Anna Gutleib is a young American lady of German descent whose father is a retired professor and a progressive (not a socialist) who opposes the Capitalist Cabal's rise to power and the entire fascist dictatorship.

  Unfortunately, Anna isn't intelligent and aware enough to recognize the criminal, evil nature of the Capitalist regime. She took a well-paying job in Washington, DC in 2014 working for the Washington Post newspaper, under the leadership of the evil Jeff Bezos.

  Anna thinks that her job with the Washington Post is a great coup; she is working in the nation's capitol and making twice what her father ever made in his life.

  Anna's father lives entirely on his Social Security check--a pittance. He gave Anna thousands of dollars over the years to pay for her tuition and expenses while she was getting her college degree, so she wouldn't have to repay a student loan. But Anna feels no obligation to help her father with his expenses now that she is making a good salary.

  Anna has no real understanding of why her father opposes the Capitalist fascist thugs and she continues to communicate with her father as if everything was perfectly alright in America. She recently married a Jewish professional, but did not invite her father to the wedding.

  Anna told her father recently that she is afraid to read any of his progressive writings because persons she considers proper and right-thinking consider him to be a dangerous subversive to the capitalist system. She said it was dangerous for her to visit him, because of his dangerous reputation. Her father suggested that since she felt it dangerous, that it would be best if she did not try to visit him.

  Anna has not the slightest inkling that she is a collaborator with Capitalist fascism;
BUT SHE IS! And she is culpable for the evil that the Capitalist Cabal perpetrates.