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Counterfeit Remediations
of Capitalism

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    In this insane, perilous time when capitalists are looting billions of dollars from citizens worldwide, while murdering millions of workers by imposing austerity tactics, and using the unemployed masses of workers as canon fodder for their imperialist wars, capitalists realize that they must prop up and whitewash their crumbling system with propaganda and lies--lest the workers justifiably come after them with pitchforks and torches.

    Thus we now see a host of counterfeit palliatives and remediations for and alternatives to murderous capitalism. These fake correctives and substitutes are hyped by capitalist public relations manipulators as the grand solution to all of capitalism's few (not many) possible (never certain) shortcomings (not defects). These fake solutions use all the phony sedating, tranquilizing, mollifying language and tactics capitalists have so expertly learned to use in brainwashing the working masses through the centuries.

    In this essay we'll first examine the only viable solution to the murderous world conditions which capitalists are imposing: building cooperative commonwealth communities. We'll explore why this is the only answer to capitalism's inherent defects and deadly tactics. Our study will then investigate the counterfeit remediations that capitalists are pretending to offer for their totally failed system of economic and political despotism.

The Only Viable Solution to Capitalism's Worldwide Destruction of Workers

"Faced with the challenge of an obsolete capitalism of generalized monopolies, in which the pursuit of accumulation is henceforth simply destructive of the human being and nature with ever-increasing power . . . the resistance and struggles of the victims, although real, remain defensive, without a conscious and positive alternative project."

Samir Amin, "The Center Will Not Hold: The Rise and Decline of Liberalism," Source

    Samir Amin's depiction of capitalism as obsolete and "destructive of the human being and nature with every-increasing power" is correct in all details. And, until 1996 it was true that capitalism's many victims lacked a "conscious and positive alternative project." However, in 1996, the New Enlightenment website was launched, and in 2011, a new vision of a Commonwealth Culture was published. These two events represent the re-introduction of a Higher Culture 1 into the barbaric world of globalist capitalism.

Cooperative Commonwealth Communities

  1. Screening and training of community applicants for membership, not indiscriminate acceptance of all applicants

  2. Community ownership of the means of production by members

  3. Democratic control: policies and actions decided by democratic, dialectical consensus of all community members

  4. Production solely for use, not profit: community-regulated production of goods and services relative to need without the intervention of a buying and selling market mechanism

  5. Replacement of capitalism by a commonwealth polity one community at a time, not nationally as a whole

    The intentional community envisioned in The New Commonwealth novella differs entirely from such entities as the "created nations" after World War I and II. The community is not created by merely taking over the territory and populace of a previously established locale (town, city, state, or nation). The cooperative commonwealth communities are newly formed groupings of persons who have gone through the creatively designed process of becoming members of the community:

  • Discovering the New Commonwealth movement through intelligent and deliberate effort

  • Being admitted to training through a carefully constructed screening process

  • Being admitted to provisional membership after passing the training program.

          Most persons unthinkingly believe that communities can be created without either screening or training; just let anyone into a community who wants to join and assume they possess the capabilities required for effective community action, including democratic decision-making. A viable commonwealth polity can only be created through the efforts of a selected group of highly intelligent, effective, politically capable persons who've been screened and trained in critical thinking, decision-making, and interpersonal relationship skills. Below is the preface to the novella depicting the formation of cooperative commonwealth communities.

  • We Must Replace Capitalism, Not Tinker With It

          Over many decades capitalism has pretended to reform itself, offering "voluntary regulation" measures and other timeless dodges. These are the subterfuges capitalists always offer when their financial crises become too evident to hide. None of these pretexts are ever put into force and capitalists merely increase their larceny and looting while pretending to be changing their spots.

          Fascist capitalists will not fold up their tents and fade silently and peacefully away into historic oblivion; they are inherently barbarous and savage and will take as much of the world with them as they can in their inevitable demise. That's why revolutionary means--albeit peaceful--will be necessary to bring about a commonwealth system for human fulfillment--a total reconstitution of social structures will be necessary. "Tinkering" won't work with a failed system such as capitalism.

          Capitalists and their fellow-travelers will attempt to befuddle unthinking people by using their old argument that workers movements for social change have been tried and proven unworkable--as in the failed communist experiment in the Soviet Union and in British and European socialist fiascos. The Soviet Union, after the first brief months of worker control under the leadership of persons like Trotsky, became an absolute dictatorship under Stalin. British and European "socialism" was merely a bit of state control cobbled onto a capitalist economic system. A commonwealth system for the benefit of all citizens, as outlined by Plato, has never been tried, so it's a false argument to say that such a progressive mandate is unworkable or specious.

          Fake progressives in the "tinkering with capitalism" camp pretend that capitalism can be "reformed" into a workable system. In truth, capitalism is, in its essence, a "system" that "works" only for the rich, while impoverishing and murdering the working class.

          We will not create a political-economic system "for the people" by "radically restructuring" capitalism. Capitalism must be abandoned and totally replaced  by a commonwealth system, as set out in a new embodiment of the Form, commonwealth, as earlier adumbrated by Plato.

          The agenda for most counterfeit and pretend progressives limits itself to blathering about reform of capitalism or tinkering with fascism. Workers must utterly reject counterfeit progressivism and recognize that the struggle for reforms of a totally failed--and lethal--capitalist system has become a hopeless utopia.

        The "# Occupy" movement and the other pretend-solutions to capitalism outlined below produce no positive change in world capitalist oppression whatsoever; instead, they assist the capitalist cabal by allowing workers worldwide to let off useless steam and pretend to be doing something worthwhile. These demonstrations and "movements" waste time and effort that should be spent on tangible results that will solve the problems of the working class: not trying to "tinker" with capitalism but beginning to create cooperative communities that will provide a political-economic system for the benefit of all its members.

    Counterfeit Remediations of Capitalism

        In examining the pretend correctives to capitalism now being offered, we find they employ all the shibboleths 2, catchwords, and mantras of capitalist propaganda: "democratizing the workplace," "worker-rights," "loss of class-consciousness," ad nauseum. In evaluating these so-called remediations we must remember that we're not interested in tinkering with a failed capitalism but replacing it with a commonwealth polity.

          One of the "leaders" of the "tinkering with capitalism" camp is Gar Alperovitz.

    "The idea that we need a 'new economy'--that the entire economic system must be radically restructured if critical social and environmental goals are to be met--runs directly counter to the American creed that capitalism as we know it is the best, and only possible, option."
        Most of the advocates of "gradualism," such as Gar Alperovitz, present nothing but palliatives and propaganda placebos meant to make the unthinking masses believe that capitalism is mystically changing its stripes and becoming beneficent. Most of the scholastic studies of capitalism, such as J. A. Schumpeter's 1911 The Theory of Economic Development or R. H. Tawney's 1922 Religion and the Rise of Capitalism, offer no genuine insight or solution whatsoever.

        Richard K. Moore has written a book--Escaping the Matrix: How We the People Can Change the World--and a number of articles expounding on how ordinary people, with no special training, already possess the intelligence and skills to "change the world. Moore argues that each person has "a piece of the puzzle," so there's no need to screen, just take whoever happens to be around.

    "Most important, this kind of dialog is about inclusiveness. It is not about 'bringing together the enlightened' nor about 'educating the unenlightened'. It turns out that everyone, regardless of their beliefs or philosophies, has a 'piece of the puzzle', a 'part of the answer'. Our society encourages us to fear the 'other', and to think in terms of 'us' vs. 'them'. But consider this: you don't need to agree on religion to build a barn together. Similarly, agreement on worldviews is not needed to work together to create real community and to make it a better place to live. As in ecology, diversity adds strength and richness."

    Richard K. Moore, An Experimental Framework for Community Democracy

          Another person who has done some thinking--albeit fuzzy thinking--about community is James Herod in his book Getting Free. He suggests, as do we, that small American towns could be revitalized by turning them into democratic communities instead of top-down, mayor-dominated, hierarchies. However, Herod believes, incorrectly to our way of thinking, that communities can be developed without screening applicants. Many persons, in small American hamlets or large cities, do not possess the capabilities required for effective community membership and functioning.

          Most current socialist thinking is nothing but a rehash of Marxist-Leninism or mere "manifestoes" with no viable plan for defeating and replacing capitalism. An example of such a vapid proclamation comes from the Socialist Project.

    "The Socialist Project does not propose an easy politics for defeating capitalism or claim a ready alternative to take its place. We oppose capitalism out of necessity and support the resistance of others out of solidarity. This resistance creates spaces of hope, and an activist hope is the first step to discovering a new socialist politics. Through the struggles of that politics--struggles informed by collective analysis and reflection--alternatives to capitalism will emerge. Such anti-capitalist struggles, we believe, must develop a viable working class politics, and be informed by democratic struggles against racial, sexist and homophobic oppressions, and in support of the national self-determination of the many peoples of the world. In Canada and the world today, there is an imperative for the Left to begin a sustained process of reflection, struggle and organizational regroupment and experimentation. Neither capitalism nor neoliberalism will fade from the political landscape based on the momentum of their own contradictions and without the Left developing new political capacities. We encourage those who share this assessment to meet, debate and begin to make a contribution to a renewed socialist project in your union, school and community."

        A principal obstacle to socialism in the United States today is the same as it has always been, a willingness of the trade union bureaucracy to support the capitalist onslaught on jobs and working conditions in exchange for privileges enjoyed by the trade union aristocracy.

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    Creating Cooperative Commonwealth Communities

          In this epoch the only realistic strategy for workers is to create a commonwealth system that will ultimately replace capitalism entirely; no amount of tinkering with a totally failed capitalism is of any use. Workers no longer have any alternative between consenting to be atomized into millions of crushed, tamed individuals, or generalizing their struggles as widely as possible towards replacing the capitalist cabal itself with a genuine commonwealth polity. Workers must refuse to allow their struggles to be restricted to a purely economic, local, or sectional terrain and instead organize themselves in the embryonic forms of its future organs of power: cooperative commonwealth communities.

          The 2007 economic collapse revealed in the starkest terms the lethality of capitalist financial parasitism and criminality. Such revelations are beginning to penetrate the consciousness of American workers and with the proper genuinely progressive leadership can lead to profound changes in their political-economic awareness.

          We can anticipate that the American capitalist cabal will continue its unending series of wars of conquest and plunder--as has been made clear by the cabal putting its puppet into the Presidency with each new counterfeit election. The cabal will continue its fictitious "war on terror," its insane drive to subjugate the peoples and resources of the world while coercing American workers into submission through a combination of fear-mongering and repression.

          While the capitalist cabal deludes itself into thinking that it has unlimited power, its rapid internal rot, as evidenced by the rise to its summit of the most predatory and criminal elements, demonstrates its actual escalating degeneration and impotence.

          Under these crisis conditions, the critical challenge is the development of new cooperative commonwealth communities. Members in these communities will arm themselves with a fully-developed program and strategy to take political power into their own hands and begin the construction of a genuine replacement for capitalism.

    "A new society is possible only if, in the process of developing it, a new human being also develops . . . if a fundamental change occurs in contemporary Man's character structure."

    Erich Fromm, To Have Or To Be?

    Updates and Reference:


    1 See the author's book The Perennial Tradition

    2 Shibboleth: a common saying, concept, or belief with little if any current meaning or truth