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    The original phrase "common wealth" or "the common weal" is a calque 1 translation of the Latin term res publica ("public matters"), from which the word republic comes, which was itself used as a synonym for the Greek politeia, meaning commonwealth, as well as for the republican (i.e. non-monarchical) Roman constitution.

    The English noun Commonwealth dates originally from the fifteenth century. The meaning of this term we're concerned with in this essay is: A political unit founded in law by agreement of the people for the common good

   This essay is one in a series of studies of Platonic Forms. In previous essays we've examined the forms of human civilization: Goodness, Justice, and Beauty. We've previously seen how capitalism has from its inception destroyed--and continues to destroy--all civilized human values and principles. It's necessary for us, therefore, in this era of capitalist decimation and degradation of human life, to examine the Forms of human civilization in order to understand how to reinstitute these values and principles that are essential to human well-being.

Boticelli's painting of Athena overcoming the satyr--civilization triumphant over barbarism
    In this essay, we take the approach that humans overcome demonic terrestrial forces--such as injustice--by understanding and realizing the Forms of human civilization. In all historic eras, humankind has ordered its life according to specific societal archetypes: patterns of behavior and objectives. When these elements become deranged and deadly--as at present--then we can overcome these destructive patterns of behavior only by understanding the true Form of these elements and instituting them in society.

"It is necessary, in the first place, to turn our attention constantly and continuously to the higher ideal which we wish to realise; to the highest ideal we can form of truth, goodness, and beauty. In proportion as we can do this we shall find truth, goodness, and beauty becoming realised in our nature. The practical outcome of an intelligent realisation of the existence of our higher divine Self, is the opening up, as it were, of a channel of communication through which the higher can flow into, and manifest in, the lower. There is an actual structural alteration in the physical body and nerve centres. Every thought conditions a definite physiological change. We shut out the higher possibilities by thought alone, by thinking ourselves separate. Just in proportion as we think of ourselves as divine, in proportion as we realise that the divine is within us, shall we come to a conscious realisation of our divine nature and powers. Nor is there any other path by which this may be accomplished."

William Kingsland, Scientific Idealism

    It has become necessary to define the form--or essence--of commonwealth in general and in specific, because a particular archetype of commonwealth as presented by the author is now being realized in the terrestrial realm. As previously explained, the form commonwealth has supersensible reality in the realm of forms within a community of supersensible (discarnate) beings who study and define commonwealth and work to bring about its incarnation in humankind's earthly life. 2

"Even though the commonwealth described does not yet exist in the terrestrial domain, there is a Form or Archetype of it in the sovereignty of the higher realm for anyone who wants to look at it and make himself its citizen on the strength of what he sees. It makes no difference whether it is or ever will be somewhere in the terrestrial realm, for he takes part in the practical affairs of that commonwealth in the higher realm and no other."

Plato, Commonwealth X, 592b

    The author has been able to develop the basic ideas of the Cooperative Commonwealth Community through dialectical interchange with and creative inspiration from this supersensible grouping of persons which Plato refers to in the paragraph above. The author is able to make contact with this community through meditation and contemplation and in this way is able to allow for the flow-through of the Form Commonwealth into verbal and written expression.

   This specific commonwealth archetype gained a further degree of reality in its manifestation as a digital book and as an online book, the Preface of which is available here. It will now gain additional realization if or when persons join the specific community.

A Specific Archetype of Commonwealth

    As a specific model of commonwealth is coming into more complete realization in the terrestrial realm, it's necessary to indicate in detail what constitutes membership in this Commonwealth Community. This is especially the case as we have now created a new auxiliary membership category.

   A person proves himself or herself to be a viable candidate for (full or auxiliary) membership in the Cooperative Commonwealth Community:
  1. By having achieved a specific level of awareness, including awareness of the evil of capitalist fascism

  2. Through commitment to the specific commonwealth archetype as outlined in the book: The New Commonwealth as the only viable solution to the present capitalist scourge.

    Most persons at present are so intellectually deficient that they're unable to recognize that the current political-economic-social world created by the capitalist cabal is NOT normal or acceptable: it has deliberately been debased into a capitalist fascist, imperialist, militarist world dictatorship. Persons who fail to recognize this fact no longer partake of the true essence of humans, since part of the essence of genuine human beings is true comprehension of themselves and their world. In relation to persons' complicity with and culpability for the present evil that capitalist fascism is perpetrating worldwide, we lose our human essence. We are complicit with and culpable for the systematic murder of workers by the capitalist thugs in direct ratio to our refusal to realize our divine essence as human beings.

Cooperative Commonwealth Community

  1. Screening and training of community applicants for membership, not indiscriminate acceptance of all applicants

  2. Community ownership of the means of production by members

  3. Democratic control: policies and actions decided by democratic, dialectical consensus of all community members

  4. Production solely for use, not profit: community-regulated production of goods and services relative to need without the intervention of a buying and selling market mechanism

  5. Replacement of capitalism by a commonwealth polity one community at a time, not nationally as a whole

   We must realize that a commonwealth is not an external condition or system but a way of life. As such, it must be pursued, achieved, and then continually maintained. By definition, it requires of its participants certain values, qualities of character, capacities, and actions. Those values, qualities, capacities, and actions must be central to one's whole life and being. This means that it is not possible to practice a commonwealth life-style in one area of life--say on the job or in a civic organization--and yet remain acquiescent to or unmindful of the fascism of a political-economic system, or remain tyrannical in one's personal relationships.

    This also means that a commonwealth, by its very nature, cannot be given to us by decree, mandate, vote, constitution, or even political revolt. It is a polity and capability for group decision-making and group living which we must achieve for ourselves and which then requires continual effort and vigilance.

    A commonwealth is not an end to be achieved once-and-for-all and handed from one generation to another. It is a process used by people in ordering their lives toward common goals such as constitutional liberties. Each generation's goals change, so a commonwealth life-style is a process which is never completed or achieved, any more than the process of learning is something we get the hang of and then stop doing.

    A commonwealth can emerge only when certain persons decide to join with others in selecting and fulfilling common goals. To opt for a commonwealth must come out of the understanding that other seemingly simpler and more efficient processes of decision-making lead inevitably to the oppression of one group by another.

     A commonwealth can only come to those who are willing to work for the best and highest in human development for all. At almost any point in a nation's history it can be said: "Yes, there are problems here, but it could be worse. Instead of being a malcontent working for unnecessary change, be thankful for what you have." That has been said to every enslaved or oppressed group in human history. That's what the white owner said to his black slave, the British trying to mollify the oppressed colonists in America and India in the 1770s. The good is often enemy to the best. Today we hear: "What oppression? We never had it so good. Don't rock the boat." For many people, life under this present fascistic plutocracy, which they have been fully programmed to experience as a democracy, appears rewarding and complete.

      Adepts within or influenced by the Perennial Tradition have created close-knit coalitions of seekers and initiates which embody the Form Commonwealth:

  • Egyptian hierophant temples

  • Pythagoras' community at Krotona

  • Plato's Academy in Athens

  • Esoteric Christian communities

  • Neo-Platonic academies in Alexandria and Athens

  • Plotinus' attempt to set up a new Academy called Platonopolis

  • Gothic Cathedral schools

  • Bernard of Clairvaux's Cistercian Order

  • Cambridge Platonist group

    One of the closest approximations to the Form Commonwealth was explicated by the Perennialist savant Jesus of Nazareth. In his teaching of a Higher or Supersensible Commonwealth in which all humankind were brethren, Jesus taught about an Empyreal Commonwealth which he said is not visible because its essence is "within us." The Greek words referring to this Empyreal Commonwealth in the New Testament have been mistranslated "Kingdom of heaven" or "Kingdom of God."
    • basileia: commonwealth, fellowship, brotherhood, governance, sovereignty, dominion, a rule or reign

    • ouranos: the realm of Higher Being--the Empyrean, Heaven

    Jesus taught his disciples to pray:

"Thy Commonwealth of Higher Being come.

Thy will be done.

On earth as it is in the Higher Realm."


1 In linguistics, a calque or loan translation is a word or phrase borrowed from another language by literal word-for-word translation.

2 At the end of The Commonwealth, Socrates tells Glaucon that the commonwealth moral principles of virtue and order, applying to both the soul and the society, are already realized in a higher realm of supersensible communion. Only seekers of wisdom (philosophers) gain awareness of and participation in this supersensible commonwealth, because only they possess the spiritual qualities which make this possible. The supersensible community has been created by the lives and teachings of the varied Perennialist teachers.

See the author's book The Perennial Tradition