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    When we listen to the small band of progressive voices--of different kinds and qualities--all we hear are impassioned denunciations and a few trite, impotent suggestions for resolving this world crisis. The timid proposals for solving this political-economic-social meltdown stand in stark contrast to some of the dynamic exposés of capitalist murder and devastation--what we can title the Capitalist Plague.

    Here are just a few of the pathetic suggestions of a solution to the present capitalist catastrophe:

Ralph Nader believes in a phantasy left-right coalition

Webster Tarpley says to mobilize politically though not explaining how

Decrying all government is no solution

Mindless ranting is no solution

Chris Hedges recommends we "dismantle the corporate state" though he doesn't explain how

We must replace capitalism, not just tinker with it

Analysis and optimism are not enough

Merely informing people is no solution

    Most progressive thinkers are content to expose the devastation of capitalism, the defensive resistance its victims put up, and the lack of any viable "alternative project" now available.

"Faced with the challenge of an obsolete capitalism of generalized monopolies, in which the pursuit of accumulation is henceforth simply destructive of the human being and nature with ever-increasing power . . . the resistance and struggles of the victims, although real, remain defensive, without a conscious and positive alternative project."

Samir Amin, "The Center Will Not Hold: The Rise and Decline of Liberalism," Source

    In a number of essays--and books-- 1 on this Website we 2 have provided the intelligent reader with an in-depth analysis and critique of the outrages, past and present, perpetrated by capitalists. In an earlier essay "Counterfeit Remediations of Capitalism," the author outlined a number of fake, phantasy answers to capitalists' annihilation of workers worldwide. It is advisable to study that essay in connection with this one.

    Along with exposés of capitalist outrages and diagnoses of the fatal pandemic of capitalist devastation, we must now create a concrete solution to this capitalist nightmare! The time for merely wringing our hands over the catastrophe that has befallen us is past.

    It is now time to begin creating a concrete solution to the capitalist devastation. We can no longer remain content with exposing and denouncing fascist, imperialist, militarist outrages that are becoming hyperbolic in their death-dealing destructiveness. Decisive action is absolutely essential in the face of the systematic murder of the working class--worldwide-- by the capitalist cabal.

    As with all content presented on this Website, the author enjoins the reader to study and think about this essay's ideas and suggestions in a serious, thoughtful manner, considering how she or he can participate in creating a solution to the Capitalist Plague.

    In this essay, we'll examine the nature of the solution to the capitalist annihilation of the working class and how we must go about creating such a solution in realistic, concrete terms. It is now time for intelligent working class persons to understand just what they must do to overcome the capitalist catastrophe and how they must proceed to bring this solution to realization.
  1. The solution can only be conceived and created by highly intelligent, aware persons.

  2. The solution can only come from genuine progressives, not counterfeit progressives

  3. It must be an intelligent, rational, non-violent solution:
    • Based on accurate understanding of the world situation
    • Based on accurate understanding of human nature

  4. It must be a complete solution -- not a palliative or band-aid

  5. It must be a concrete solution, not a mere phantasy

  6. It must be a limited, phased solution

    As with all content on this Website, this essay presents the personal, considered opinions of the author. The estimations and statistical analyses are based entirely on my own study of the present world situation.

The Solution to the Capitalist Devastation Can Only Be
Conceived and Created By Highly Intelligent, Aware Persons

    Most persons in the world today--approximately 95%--are incapable of understanding what is happening in the world and what is happening to them.

Level #
Population %
Level of Awareness  Characteristics   Capabilities 
Level 3
1 %
Spiritual, Higher Reason Union with the One Dialectic
Higher Reason
Level 2
2 %
Philosophical Union with Higher Intellect Inspiration
Level 1
2 %
Critical thinking
Critical consciousness
Informing oneself
Improving oneself
Level 0
Minimal self-awareness
Reactionary consciousness
Limited interest in informing or improving oneself
Level -1
Total possession by outside personalities
and ideologies
Mindless pursuit of pleasure
Celebration of ignorance
Hysterical 3 blindness
Hysterical deafness
Suicidal behavior
Unable to
think for oneself
Illiteracy (unable to read or understand)
Supporting people who are destroying them
Unable to see or hear what's happening

    It's a tragedy that 95% of the human population at present is incapable of intelligent, rational behavior--but we cannot wish this situation away just because it is unpleasant. A solution to the capitalists' annihilation of the working class worldwide will only come from the self-informed, self-enlightened, knowledgeable five percent. This may seem like an elitist pronouncement, but it is merely a realistic appraisal of the world situation. 4

"The working class is not merely one constituency among many in the struggle against capitalism. It is the decisive revolutionary force within modern capitalist society. All the efforts of the party must be directed toward preparing for and taking the lead in the struggles of the working class. We insist that revolutionary struggle is realistic and, indeed, 'intelligible' only when it develops within the 'rubric' of class struggle. It is on this basis that the SEP will fight to build its influence among workers and youth in this new period of intensifying class conflict."

David North, "Report to the Second National Congress
of the Socialist Equality Party (SEP), 27 November 2012

    Socialists, such as David North, the Socialist Equality Party's Chairman, hold to the irrational dogma that "the working class" is a "constituency" which composes the "decisive revolutionary force within modern capitalist society." Actually, only a small number of the working class throughout the world possesses the awareness and intelligence to participate in conceiving of and creating a solution to the Capitalist Plague.

We expect capitalists and their flunkeys to evince ignorant presumptuousness and self-aggrandizement; they have never learned anything but how to make money or how to pontificate on their mindless dogmas. We hope workers will have more sense than to indulge in ignorant arrogance, greed, and self-satisfaction, like capitalists.

  But most workers are now adopting capitalist values and mind-frames, becoming just as ignorant and unaware as the capitalist thugs.They don't understand that the capitalist class is now systematically murdering members of the working class (e.g. Detroit, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, etc.).

Wokers must understand that Trump's election means that the capitalist class is now adopting mafia-organized crime tactics in its destruction of the working class.

    The solution to the capitalist disaster will be conceived of and created only by highly intelligent, aware persons. This means that the group planning and initiating the solution to the capitalist annihilation of the working class will be composed of a small number of persons, a kind of saving remnant.

The Solution to the Capitalist Devastation Can Only
Come From Genuine Progressives, Not Counterfeit Progressives

Counterfeit Progressive Genuine Progressive
Believes that exposing and diagnosing the capitalist devastation constitutes sufficient effort Comprehends that a concrete, realistic, solution to the capitalist disaster must now be planned and created
Delusively believes that by tinkering with capitalism it can be acceptably revised Recognizes that capitalism is a totally failed system that must be replaced
Believes the Democratic Party is independent, progressive, and viable Is aware that both parties are controlled by the capitalist cabal, making elections futile
Believes that "color revolutions" and riots are "spontaneous worker uprisings" that progressives can use for change Understands that the cabal is creating fake revolutions and fake riots to make regime changes and create a police state
Believes that the current U.S. president is independent Recognizes that all U.S. presidents are total cabal puppets
Believes that change can come about through electing "progressive" Democratic Party candidates, joining protest demonstrations, and making declarations Understands that genuine change can only come about through creating a concrete, viable solution to the capitalist disaster

   Most Internet radicals (not progressives) remain within the capitalist structure of dog-eat-dog competition. Within the radical, anti-war, anti-capitalist Internet community, there remains an excessive and debilitating competitiveness, each activist group vying for attention--and money--to be given to its particular initiatives or theories. Many counterfeit progressives are most interested in "being the first," "beating the other sources to the story," "making the scoop"--in a mad competitive, capitalistic struggle against other news sources.

    We won't be able to defeat predatory capitalism by using its own tactics of competition and internecine struggle. At some point, intelligent, genuine progressives must band together in common purpose to create a solution to capitalist devastation.

The Solution to the Capitalist Devastation Must Be Intelligent, Rational, and Non-Violent

"America is today the leader of a world-wide anti-revolutionary movement in the defence of vested interests. She now stands for what Rome stood for: Rome consistently supported the rich against the poor . . . and since the poor, so far, have always and everywhere been far more numerous than the rich, Rome's policy made for inequality, for injustice, and for the least happiness of the greatest number."

British historian Arnold J. Toynbee, America And The World Revolution, 1962

    The solution to the Capitalist Plague must be based on accurate understanding of the world situation, as epitomized by Toynbee's objective assessment of modern America. Given the demonic nature of capitalism, we must replace this vile system, not merely tinker with it, as so many want to do. The solution to the capitalist disaster must be an actual replacement of capitalism with a workable option that will create a society devolving to the good of all its members. We cannot solve the problems of our present fascist, imperialist society by merely making a few minor changes to the present political and economic dictatorship of the capitalist cabal.

      Over many decades capitalism has pretended to reform itself, offering "voluntary regulation" measures and other useless dodges. These are the subterfuges capitalists always offer when their financial crises become too evident to hide. None of these pretexts are ever put into force and capitalists merely increase their larceny and looting while pretending to be changing their spots.

      Fascist capitalists will not fold up their tents and fade silently and peacefully away into historic oblivion; they are inherently barbarous and savage and will take as much of the world with them as they can in their inevitable destruction. That's why revolutionary means--albeit peaceful--will be necessary to bring about a viable solution to the capitalist devastation--a total reconstitution of social structures will be necessary. "Tinkering" won't work with a failed system such as capitalism.

   President Franklin D. Roosevelt was able to bring about a few temporary partial remediations to the devastation that capitalism had created in America in the first years of the twentieth century. Within a century almost all those reforms have been destroyed by the capitalists. We can no longer look to "reform" capitalism; we must replace it with an entirely different polity.

The Solution to the Capitalist Devastation Must Be Based
On Accurate, Discerning Knowledge of the World Situation

   The remnant--the 5% of the population that is aware and understands the world situation--will recognize that it would be impossible to transform, in a single step, the entire nation from production-for-profit capitalism into a production-for-use system because the cabal would never relinquish their total control of U.S. economic and political power. Most American people, they realize, are so conditioned by capitalist principles of greed, corruption, and unbridled competition, that they lack the values and skills required for a cooperative society. The only way to move forward will be to create a series of successful small cooperative communities and gradually leaven the larger society.

      They will understood that the majority of Americans has been debased into mental morons by the cabal's destruction of the entire American educational system and through brainwashing and propaganda. So they won't suffer from the naive delusion that the workers of the world will suddenly, somehow miraculously, come awake to their devastation by global capitalism and seize the reins of political and economic power, spontaneously creating a beneficent Brave New World.

      The small experimental communities that sprang up worldwide in the 1970s proved through personal experience that building a genuine cooperative group requires screening and training. Only the appropriate kind of person can participate effectively in a cooperative community, so persons will need to be screened and then successfully complete a carefully-designed training program. What wrecked all the American nineteenth and twentieth century small community experiments had been untrained, presumptuous, egomaniacal participants who believed they knew enough without needing any prior training.

   When the New Harmony, Indiana community failed, Robert Owen's son claimed that the failure was a result of the wrong kind of people being members of the community: "a heterogeneous collection of radicals, enthusiastic devotees to principle, honest latitudinarians, and lazy theorists, with a sprinkling of unprincipled sharpers thrown in."

      Only competent, successful persons are capable of effective participation in cooperative ventures. Persons will need to have exceptional reasoning capabilities and discerning understanding of themselves and the world to be involved in a cooperative community. Requiring members to attain proven capability in critical thinking, self-awareness, and critical consciousness essentially means that the cooperative community will be planned, created, and sustained by what Plato described as philosopher-guardians. All members of the communities will possess the intellectual, emotional, and moral qualities of genuine philosophers--in the tradition of Plato.

      The best way to create a new cooperative commonwealth community is to announce it on the Internet, inviting applicants, and then develop a screening and training program with which to select candidates, training them in the attitudes, sensibilities, and skills essential to the success of the community.

      Once the conceiving-creating group has screened and trained a number of members, they can select a small town in which to locate, continue announcing the community on the Internet, screen and train new applicants, creating the structure for the community, and gradually transforming the town into a cooperative community. As members are screened, trained, and admitted into the cooperative community, the community will unostentatiously buy homes and businesses or professional enterprises in the town, community members becoming residents and active citizens.

The Only Viable Solution to Capitalism's Worldwide Destruction of Workers

   Relative to all the considerations above concerning a solution to the capitalist devastation, there is at present only one viable option available: cooperative commonwealth communities.

    Samir Amin's depiction above of capitalism as obsolete and "destructive of the human being and nature with every-increasing power" is correct in all details. And, until 1996 it was true that capitalism's many victims lacked a "conscious and positive alternative project." However, in 1996, the New Enlightenment website was launched, and in 2011, a new vision of a Commonwealth Culture was published. These two events represent the re-introduction of a Higher Culture into the barbaric world of globalist capitalism.

Cooperative Commonwealth Communities

  1. Screening and training of community applicants for membership, not indiscriminate acceptance of all applicants

  2. Community ownership of the means of production by members

  3. Democratic control: policies and actions decided by dialectical consensus of all community members

  4. Production solely for use, not profit: community-regulated production of goods and services relative to need without the intervention of a buying and selling market mechanism

  5. Replacement of capitalism by a commonwealth polity one community at a time, not nationally as a whole

      We can see clearly that both communism and socialism have failed and continue to fail. The capitalist cabal is so much in charge of the economic, political, and propaganda (press, TV, publishing) systems in the U.S. that it won't allow capitalism to appear to have failed--even though any clear-eyed, clear-minded observer can see that it has collapsed utterly.

    The intentional community envisioned in The New Commonwealth differs entirely from such entities as the "created nations" after World War I and II. The community will not be created by merely taking over the territory and populace of a previously established locale (town, city, state, or nation). The cooperative commonwealth communities will consist of newly formed groupings of persons who have gone through the creatively designed process of becoming members of the community:

  • Discovering the New Commonwealth movement through intelligent and deliberate effort Whereas other groupings, companies, or communities recruit members, participants, or workers, the New Commonwealth movement requires prospective members to demonstrate sufficient intelligence and desire for knowledge and participation that they discover the New Commonwealth novella and its accompanying material on their own. Instead of providing monetary or personal incentive for individuals to apply for acceptance into the screening and training process, leading to provisional membership in a New Commonwealth community, prospective members are expected to provide their own personal motivation sufficient for the discovery, screening, and training processes.

  • Being admitted to training through a carefully constructed screening process

  • Being admitted to provisional membership after passing the training program.

      Most persons unthinkingly believe that communities can be created without either screening or training; just let anyone into a community who wants to join and assume they possess the capabilities required for effective community action, including democratic decision-making. A viable commonwealth polity can only be created through the efforts of a selected group of highly intelligent, effective, politically capable persons who've been screened and trained in critical thinking, decision-making, and interpersonal relationship skills.

"A new society is possible only if, in the process of developing it, a new human being also develops . . . if a fundamental change occurs in contemporary Man's character structure."

Erich Fromm, To Have Or To Be?

1 America Awake!
Realizing A New Culture
The New Commonwealth
Replace Capitalism With Commonwealth

2 Norman Livergood and Michelle Mairesse

3 Hysteria: a psychotic condition in which specific body functions (hearing, sight, etc.) do not function, though there is no physiological impairment

4 Some analysts see the percentage of genuine thinkers as much lower than 5%. See The Rise of the World Empire

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