Perennial Teacher and can only be made available to advanced students in the Perennial Tradition.

  This High 2 Initiation can best be imparted to and activated within an advanced student through direct voice transmission face-to-face and through adaptable orchestration--certain instructions and explanations which must be carried out during the Process and changed and adapted as the Initiation proceeds. However, efficacious transmission can be achieved through online dialectical interchange between a Perennial teacher and an initiate through a text Web chat room.

  Both procedures require that the student-initiate study and meditate on this essay assiduously and discerningly. Following this, the student is individually introduced to this esoteric Activity of High Initiation during person-to-person instuction by the teacher.

The High Initiation (or spiritual baptism) procedure has been recently transmitted to and activated in advanced students in the Perennial Tradition and their experience proved to be efficacious to the highest degree.

 We commune with the Divine and Higher Beings in transcendent dialectic. As we stabilize our contact with the Divine, we become aware of God's nearness.

  Advanced students of the Perennial Tradition prepare themselves to receive this High Initiation with deep appreciation by thoughtfully assimilating each word of the essay, meditating reflectively on deeper meanings, and using each image to assist them in gaining a more profound understanding. In the paragraph below each word is taken literally. "Everything depends upon the way in which you receive what is offered you."

     "A divinity may approach you: it is either everything or nothing. Nothing, if you meet it in the frame of mind with which you confront everyday matters; everything, if you are prepared and attuned to the meeting. What the divinity is in itself is a matter that does not affect you; the important point for you is whether it leaves you as it found you or makes a different man of you. But this depends entirely on yourself. What is brought to you depends upon the reception you prepare for it. You must have been prepared by the education and development of the most intimate forces of your personality so that what the divine is able to evoke may be kindled and released in you. Everything depends upon the way in which you receive what is offered you."

Rudolf Steiner, Christianity As Mystical Fact, 1947

     The High Initiation places the initiate precisely into that state of Higher Consciousness induced by the Mystery Traditions of Egypt and Greece and incorporated into Perennialist Hermeticism and Esotericism. 3

"Although this process of initiation [into the Higher Mysteries] bore all the outward semblance of expert hypnotism, it was something that went far beyond the entrancement methods of our modern experimenters, who tap the subconscious mind of man but who cannot make their subjects conscious of still profounder planes of existence."

"Moreover, to confuse such a sublime experience with the mental handiwork of the modem hypnotist would be a grave error. The latter plunges his subject into a strange condition which neither fully understands, whereas the hierophant of the Mysteries was in the possession of a secret traditional knowledge which enabled him to exercise his power as one fully armed with complete understanding. The hypnotist taps the subconscious mentality of his entranced subject down to a certain level, without himself sharing the change of condition, whereas the hierophant watched and controlled every such change by his own percipient powers. Above all, the hypnotist is only able to elucidate from his subject such matters as concern our material world and life, or to perform abnormal feats with the material body. The hierophant went deeper, and could lead the mind of the candidate step by step through an experience involving the spiritual worlds--a feat beyond the power of any modern hypnotist to achieve."

"There existed an exalted and final degree of initiation where the souls of men were not merely freed temporarily from their bodies in a condition of simulated death, in order to prove the truth of survival, after the great change, but where they were actually carried up to the loftiest spheres of being, to the realm of the Creator Himself. In this marvellous experience the finite mind of man was drawn into contact with the infinite mind of his superior divinity. He was able for a brief while to enter into silent, spell-bound communion with the Father of All [and other Higher Beings], and this fleeting contact of incomparable ecstasy was enough to change his entire attitude towards life. He had partaken of the holiest food that exists in life. He had discovered the ineffable ray of Deity which was his true innermost self, and of which the soul-body which survives death was merely the intangible vesture. He was, in verity and fact, born again in the highest sense.

"Such an experience came with an entrancement which, although outwardly similar, was inwardly completely different from the hypnotic entrancements of the earlier degrees of initiation. No hypnotic power could ever confer it, no magical ceremony could ever evoke it. Only the supreme hierophants, themselves at one with their divinities, their wills bent with his, could by their astonishing divine force arouse the candidate to consciousness of his superior nature. This was the noblest and most impressive revelation then possible to Egyptian man, and still possible, albeit through other ways, to modern man."

Paul Brunton, A Search in Secret Egypt, 1936

  As in Brunton's depiction of the Mystery Initiation, so the High Perennialist Initiation involves the Perennialist teacher placing himself in a Higher State of Consciousness as he imparts to and activates a Higher State of Consciousness within the student-initiate. The teacher mystically "accompanies" the initiate into a Higher Life peopled with Higher Beings and Higher Activities.

  Advanced students of the Perennial Tradition prepare for the High Initiation experience by expressing and meditating on these Theurgic Enunciations as often as time allows.

Theurgic Enunciations:
  • Thank you, Lord God

    Meditate on all elements (persons, events, objects, events) that you feel grateful for.

  • I surrender my life and being to you, Lord God.

    Meditate on the Divine receiving your surrendered life and being and using it as He deems best.

  • I am one with you, Father of All.

    Meditate on merging and becoming one with the essence of the Divine.

"Despite the soul's fall there lingers in it, although in a condition of atrophy and enchantment, a residual germ of that divine principle which once wholly actuated it; a germ capable of being so stimulated into activity as to raise the personal consciousness even to the point of unity and identity with the Universal Mind and through the healing efficacy of that principle's transmuting potencies, to effect such an organic change in the psychical, and even the physical parts of our present frail and imperfect nature as will bring them into a divinised condition."

Mary A. Atwood, Hermetic Philosophy and Alchemy, 1850, 1960

  If you would like to determine if you have understood this essay, this test is made available to you.


1 The High Initiation into Communion With Higher Beings was probably first introduced by Hermes, the essence of which was preserved in perpetuity in the Egyptian temples. It's clear that Pythagoras, Plato, and Jesus practiced this Perennialist Ceremony, among many other Perennialist teachers throughout the ages.

2 This is delineated as High Initiation because it is above the elementary level of development, at the highest level. "One has to distinguish between an elementary level of development leading to comprehension of an experienced spiritual teacher's statements, following them as it were in thought and feeling and acknowledging them as truth within certain limits, and an advanced level on which one attains the personal experiences in soul and spirit realm." Rudolph Steiner, The Inner Development of Man

3 Our effort to make contact with Higher Beings is directed especially toward those connected with the Perennial Tradition. Our purpose is to discover with them what are our individual purposes and learn how to bring these objectives into manifestation with the assistance of these spiritual beings.
Perennialists and persons associated with the Perennial Tradition: Hermes, Pythagoras, Diotima, Socrates, Plato, Jesus, Paul, Marcion, Valentinus, Clement of Alexandria, Origen, Plotinus, Hypatia, Boethius, Hujwiri, Al-Junayd, Shahabudin Suhrawardi, Ibn el-Arabi, Francis of Assissi, Bernard of Clairvaux, Frederick II, Rumi, Albertus Magnus, Roger Bacon, Raymond Lully, Meister Eckhart, John Colet, William Shakespeare, Jacob Boehme, George Fox, Emmanuel Swedenborg, Helen Keller, William Blake, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Abraham Lincoln, Mary A. Atwood, Henry David Thoreau, Frank C. Laubach, Paul Brunton, Betty White, Stewart Edward White, Rufus Moseley, Franklin D. Roosevent, Martin Luther King, and Aldous Huxley